Rainforest Connection

By ASPIREist | Just For A Minute. How one social entrepreneur is transforming discarded cells phones into devices to stop illegal logging.

Your old smartphone could pinpoint illegal logging & save the rainforests

Can an array of tiny gadgets stop the wanton and massive destruction of tropical rainforests? Yes, says engineer Topher White.<p>To that end, he founded Rainforest Connection, a non-profit, open-source startup in February 2013.<p>By turning discarded smartphones into 24/7 automated electronic detectives …

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Old mobile phones are helping to save the rainforest

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Topher White: What can save the rainforest? Your used cell phone


How Solar-Powered Recycled Smartphones Could Save the Rainforest

A Silicon Valley non-profit is ready to give the forests of Africa and the Amazon ears to listen for loggers—and the ability to phone the …


Your old smartphone could help save the Amazon rainforest

If we ever think about the environmental impact of our upgrade addiction, it's usually to berate ourselves for the damage it does. But there is an …

Amazon Rainforest

These geeky eco-warriors want your old phone to help stop illegal deforestation

That old smartphone you’re considering putting up on eBay, or just leaving in a drawer because it’s no longer needed, could be put to much better …

Topher White: Repurposing Cellphones to Defend the Rain Forest

Topher White halted as he drew near the illegal logging camp. He could hear the chain saw rumbling just over the hill, and he suddenly realized how …


Your Used Cell Phone Can Protect Rainforests [Video]

Topher White of Rainforest Connections shows how your used cell phone can be used as a sensor to pick up the sounds of illegal loggers at workThe …



Can Used Cell Phones Really Save the RainForest?

Greenpeace is working hard every day to end deforestation worldwide. But we cannot do it alone. We are proud to workwith other organizations that are …


A Network of Recycled Phones Is Listening for Illegal Logging in the Rainforest

Hey, Neil Young thinks it's a good idea.<p>Image: Rainforest Connection/Kickstarter<p>When your smartphone reaches the end of its brief life, what will become of it? Will it be pawned off onto an unappreciative relative, or will it be discarded, its toxic innards eventually seeping into the earth?<p>Or, …

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Discarded cell phones to help fight rainforest poachers, loggers in real-time

A technology that uses discarded mobile phones to create a real-time alert system against logging and poaching will soon be deployed in the …

Rainforest Connection (RFCx): Old smartphones to catch illegal logging



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The sounds of the rainforest include: the chirps of birds, the buzz of cicadas, the banter of gibbons. But in the background is the almost-always …


Phones Turned into Forest Guardians

Every minute counts.<br>Real-time awareness means<br>real-time intervention.<p>Rainforest Connection (RFCx) transforms recycled cell-phones into autonomous, …


'Rainforest Connection' Aims To Use Cell Phones To Stop Deforestation

If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound?<p>Sure does, and a company by the name of Rainforest Connection hopes one of its cell phones will be around to hear it.<p>The San Francisco nonprofit plans to install used Android smartphones in rainforests to help curtail illegal logging.<p>Here's how: …