How to Cut Your Own Hair: A Complete Guide

With barbershops closed around the country, getting a haircut now means doing it yourself. But don't panic — you can get a barbershop-quality result, if you follow our handy guide.

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How to Cut Your Own Hair: A Complete Guide
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    How to Cut Your Own Hair

    How to Cut Your Own Hair

    If you're like most men, a visit to the barbershop is probably a regular part of your routine. In fact, according to the American Academy of Dermatologists, men’s hair grows at a faster rate than women’s does, at half an inch per month, so men are quite accustomed to frequent visits to the barber …

    Step 1: Pick the Right Cut for You

    Step 2: Prep the Right Products

    Best Hair Clippers

    Best Hair Clippers

    Be it for baldies, short hairstyles, manscaping or the occasional buzz cut prank — it pays having a pair of hair clippers around to meet your grooming standards — body hair and head hair alike.

    Step 3: Get Your Aftercare in Order

    Going Beyond a Simple Trim...

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