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The Most Crucial Design Job Of The Future

What is a data ethnographer, and why is it poised to become so important?<p>If artificial intelligence has any hope of expanding our understanding of the world, rather than simply reflecting old biases, it needs radical transparency. What does that mean? In part, it’s about giving consumers access to …


'Pokémon Go Fest' issues refunds after tech problems ruin event

After an up and down first year of existence, the Pokémon Go Fest was supposed to be a triumphant event where players could work together in news ways and earn unique awards. The event unfortunately suffered as cell networks and the game's servers couldn't keep up with the strain, preventing many …


Dwayne Johnson and Apple made a Siri movie (update: live)

Now <i>here's</i> something you probably didn't see coming. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has revealed that he's starring in a Siri-themed movie (<i>The Rock x Siri</i>) that launches July 24th on Apple's YouTube channel. He's shy about details (other than that it's the "coolest, sexiest, funnest" movie ever), but …


Nanomaterial charges everyday batteries in seconds

If you want a battery that charges in seconds rather than hours, you go for a supercapacitor. There are some catches to that, though: either you give up the long-lasting energy of a chemical battery (like the lithium pack in your phone) or have to resort to exotic storage tech to get a long …


Kakao is putting speech recognition tech into cars from Hyundai and Kia

Less than a month after announcing plans to spin out its transportation and mobility business, Korean tech firm Kakao has inked deals to put hands-free systems inside cars from Korea’s second largest automotive firm Hyundai and its Kia affiliate.<p>Kakao is best known for operating Korea’s top …

Speech Recognition

The copper-gold Nokia 8 looks like a garishly wrapped chocolate bar

Thankfully it’ll come in blue and silver, too<p>New photos of the Nokia 8 have apparently leaked, showing a copper-gold version of the phone. It’s kind of ugly, but that could just be the light, which is less than pristine, and was more than likely shot on the sly.<p>While initial reports showed images …

HMD Global

HoloLens 2 will have a custom AI chip designed by Microsoft

In the race to build faster on-device AI, more companies are creating their own silicon<p>Today, Microsoft announced that the next generation of its mixed reality HoloLens headset will incorporate an AI chip. This custom silicon — a “coprocessor” designed but not manufactured by Microsoft — will be …

Artificial Intelligence

Ready Player One - SDCC Teaser - Warner Bros. UK



Nio Eve (self-driving electric concept car)

Concept Cars

Watch the Hyperloop Complete Its First Successful Test Ride


READY PLAYER ONE Comic-Con Trailer #1 (2018) Steven Spielberg Sci-Fi Movie HD

Science Fiction

Lyft will develop its own self-driving car tech to battle Uber

Lyft is getting into the autonomous driving game too, and opening a research facility in Palo Alto in case you were wondering just how serious the company is. In a post on Medium, the new division's vice president Luc Vincent writes that ten percent of the company's engineers are working on the …


Watch the first trailer for Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One

Based on the novel by Ernie Cline<p>Today at San Diego Comic Con, Warner Bros. released the first trailer for its upcoming film <i>Ready Player One</i>, and like the novel it’s based on, it’s loaded down with references to everything geek culture loves.<p>The trailer begins with Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan) …


Air France is launching an airline for millennials, a generation that 'inspired us a lot’

Joon launches in September<p>Air France is introducing a new airline for millennials called Joon. Launching in September, Air France said in a statement that Joon will be “aimed at a young working clientele, the millennials (18 to 35 year-olds), whose lifestyles revolve around digital technology." How …


Someday You Could Swallow This Wireless Robot Like A Pill

Battery-free robots are here–and they’re poised to affect everything from design to medicine.<p>In recent years, origami has become a focus and an inspiration for scientists developing light, foldable robots. But these delicate prototypes are often hampered by a serious design challenge: the need for …


Alexa helps Android users shop in the Amazon app

iPhone users have been enjoying Amazon's Alexa digital assistant within the retailer's main shopping app for some time. Now, however, Android owners can finally ask Alexa about package shipping, to watch a show on Netflix, or even to pay their American Express bill from the Amazon shopping app on …


Ingenious AI Converts Images of Food Into a List of Ingredients

Researchers at MIT have developed deep-learning algorithm that can compile a list of ingredients and even recommend recipes after looking at photos …

Machine Learning

Legendary Pokémon are headed to Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go’s getting Legendary Pokémon, those ultra rare, ultra powerful pocket monsters that typically figure prominently in the narrative arc for the main series console games. The Legendary Pokémon will appear as Eggs at gyms, and they’ll act as bosses for the new Raids that the game recently …

Pokémon Go

Disney and Pixar characters are coming to Apple’s Clips app

Clips 1.1 adds a few small features and one big content partnership<p>Today, Apple is releasing a small update to the Clips app that will let you add little animated Disney and Pixar stickers (Apple calls them “Overlays”) to your short videos. There are a handful of other new features, like a …


Samsung's next Galaxy Note will be announced on August 23rd

Samsung has officially sent out invitations for an Unpacked event on August 23rd in New York City, where it will presumably reveal the next Galaxy Note device. While Samsung hasn’t quite outright confirmed the Note 8 will make an appearance, the invitation pretty blatantly confirms it between the …


Google Play Music now works with Apple’s CarPlay

Another option for tunes on those long drives<p>I really don’t know how many Android fans who’ve bought into Google’s ecosystem would favor CarPlay over Android Auto, but maybe Apple’s in-car software is your <i>only</i> choice. If that’s your situation, you can at least now stream from the Google Play Music …


Google brings Motion Stills to Android, where it’s all motion and no stills

A full year after launching on iOS, Google’s Motion Stills app has arrived on Android — but in pretty much a completely different form.<p>Motion Stills on iOS is meant to be a really easy way to turn the iPhone’s Live Photos into shareable GIFs — and it’s pretty great at that. But Android doesn’t have …


How Instagram is reshaping restaurant design

When it came time to design their first restaurant, Media Noche, San Francisco entrepreneurs Madelyn Markoe and Jessie Barker found themselves lacking inspiration. Their designer had asked them for ideas and they felt like “deer in headlights.” Ultimately, Markoe says, they came up with a single …


Reinventing the Thermostat

Internet of Things

Range for Rural Living


The Wearables Giving Computer Vision to the Blind

When he was in school, Michael Hingson created a Braille computer terminal so he could study like all the other students. Fresh out of college, he …

Machine Perception

Lenovo reveals AR headset and other ambitious AI concepts

You might know Lenovo for its laptops and Yogabooks, but the electronics maker is apparently used to conjuring up some pretty far-out concepts much more exciting than a 2-in-1. At its third annual Tech World innovation summit, it has revealed not just a couple of new Yogabook colors, but also the …

Augmented Reality

Google opens Expeditions VR education app to the public

Google has long sold its Cardboard VR format as a super accessible platform for getting people into virtual reality. One of their major initiatives for it has been in education markets through its Google Expeditions program, which allows students to get in the center of 360 photos and 3D scenes …

Virtual Reality