By ASPIREist | Just for a Minute. A startup that gives surplus medications to those most in need.

Episode 2, Just For A Minute: Sirum


‘ for Unused Medicine’

Kiah Williams helped found a nonprofit that connects unused prescription drugs with low-income patients<p>Five years ago, Kiah Williams, then 24, and two other young Stanford University graduates started devoting their nights and weekends to launching a startup. The trio wanted to help low-income …


SIRUM - Kiah Williams

Connecting unused drugs, uninsured patients

HEALTH CARE<p>Seven years ago, a group of Stanford students realized that a tremendous amount of medicine was being wasted and that it could help uninsured patients.<p>Their idea has grown into a nonprofit that helps health care centers and drug companies donate unused prescriptions to pharmacies that …

Your unused drugs can benefit your facility, those in need | I Advance Senior Care

Long-term care (LTC) communities looking to improve efficiencies and finances while helping the less fortunate may find an ally in a California-based …

Health Care

What They're Watching: Kiah Williams, SIRUM

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