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Disney to debut its first VR short next month

Walt Disney Animation Studio is set to debut its first VR short film, Cycles, this August in Vancouver, the Association for Computing Machinery announced today. The plan is for it to be a headliner at the ACM’s computer graphics conference (SIGGRAPH), joining other forms of VR, AR and MR …


Amazon’s iPhone app adds AR feature for identifying and buying small nuts and bolts

Amazon quietly updated the camera search on its iOS app with a new “Part Finder,” which lets you search for specific nuts and bolts that you might need more of, but need help identifying. If Amazon’s AR tech can figure out what it is, the app will help you easily buy more of the random screw you’re …

iOS Apps

Instagram adds AIM-like status indicators to show when your friends are online to DM

The green ‘online’ dot comes to Instagram<p>Instagram is adding a new feature that’s ripped right out of AOL Instant Messenger — a helpful green dot next to your friend’s profile pictures that lets you know that they’re online to message.<p>The new status indicator dot will show up in a few places in the …


Oculus will start selling a Rift bundle with Marvel Powers United VR next week

Virtual Reality

Getting Started with Smart Home & Alexa

Smart Homes

Augmented Reality: iOS-Entwickler zeigen Experimente mit ARKit 2.0

<b>Seit einem Monat haben Entwickler Zugriff auf das ARKit 2.0, das im Juni auf Apples Entwicklerkonferenz WWDC vorgestellt wurde. Hier sind einige der</b> …

Augmented Reality

Oculus: Neues blickbasiertes Renderverfahren für mehr VR-Leistung

<b>Bei Oculus neuem Renderverfahren werden grafische Details an den Rändern gespart. Das kann die Grafikkarte bei VR-Berechnungen um zehn oder mehr</b> …


Standard Cognition raises another $5.5M to create a cashier-less checkout experience

As Amazon looks to increasingly expand its cashier-less grocery stories — called Amazon Go – across different regions, there’s at least one startup hoping to end up everywhere else beyond Amazon’s empire.<p>Standard Cognition aims to help businesses create that kind of checkout experience based on …


UPS is testing an Amazon Key-style delivery program in New York

UPS has been quietly testing a program that lets the shipping service deliver packages inside multi-unit homes while occupants are out. The service utilizes smart locks created by Latch, a New York-based smart lock startup that teamed with Jet late last year.<p>The move is clearly an attempt for UPS …

New York City

Oculus starts selling $299 Go business bundle

Facebook’s virtual reality arm is beginning to sell its Oculus Go headsets directly to business users with a dedicated bundle. Starting today, business users can order a business bundle with a 64GB Oculus Go headset for $299.<p>Oculus isn’t charging much of a premium for business users, tacking on an …

Virtual Reality

Tinder tests letting users send Bitmoji because you can’t send real photos

A Snap and Tinder partnership<p>Tinder announced today that users in Canada and Mexico will be able to send their personal Bitmoji within the dating app. They’ll have to connect Tinder and Snap on their phones, but once they do so, they can send stickers to matches. For now, this is only a test, …


Now you can use Google Assistant to map out your day

And do a lot of other stuff, too<p>Google just announced that it will introduce a “visual snapshot” feature in Assistant to summarize what’s happening in your day.<p>The feature, which is available on Android and iOS devices starting this week, will curate a user’s personal information into a single, …


BMW is testing an Uber competitor in Seattle

Ride-sharing gets added to ReachNow’s car-sharing app, with a steadier pay model for drivers<p>ReachNow, BMW’s car-sharing subsidiary, is launching a new service in Seattle aimed at competing with Uber and Lyft. Starting today, ReachNow users in the city will see a ride-sharing option in the app that …


Ready or not, the world’s first VR water slide is here

What was wrong with regular waterslides?<p>Virtual reality and water slides seem like things that shouldn’t mix. One is a still nascent technology that generally tends to rely on delicate and sensitive electronic equipment, and the other is a form of entertainment that largely involves sliding fast in …

Virtual Reality

Instagram is testing feature that allows public accounts to remove followers

Less aggressive than blocking and more flexible than going private<p>If your Instagram account is public, there’s no real way to stop people from looking at your feed. Even if you block someone, your photos are just a private browser window away. That said, Instagram is at least trying to give users …

Social Media

Elon Musk, DeepMind founders, and others sign pledge to not develop lethal AI weapon systems

Tech leaders, including Elon Musk and the three co-founders of Google’s AI subsidiary DeepMind, have signed a pledge promising to not develop “lethal autonomous weapons.”<p>It’s the latest move from an unofficial and global coalition of researchers and executives that’s opposed to the propagation of …

Artificial Intelligence

Google’s blob emojis are back, a year after they were redesigned

“Mutant egg yolks. Clippy’s deformed, inbred cousins. Lumpy, misshapen visages.”<p>Those are the words of <i>Fast Company</i>‘s very own Mark Wilson talking about Google’s longtime emoji set, also known as “the blobs,” last year. Google spent 18 months carefully redesigning the emoji, unveiling the revamped …


Waymo offers a sneak peek of its new all-electric self-driving Jaguar I-Paces

Alphabet’s self-driving unit says three cars are roaming the streets of the Bay Area collecting data<p>Waymo released images on Thursday of the first new additions to its fleet of self-driving cars in two years. The company says it has three Jaguar I-Paces, the British automaker’s hotly anticipated …


Adobe will reportedly bring the full Photoshop to the iPad

Announcement is expected in October ahead of a 2019 release<p>Last year’s release of iOS 11 from Apple was all about turning the iPad into a full-fledged PC, but there remained a set of core desktop apps that were still stubbornly off Apple’s mobile platform, the full-fat version of Photoshop being …


Apple’s redesigned MacBook Pro keyboard uses new method for repelling dust, reports iFixit

A silicone membrane sits underneath the key, as described in a patent application from March<p>Apple’s new MacBook Pro keyboards are slightly quieter than the ones found in the previous iteration of the laptop. But the company’s silence on the mechanism’s widespread mechanical issues, which Apple …

MacBook Pro

The company that designs Ferraris is making a $2 million electric hypercar

Pininfarina is back with a glimpse of the future<p>It’s not a rational or responsible desire to dream of expensive looking sports cars. But still, the 20th century image of a curvaceous four-wheeled form continues to foster a culture of envy. The high price tag attached to these cars that made them a …

Carbon Fiber

The new InVision mobile app for iOS and Android


What 5G *Really* Means


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In Boston, These Robots Are Now Serving Up $8 Salads and Bowls

Nvidia and MIT's AI can clean up your noisy photos

If you’ve ever taken photos after sundown, you’re probably familiar with the ‘noise’ that distorts your pictures with colored specks. It’s possible to fix your images to some degree with software – but an AI developed by Nvidia, MIT and Aalto University can go much further – without ever having …

Machine Learning

Apple’s Shortcuts will flip the switch on Siri’s potential

At WWDC, Apple pitched Shortcuts as a way to ”take advantage of the power of apps” and “expose quick actions to Siri.” These will be suggested by the OS, can be given unique voice commands and will even be customizable with a dedicated Shortcuts app.<p>But because this new feature won’t let Siri …


Snapchat is working on a feature that can find products you snap on Amazon

The camera could identify products, songs, and item barcodes<p>Snapchat is working on turning its camera into a visual search engine that will link users to Amazon listings. The unreleased feature was spotted in the code of Snapchat’s Android app by an app researcher who tipped off <i>TechCrunch</i>. It would …


Microsoft’s $399 Surface Go aims to stand out from iPads or Chromebooks

Surface Go is a risky bet on the budget Windows experience<p>Microsoft’s new Surface Go is finally official after months of rumors and leaks. It’s an inexpensive 10-inch tablet designed to be a smaller and less powerful version of the Surface Pro. While the exterior of the Surface Go makes it look …