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How to Hug a Guy?

Have you been waiting for the best hug of your life? Has the day come when you will hug the man you love? Is it going to be the first romantic hug of …

Immune System

What Amendment gave Women the Right to Vote?

Did you know how women got their rights to vote? Click to know more

South Dakota

Why Successful Older Women Fall For Younger Men?

10 famous Hollywood actresses who dated men who were years younger to them.

Demi Moore

Should Married Couples put the Same amount of Effort in planning their Dates as Unmarried ones?

Like everything else, the world of dating requires a change every now and then. If you are bored of the monotonous dating routine, here are 14 dating …


What is Social Security?

What exactly is Social Security? How does it work? Do you know the answer? Don't worry, everything you need to know is here.


Who is the Founder of Internet?

We use the internet every day, but do we really know everything about it? In this article, we try to find what is the internet and what is the …

Net Neutrality

Is honey vegetarian?

Honey make the tongues wag, be it humans or animals, but there is always a question that tags along - Is honey vegetarian or not? Click to find out.


What Is The Reason For A Man Not Calling Back Even After A Great Date?

You just feel that your date is ‘the one’ and everything seems to be going well. But then, no phone calls, no texts, nothing! We’ve all faced it and …


Is it Better to Date a Shy Guy?

Shy Guys are mostly reluctant to express their love to the opposite gender. Several reasons account for the shyness of these guys. It is noticed that …


Is bathroom an accident-prone region of your home?

Countless bathroom accidents occur on a daily basis. To overcome these stressful scenario, remain extra cautions and try to follow certain safety …

Home Improvement

Do you agree that sketching can be self taught?

Sketching is an art that can be self taught. All great artists work as per their instincts. Technology aids in learning the basics of sketching at …


Which type of bag do you carry most often?

Bags are definitely the most loved and favorite accessory of every woman. Let's look at the 5 types of bag that every woman must have.


Should people be made aware about the complications of breast cancer?

Are you well aware of the ways to fight breast cancer? Do you wish to know about some of the effective ways to fight breast cancer completely from …


Sex Life After Marriage: How to Keep things Going & Excited?

Marriage can make your sex life boring if you don't take the initiative to spice things up every once in a while reminding your partner that the fire …


Is anger ever justified?

Anger is justified, however, we should be extremely careful how we express it. Our anger should be expressed in such a way that it does not hurt or …

Anger Management

Are pressure groups good for democracy?

Pressure groups allow people the opportunity to participate in democracy by being involved in social change without necessarily joining a political …


Are girls given equal opportunities as boys?

Girls if given equal opportunity as boys can perform at par and even better. Strict laws need to be implemented to ensure that girls are able to get …


Do you agree that, decent, casual way of dressing would be fine for an interview in Google?

Google as a workplace does not prescribe formal attire for it's employees. It is said there that one can be serious without wearing suits. So, dress …


Is Melania Trump the most beautiful first lady of America?

Who is the most beautiful first lady of America? Many people are suggesting Melanie Trump and this article is an attempt to find an answer to this …

Donald Trump

Is Internet a boon to the present day society?

The Internet has changed our lives dramatically and the technological growth has paved the way to many positive developments in the world. Although a …

Internet of Things

Do you feel waking up at Brahmamuhurta is important?

Brahma muhurta is one and a half hour before dawn. The younger generation is addicted to night life. There are many benefits of waking up early in …


Do you think watching TED talks can be helpful?

Listening to TED talks can be a very enriching experience for everyone who wants to be successful in life.TED talks are extremely useful.

TED Talks

Do you opt to undergo regular Pap smear tests?

Cervical cancer is caused by Human Papilloma Virus. It affects the cervix in the female reproductive system. Discover what increases the risks.


Have you ever Faced the Pressure of Having Sex even when You Didn't Want to?

If your girlfriend or boyfriend wants to make love to your forcefully, then understand that being pressured into doing things shouldn't be a part of …


Can you imagine a life without friends?

As we grow up, we realize that we have fewer friends than what we used to have during our school and college days. Our hectic schedule often comes in …


Do Women move on easily after a breakup as compared to men?

Breakups are hurting but men and women have their time of moving on after the breakup. women can easily move on but it's not the same situation with …


Is print media relevant in digital age?

Print media has its distinct presence in this age of Digital technology and has been able to maintain its unique place, despite the increasing …

Print Media

Would you prefer dating a guy younger than you?

Dating a younger man than you is uncommon. Age can never be a problem. What are the merits and demerits of dating a guy younger than you?


Which place is ideal for a first date?

First impression must always be the best. So must be the first date. The first date has to be special and unique. It builds up the strong bond and …


Which foreign language would you love to learn?

Learning a foreign language is not a simple task, but a job seeker with adept foreign language proficiency can easily attain a fast career growth.

Language Learning