Lucky Iron Fish

By ASPIREist | Just For A Minute. The story of a $20 fish that’s solving one of our planet’s most pressing health problems.

Episode 1, Just For A Minute: Lucky Iron Fish


The Gates Foundation Backs A “Lucky” Cure For Anemia

In Cambodia, the Lucky Iron Fish offers a lesson in how to make public health interventions stick.<p>The Lucky Iron Fish is Cambodia’s cure for anemia. A household simply tosses the fish-shaped lump of iron into the cooking pot and enough iron is leached out to fill up to 75% of the recommended daily …


Lucky Iron Fish: A simple solution for a global problem


Why an iron fish can make you stronger

Health reporter, BBC News<p><p><b>When Canadian science graduate Christopher Charles visited Cambodia six years ago he discovered that anaemia was a huge</b> …


Building a simple solution to a global problem Gavin Armstrong TEDxStouffville


Lucky Iron Fish

The Lucky Iron Fish™ is a safe, effective, easy to use solution for iron deficiency. It is simply a piece of iron that you use in the cooking process …


The lucky iron fish Dr Christopher Charles TEDxDubaiSalon

Gavin Armstrong speaking about Lucky Iron Fish at Launchpad 2015


Lucky Iron Fish: Shape of Health


Top 5 Canadian designs making the world a better place

<b>1. Lucky iron fish:</b> When Cambodian villagers were hemorrhaging during childbirth due to a lack of iron, University of Guelph researcher Christopher …


How CGI U Students Are Changing the World Through Innovative Technology

This weekend at the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) meeting, more than 1,000 young people will come together at the University of Miami …



Cannes Lions

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An 'Iron Fish' is Changing the Lives of Thousands Globally

A University of Guelph grad student is changing the lives of thousands of people worldwide – and has caught the attention of <i>Forbes Magazine</i> in the …


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The #LuckyIronFish is helping 'tackle' #irondeficiency all across the ‘Globin’ #FishPunFriday #JokeOfTheDay #HaHaHa

We partner with incredible registered NGOs and health clinics to provide #LuckyIronFish to families in need! #BOGO

How This Iron Fish Can Make You Strong And Save People’s Lives

A lucky iron fish invented by Canadian Dr. Christopher Charles could soon make iron deficiency a thing of the past. 2 billion people are anemic, …

This 'Lucky Iron Fish' Is Halving Instances of Anaemia in Cambodia

This is awesome.<p>Anaemia is the most common and widespread nutritional disorders in the world, affecting 2 billion people globally - or over 30 …

In Cambodia, 'Lucky' Iron Fish For The Cooking Pot Could Fight Anemia

In 2008, Canadian student Christopher Charles was working in rural Cambodia, living in a typical Cambodian house on stilts. He had no electricity, no running water and, he says, a lot of time to sit around and think.<p>"I was looking at the prevalence of anemia and parasite infection in the region and …


2015 For Profit FINALISTS Announced

Congratulations to the 2015 EthicMark Awards For Profit FINALISTS!<br>Representing the best Advertising & Marketing have to offer<p>Watch for the press …


How A Social Entrepreneur Overcame His 'Arrogant Failure' And Won Kudos From Oprah

Two Cambodian girls display their Lucky Iron Fish, which is helping to reduce iron deficiency. Photo from Lucky Iron Fish.<p>Lucky Iron Fish, a fast-growing social enterprise in Guelph, Ontario, wants to vanquish iron deficiency, a condition that affects almost 3.5 billion people around the world.<p>It …


Cooking with the #LuckyIronFish doesn't change the taste of your food! Buy your Fish today and #GetYourIronUp!

Lucky Iron Fish

One Lucky Iron FishTM can provide you with up to 90% of your recommended daily intake of iron. It's safe for the whole family to use, and is reusable …


Drop this iron fish in some soup, and it makes the soup and you healthier.


The Tiny Fish That Can Improve Health Globally [Q&A]

A chat with, Gavin Armstrong, the Founder and CEO of Lucky Iron Fish.


What is anemia? | Hematologic System Diseases | NCLEX-RN | Khan Academy

Anemia - Symptoms and causes

Symptoms<p>Anemia signs and symptoms vary depending on the cause of your anemia. They may include:<p>Fatigue<br>• Weakness<br>• Pale or yellowish skin<br>• Irregular …


In the fight against anemia, iron fortification is a clutch player

If nutrition had a World Series, iron would never make the playoffs. Vitamin A scores home runs for preventing childhood blindness. Folic acid knocks …