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47 Mind-Blowing Psychological Facts You Need To Know About Yourself

Or maybe just 100 things that everyone should know about humans!<p>The order that I'll present these 100 things is going to be pretty random. So the fact that this first one is first doesn't mean that it's the most important ... just that it came to mind first.<p><i>Dr. Susan Weinschenk is the author of</i> …


An Exercise on Happiness: The Physiology of a Smile

We've all heard the old adage "it takes 43 muscles to frown, and just 17 to smile," a fact that of course begs the question: Why don't we all smile more often? We know that a smile can light up someone else's day as well as our own, but still, it seems that these days smiles are in short supply. …


The 'New' Benefits Of Mindfulness: Improved Memory, Focus, And GRE Scores

Paying attention may be one of the most fundamental and important cognitive abilities we have. It’s too bad, then, that many of us are so bad at it. It’s not only our outer distractions that get the better of us – email, texts, Twitter – but even worse can be the internal ones: Mind-wandering is a …

Mentally Strong People: The 13 Things They Avoid

<i>Editors’ Note: Following the huge popularity of this post, article source Amy Morin has authored a guest post on exercises to increase mental strength here and Cheryl Conner has interviewed Amy in a Forbes video chat about this article here.</i><p>For all the time executives spend concerned about physical …


Fifteen Reasons We Need Friends

A new view of neuroticism shows what really makes you anxious<p>New studies show how your smile affects your relationship, if not your life<p>The details …


Why paying attention is anything but elementary

It’s surprising how much of the world we see and yet do not take in. Who better to teach us why we miss so much and what to do about it than Sherlock Holmes?<p>“The true art of memory is the art of attention,” wrote Samuel Johnson. Wise words, indeed, but what exactly is this art? Do we really know …


Slim-Down Suppers: Healthy Slow-Cooker Meals

Slow cookers are time-saving superstars -- and an easy way to cut fat and calories. These six meals will put your family on the fast track to good nutrition.<p>This filling, low-cal chili is the perfect antidote to overindulgent holiday eating.

Make-Ahead Meals For Easy Family Dinners

The key to making weeknight dinners a breeze is finding recipes that allow you to prep components in advance. Taking an hour on Sunday to tackle some preliminary chopping and cooking will save you precious time during the week.<p>It's 5:45 and you've just walked in the door. The kids are starving and …


Why Don't You Listen?

<i>Written by Rosemary Strembicki</i><p>I must have said it thousands of times as my girls were growing up: "I said no, why don't you listen?" "I said wait, why don't you listen?" "I said come here, why don't you listen?" No matter what the context, it's a common refrain for parents.<p>Then one day, I …


These Plank Exercises Are the Fastest Way to Lose Belly Fat

The secret to amazing abs? Stop doing crunches and start doing these 3 flat-belly moves!<p>We all want a toned, flat stomach. No surprise there. But …

How Long Should It Take to See Muscle Definition?

<b>The answer:</b> Depending on how often you exercise and the intensity of your workouts, give it between four to eight weeks for your muscles to get ripped, says Kawamoto. While that seems like a long time, there are other signs that show your exercise routine is working—like climbing a flight of stairs …

Inspirational Quotes for 2014

10 Inspirational Quotes for 2014<p>Live by these mantras, and you’ll have one amazing year<p>Ready to make 2014 amazing? We thought so. To help you along, here are 10 so-motivating-you’ll-feel-like-you-can-do-anything quotes!

Ellie Goulding's Words of Fitness Inspiration

Ellie Goulding's Fit Message: "Train for Power, Strength, Flexibility, and Agility"<p>An avid runner with a half marathon under her belt, the UK singer is our workout crush of the day.<p>Featureflash /<p>We confess, we are totally crushing on UK singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding right now. …

How to increase your energy

<b>Your Breakfast is Too Small</b><br>A handful of berries mixed into a container of Greek yogurt may sound like the perfect healthy breakfast, but it can set you up to binge in the afternoon. Not only is it just not enough food, but it’s also lacking in some nutrients that are key to ensuring you feel full …

Five-Minute Abs Workout Video

And for tons more super efficient, total-body toning workouts, definitely pick up a copy of Jen's book, <i>Shape Up Shortcuts</i>.<p><i>*Video shot, produced, and edited by Jen Weaver,</i> Women's Health <i>associate video editor.</i>

The Exercise That Could Help You Eat Less

For the study, researchers split 110 college students into two groups. The first group did a mindfulness intervention that involved a body scan, during which they were instructed to “simply observe and accept all thoughts and sensations in a nonjudgmental way.” The second group was the control …

A Beginner's Guide to Cross-Training

Elliptical? Rowing? Cycling? How to choose an activity that's right for you.<p>Cross-training—with cycling, swimming, the elliptical trainer, or the rowing machine—can play an important role in your overall fitness routine. It gives the muscles you use in walking and running a chance to recover while …


30 Days, 30 Workouts: Our anti-resolution guide to keeping you motivated

30 Days, 30 Workouts: Our anti-resolution guide to keeping you motivated<p>Date January 7, 2014<p>It’s #NewYearNewMe time. Practically everyone has …

25 Inspirational Fitness Quotes to Motivate Every Aspect of Your Workout

Go harder, longer, and stronger with these intense-yet-inspiring words that can take your fitness to the next level<p>Sometimes you just need brutal …

Chi Running: How to be a Faster and Happier Runner

If you think this all sounds a little too hippy dippy for you, consider this: There are studies that prove the effectiveness of this technique. And even seasoned pros and top running coaches are on-board. Andrew Kastor, ASICS running coach and coach of the Mammoth Track club in Mammoth Lakes, …

No pain, no gain? Getting the most out of exercise

Staying in shape has all sorts of benefits, from maintaining heart health to warding off dementia and cancer<p><b>I</b>nactivity – fuelled by cars and a sedentary work life – has been dubbed the biggest public health problem of the 21st century, a global pandemic with dramatic impact on peoples wellbeing. …

Exercise boost — keys to keeping with the program

How are those new 2014 workouts going? Need a little inspiration boost? We talked to four prominent trainers and fitness personalities in hopes of finding keys to helping you work out — successfully — for years to come.<p><i>Harley Pasternak, 39, has trained superstars including Lady Gaga and is a</i> …

Workout Secrets To Get Your Best. Sleep. Ever.

Illustrated By Ammiel Mendoza.<p>No matter the frequency or type of sweat session, we feel better when we workout. And, while it’s been touted that …

How to Become an Exercise Addict

Twenty tips and tricks to make your workout a healthy (and fun!) everyday habit.


Top 10 Reasons to Exercise Regularly (Besides Losing Weight)

You've been told a hundred times that exercise is good for you, and it's true—but it's good for a lot more than just losing weight or building …


The Best Post-Workout Stretches

Relieve and relax tight muscles with these four soothing stretches.


Yoga Poses that Boost Metabolism

Burn more calories, strengthen your core, and speed up your metabolism with this slimming series of yoga poses.


11 Exercises That Build Muscle Without Bulk

A metabolism-boosting workout that builds strength and tones your abdominals, back, thighs, butt and arms.