Brain Power: Google Glass for Autism

By ASPIREist | Just For A Minute. A company helping children with autism through the use of Google Glass

Just For A Minute: Brain Power - Google Glass for Autism

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Brain Power

Google Glass

Startup Brain Power Uses Google Glass To Develop Apps For Kids With Autism

Though many developers have begun to abandon Google Glass, a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based startup called Brain Power believes that the hardware still has plenty of possibilities for children with autism. Brain Power develops Google Glass apps, as well as hardware add-ons, that help kids learn …

Sorry, But Google Glass Isn't Anywhere Close to Dead

Ned Sahin is betting the future of his company on Google Glass.<p>Sahin is a cognitive neuroscientist with a PhD from Harvard and a masters from MIT, …

Kids with Autism Love Playing and Engaging with the Brain Power System


Is Google Glass a Game-Changer for Autism? CBS-Brain Power Exclusive

Google Glass

How Wearable Technology Could Benefit Individuals with Autism

<b>(September 26, 2014)</b> - Autism Speaks, the world’s leading autism science and advocacy organization, hosted more than 25 first spouses and dignitaries …


Autism, It's a Hot Focus for Tech

<b>An Autism Primer</b><p>While 1 in 68 children have autism , there is still much debate about the causes of autism, although it is likely that both genetic and environmental factors are at play. Autism is described as a "spectrum" representing a huge breadth of severity across several different groups of …



President Trump’s administration may purchase jumbo jets abandoned by a defunct Russian airline.<p>It would be inaccurate to give President Trump full …

Jeff Immelt

EmTech France MIT Emerging Technologies Keynote Ned Sahin

Emerging Technology

Local Entrepreneur-Scientist Develops Google Glass Program For Kids With Autism

CAMBRIDGE (CBS) – For the estimated one in 68 American children now born with disorders on the autism spectrum, technology could be a powerful tool. …


Google Glass For Autism Diagnosis And Treatment? Why Not, Says Stanford Researchers

Stanford Medicine researchers are developing a machine learning and artificial intelligence system using Google Glass in order to help children …

Scientists Are Using Google Glass To Help Autistic Kids ‘See’ Emotions

Remember how Google Glass was going to help us all text, surf and navigate into the future totally hands-free? Only it kind of turned out to be a …


Researchers want to use Google Glass to help autistic people ‘see’ emotions

<i>This post has been corrected.</i><p>“OK, Glass: What are other people feeling?”<p>This is the thrust behind a new tool that helps kids on the autism spectrum understand other people’s emotions. The Autism Glass Project, as it’s called, uses Google Glass, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to …


Google Glass Flopped. But Kids With Autism Are Using It to Learn Emotions

Gabby Warner craved a Google Glass headset when it first became available so she could search the web. But now, she’s using it for a more profound<b></b> …

Google Glass

Google glass to help kids with autism ‘see’ emotions

Researchers are developing a special technology based on the Google glass device that could help children born with autism recognize, classify, and …

Google Glass Shows Promise Improving Lives of People with Autism

Researchers are looking for ways to use Google Glass to improve the capabilities of individuals with disabilities, including autism, according to USA …

Google Glass

Using Google Glass to Enhance Brain Power in Autism

Google Glass

Stanford Researchers Treat Autism With Google Glass

As Google retools its Glass experiment, researchers at Stanford are using the device to help autistic children recognize and classify emotions.<p>In a small office buried inside an administrative building at Stanford, Catalin Voss and Nick Haber are pairing face-tracking technology with machine …

Google Glass for Autism "Game-Changer" Video -CBS Nov 2014 - Brain Power LLC

Google Glass

Clinical Trial Will Test if Google Glass Can Help Kids with Autism

Author: Cade Metz. Cade Metz Science<p>Date of Publication: 10.19.15.<p>Time of Publication: 11:00 am. 11:00 am<p>In his first year at Stanford, Catalin Voss …

BRAIN POWER | Wearable life coach and monitor for people with brain-related challenges

Unlocking the Power of the Brain<p>Founded to address Austism, Brain Power has evolved to offer tools and services for an expanding array of …

The Brain

Can an app for Google Glass offer a path out of autism?

Can technology help children with autism accomplish what other educational efforts have not? Ned Sahin aims to find out.<p>Sahin founded Brain Power, a …


Facts About ASDs

Prevalence<p>About 1 in 68 children has been identified with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) according to estimates from CDC’s Autism and Developmental …


How to Be a Friend to Someone With Autism

When people meet Andrew Phillips, they cast him off as anxious. Maybe irritable, and certainly disconnected.<p>Then there are the people who know him …


Autism Awareness into Action: Interview at WVOX - Greenburgh, NY


Jon Stewart raises $2.2 million for autism charity on his last show - w/video

From Wikipedia<p><b>New York</b> — There could have been no better way for Jon Stewart to bid his final goodbye on his long-running satirical news program,</i> …

Masters 2015: Jordan Spieth says autistic sister is key inspiration

<b>(CNN) —</b> He might have just won one of sport's most prestigious events, but it wasn't long before Jordan Spieth's thoughts turned to his autistic sister in the glow of victory.<p>The 21-year-old golfer equaled Tiger Woods' 1997 record winning score of 18 under par to realize his childhood ambitions of …


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