Moby & The Beasts

By ASPIREist | Look To The Stars. Moby, the techno music legend, explains why he believes being a vegan is the best way to save the planet. CALL TO ACTION: Follow this link to send a pre-written letter urging Congress to stop the use of antibiotics on farm animals.

Episode 3, Segment 2: Moby and the Beasts


Moby reveals how he became an animal rights activist as a child after rescuing a kitten from a dump - as he calls on fans to join Central Park walk to raise money for farm animal charity

• <b>New York's Central Park and South Florida walks are on October 10th</b>• <b><br>The New York Central Park walk starts at 11am and finishes at 1.30pm</b>• <b><br>Online</b> …

Moby's New Vegan Restaurant is Giving All Its Profits to Animal Welfare Groups

Moby has a new vegan restaurant called Little Pine in Los Angeles' Silver Lake neighborhood and he plans to give all its profits to various animal …

Animal Welfare

Report Raises Concerns About Antibiotic-Resistant 'Superbugs'

Animals raised with no antibiotics are less likely to contain drug-resistant "superbug" bacteria than those routinely given antibiotics, according to …


Urgent Action: Say No to Drugs - Farm Sanctuary

How Using Antibiotics In Animal Feed Creates Superbugs

Researchers have nailed down something scientists, government officials and agribusiness proponents have argued about for years: whether antibiotics in livestock feed give rise to antibiotic-resistant germs that can threaten humans.<p>A study in the journal <i>mBio,</i> published by the American Society for …


Activists Push to Limit Antibiotic Use in Livestock

Livestock producers often guard against disease and speed the growth of healthy animals by feeding their herds and flocks frequent, low doses of …


Moby, A Champion for Animal Rights

His birth certificate says “Richard Melville Hall,” but the world knows him as Moby. Although he was vaulted to superstardom when 1999’s Play was …

Animal Rights

Superbug panel wants limit on antibiotics used in animals

An international limit on the amount of antibiotics used in animals is needed to tackle the rise of drug-resistant superbugs that could pass to …

Moby Gives 100% Of Profits From His Restaurant To Animal Welfare Groups

Moby has announced that all of the profits from his new vegan restaurant, Little Pine, will be donated to animal welfare organizations. [ more › ]

Animal Welfare

Why did Moby open a vegan restaurant in LA

Moby's new restaurant, Little Pine, will donate 100 percent of its profits to various animal welfare groups. Courtesy of Little Pine<p>Little …


Musician Moby on His Latest Project: a Vegan Restaurant in L.A.

Why open another vegan restaurant in an area that’s full of them already?<p>Oddly enough, most existing spots tend to go very upscale. There’s …


Moby Is Giving Away All His Profits From Little Pine to Various Animal Welfare Groups

A bold move for the Silver Lake restaurateur.<p>Here’s one for the soft-hearted folks: Moby’s Silver Lake vegan restaurant <b>Little Pine</b> plans on giving away all its profits to a slate of animal welfare programs.<p>Little Pine’s reps reached out about the news just yesterday, saying that the move to not …

Moby dishes on Little Pine, his new vegan restaurant in Silver Lake

Moby, the music-mogul-turned-restaurateur, is opening a vegan restaurant in Silver Lake called Little Pine on Nov. 19. It will be 100% organic, and in Moby's words "effortless vegan."<p>"I really like the idea of presenting this sort of like, hopefully well-designed vegan environment in a way that …

Farm Sanctuary

How to Satisfy the World’s Surging Appetite for Meat

The race is on to breed better birds as chicken emerges as the protein of the masses<p>The chickens squawking in a cinder-block barn near the heart of the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, Va., don’t know it, but they play an important part in the plans of the agriculture industry. The challenge: …

Virginia Tech

While the superbug crisis grows, the meat industry is using more human antibiotics than ever

Not nearly enough is being done to combat factory farms' threat to human medicine<p>The meat industry is buying up more and more medically important antibiotics, threatening human health in its quest to ramp up the factory farm model to meet the demand for pork, chicken and beef.<p>New FDA data shows …


Reduce Antibiotic Misuse in Livestock

MILFORD, CT (October 20, 2015) – Subway—the world’s largest fast food chain—today announced a detailed plan to eliminate antibiotics use in all of …


Ruffling feathers! Moby joins forces with animal activists to protest the treatment of chickens by Foster Farms outside a Hollywood supermarket

While many celebrities claim to be vegan, for this star it is not just a convenient way to explain why he only eats salads.<p>Moby put his star power …

Moby Breaks the Set on Piracy, Music Therapy, and Animal Cruelty


Moby Talks Animals in Brand

Grammy and Brit Award nominee <b>Moby</b> isn’t just releasing his new album and photo book, <b>Destroyed</b>, this week – he’s also the star of a new PETA video. In …