Clooney Gets Bombed: The Crisis in Sudan

By ASPIREist | George Clooney takes us to the Nuba region of Sudan to witness the horrors of the government’s campaign against its own people.  CALL TO ACTION: Donate on to help The Sentry hire a financial investigator to go after the assets of genocidal Sudanese leaders.

Episode 4, Segment 3: Clooney Gets Bombed

Clooney: New Lost Boys of South Sudan

Renewed warfare creating a new generation of child soldiers. U.S. has a role to play.<p>The only activity in the hospital compound in Bor, South Sudan, these days is the dozens of vultures circling overhead. In mid-January, rebel forces swept into the Bor hospital, killing everyone that could not …


George Clooney Visits Sudan (PHOTOS)

George Clooney has spent the past week traveling around Southern Sudan with Ann Curry, trying to bring attention to the threat of civil war and genocide (scroll down for AP article).<p>Here are some pics that Ann tweeted earlier this week, along with her captions.<p><b>PHOTOS:</b><p>"We are heading to the unstable …


George Clooney for ASPIREist on USA Network

George Clooney Turns Spotlight on War Criminals in South Sudan

Almost four years ago, George Clooney looked up at the East African stars and wondered why no one was looking back.<p>“About nine people had just been …

The Sentry

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<b>Donate to help The Sentry (an initiative of Not On Our Watch)​ hire another financial forensic investigator to go after the assets of genocidal</b> …

George Clooney: Sanctions threats not enough in South Sudan

<b>(CNN) —</b> The scale of the crisis facing South Sudan is hard to comprehend -- 2 million people have been displaced as the country has tumbled back into a greed-driven war that has also left almost half the population without enough food to eat.<p>To stop the death spiral, the United States and South …


George Clooney, South Sudan and How the World's Newest Nation Imploded

World South Sudan Africa George Clooney Humanitarianism UN<p><b>March 2012, A Bar on the Nile</b><p>It was mid-morning and the staff were still wiping down the …


Clooney's War: South Sudan, humanitarian failure and celebrity Kindle Edition

The first thing I must say is that Alex Perry is a friend and colleague of mine; we have worked together in the past (though not presently.)<p>The …

Clooney Launches Africa War Project


Kingdoms Of Africa - Nubia - Ep 1/8 HD

The Sentry

Not On Our Watch

<i>Note: This report was published by Not On Our Watch's investigative initiative, The Sentry.</i><p>The same banks used by kleptocratic governments to divert …

The Nexus of Corruption and Conflict in South Sudan

Executive Summary.<p>South Sudan has plunged into civil war, economic collapse, and creeping international isolation<p>The country’s elites have built a …

About The Sentry - The Sentry

War Crimes Shouldn’t Pay.<p>Over the past two decades, the area stretching from northeast to central Africa has been the deadliest war zone in the …

Introducing: The Sentry

Today the Enough Project launched The Sentry, an initiative co-founded by George Clooney and John Prendergast that seeks to dismantle the networks of …


George Clooney takes viewers to a region in Sudan to witness the horrors of the government's campaign against its own people.