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Why we love, why we cheat

Anthropologist Helen Fisher takes on a tricky topic – love – and explains its evolution, its biochemical foundations and its social importance. She …

5 Myths About Building A Million-Dollar Business

Small Business

How Ritz-Carlton's Secret Customer Service Sauce Creates Indelible Memories

Being a customer service consultant is at times like being a professional headbanger, banging my head against a series of walls. A specific frustration is the difficulty of convincing business leaders I work with to think in a less transactional, less fractured manner about the customer experience, …

Customer Experience

What is quantitative easing?

ECB pushes the button on a €1.1trn bond purchase programme, but what does it involve?<p>What is quantitative easing?<p>It is also called “printing money”. But rather than dishing out sacks of newly minted coins and notes, central banks use a more complicated process to inject cash into their economies – …

European Central Bank

Swiss franc surges as central bank removes peg to euro

Central bank’s abandonment of Swiss franc-euro cap described as a ‘tsunami of pain’ for exporters and tourism industry<p>Watch makers, ski resorts and currency traders were facing big losses on Thursday when the Swiss central bank stunned the financial markets by abandoning its currency peg against …