Ghosts of Ft. Detrick

By ASPIREist | ASPIREist Original. Philippe Cousteau, Jr. takes us to a community near a U.S. military base plagued by unnaturally high rates of cancer. CALL TO ACTION: Go to to sign a petition demanding that the army clean up the toxic waste.

Episode 2, Segment 1: Ghosts of Fort Detrick


Cancer Cluster Investigations: A Case Study and Resources

Residents and public health professionals explain how concerns about cancer rates and buried chemicals led to a cluster investigation.<p>These videos …


Army Denies Claims that Fort Detrick Caused Cancer Deaths

The Army said Tuesday it has denied more than 100 claims seeking millions of dollars in compensation for cancer deaths and other illnesses allegedly …


Cancer Clusters Near Fort Detrick Probed

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Randy White alleges toxic waste dumped near Fort Detrick

A group in Frederick maintains it uncovered evidence of toxic waste and contamination near Fort Detrick that has led to a devastating spike in cancer.<p>…


State finds no Detrick cancer cluster

The state health department reported Monday it is still unable to find a cancer cluster near Fort Detrick, though local activists and residents argue …


Family fears Fort Detrick gave them cancer

Former Frederick residents are gearing up for a town hall meeting Saturday to discuss the possibility that Fort Detrick caused three cases of cancer …


Randy White "Fighting for Frederick"

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Fort Detrick Asks Judge to Dismiss Contamination Lawsuit

The Army is asking that complaints by current and former Frederick residents who sued Fort Detrick for wrongful death and suffering be …

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Frederick Maryland: A Case Study

6:28<p>September 24, 2014<p>People from Frederick County, Md. share their personal experiences with cancer and their concerns about its links to nearby …

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1.2 The Investigation

1.1 Personal Stories

1.3 Findings and Aftermath


by Angie Pieper<p>My sister Kristen passed away two years ago from a brain tumor, now a mere two years later my mother is battling a stage four cancer …


Retired pastor explores potential link between cancer, Fort Detrick pollution

A class-action lawsuit against the U.S. Army will likely happen within the next two months, according to a former pastor who has launched a media …


Army denies $3.8 billion in claims of harmful toxins at Fort Detrick

The Army has denied claims seeking $3.8 billion in restitution for wrongful deaths and illnesses caused by alleged toxins near Fort Detrick.<p>The …


Kristen Renee Foundation consults CIA history for Fort Detrick class-action lawsuit

The Kristen Renee Foundation’s lawyers dug into CIA history on Monday to defend their class-action lawsuit against the federal government related to …


Maryland Health Officials at Odds Over Cancer Danger at Fort Detrick

<b>SNc Channels:</b><p><b>Search</b><p><b>About</b><p><b>Zip Weather</b><p>Includes Maryland's Summary Report of Frederick County Cancer Investigation Involves Fort …

Abnormal Cancer Rates at Fort Detrick Tied to Monsanto's Agent Orange‏ Archives | Veterans Today | Archives

• The Frederick County Health Department,<br>• The Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH),<br>• The Maryland Department of the Environment …

Plaintiffs seek $750 million in Fort Detrick pollution suit

Critics of Fort Detrick in Frederick have filed a wrongful death lawsuit seeking $750 million for injuries they say were caused by the Army's …


Army denies claims that Fort Detrick caused cancer deaths

The Army said Tuesday it has denied more than 100 claims seeking millions of dollars in compensation for cancer deaths and other illnesses allegedly …


State investigation into Ft. Detrick cancer cluster leaves residents frustrated

For many who live around Fort Detrick, in Frederick, Maryland--- there are two haunting questions: is there a cancer cluster in the community, and …


Fort Detrick Cancer Cluster, Side Effects Lawsuit - Parker Waichman LLP

The area around Fort Detrick, in Frederick Maryland a United States Army Garrison may be the site of a <b>cancer cluster</b>. The air, water and land around …


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The Fort Detrick Ghosts

• To join the class-action lawsuit against Ft. Detrick: file an "SF95" form, keep a copy, and let the Kristen Renee Foundation know that you did. Email …


It Would Break Your Heart

"It Would Break Your Heart"<p>Science vs. experience in a cancer cluster investigation<p>He calls it the best farmland in the world.<p>All around him, the …

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Petula Dvorak - Cancer-cluster theory on paper, rage in father's heart

And then it hit closer to home -- a wife fell terminally ill and a young daughter was gone.<p>The pattern became familiar, the stories swapped between neighbors sounding more and more alike: cancer, tumors, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, leukemia.<p>The Rice family has lost 12 members to leukemia alone.<p>"That's …


Front Matter | Review of Studies of Possible Toxic Effects from Past Environmental Contamination at Fort Detrick: A Letter Report | The National Academies Press

Page i<p><b>Suggested Citation:</b>"Front Matter." National Research Council. 2012. <i>Review of Studies of Possible Toxic Effects from Past Environmental</i> …