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رسوم مريم صالح

Design Days Dubai In with the Tide by Lee Borthwick presented by Design Days Dubai exhibitor Crafts Council UK Lee used driftwood, reclaimed wood and mirrors to produce this piece. More on exhibitor Crafts Council UK visit #أيام_التصميم_دبي صممت لي بورثويك 'In with the Tide' لدى مجلس الحرف البريطاني استخدمت لي الاخشاب الطافية، الخشب المستصلح والمرايا لصنع هذه القطعة للمزيد عن المجلس الحرف البريطاني زوروا موقعنا

Ceramic Cups Melt Into Puddles of Patterned Porcelain

For her sculpture series <i>Nomad Patterns</i>, artist Livia Marin's ceramic cups and kettles melt into puddles of porcelain while surprisingly retaining their original printed designs. The elaborate faux Chinese motifs of willows, birds and pagodas float out into a glossy ceramic pool still in perfect …


Elaborately Textured and Colored Oil Paintings of Old Films

Turkish artist Murat Pulat creates incredibly textured paintings of iconic scenes from old Hollywood movies, New Wave French films and 1960s television shows. His thick layers of oil paint and small brush strokes create a rich stippling that gives his paintings a unique, dotted pattern and makes …


Man Spontaneously Creates Incredible Sand Paintings by Hand

New York-based visual artist Joe Mangrum creates colorful sand paintings on the floor that exhibit spectacular designs. Each improvised creation is a spontaneous work of art that Mangrum produces entirely by hand. Each mound of the pigmented grains are poured from the palm of his hand in spiraling, …


Design Days Dubai Ikra Ice & Gold Plated Caviar Dish by designer Thomas Bastide presented by Design Days Dubai exhibitor Wiener Silber Manufactur-Austria The entire set is made out of sterling silver and gold plating More on exhibitor Wiener Silber Manafactur visit our website #أيام_التصميم_دبي صمم توماس باستيد ' Ikra Ice & Gold Plated Caviar Dish' لدى فينير زلبر مانوفاكترر، إحدى العارضين في #أيام_التصميم دبي صنعت هذه القطع من الفضة و الذهب للمزيد عن العارض فينير زلبر مانوفاكترر زوروا موقعنا

Ethereal Underwater Photographs Capture Frozen Moments in Time

Kurt Arrigo's underwater photographs are a great reminder that we live in a remarkable world. Passionate about the sea his entire life, Arrigo's love for it is palpable in these strikingly-clear images featuring shoals of fish, graceful dancers, and a majestic Black Stallion horse. Our vantage …


Musicians Play Enchanting Music on Instruments Made of Ice

Many artists these days are finding brilliant ways to create with ice. In the past, we've seen incredibly complex maze-like castles, ice hotels, and colorful ice forts. Yet in that long list of creations, we have yet to see musical instruments–until now. Located in Lule, Sweden, Ice Music is a …

Winter Fashion

Home - Architecture Lab

Latest<p>March 9, 2018<p>There are two points to getting a house in your bachelorhood. First, you get seemingly infinite freedom to get on with your life …

Design Days Dubai Giant Medaillon by Thierry Martenon presented by Design Days Dubai exhibitor Authentique Art & Design Thierry used Ash wood to produce this piece. More on exhibitor Authentique Art & Design at #أيام_التصميم_دبي صمم تيري مارتنون 'Giant Medaillon' لدى أوثونتيك آرت غاليري، إحدى العارضين في #أيام_التصميم_دبي استخدم تيري رماد الخشب لصنع هذه القطعة للمزيد عن أوثونتيك آرت غاليري زوروا موقعنا

Design Days Dubai Bloom by John Vogel presented by Design Days Dubai exhibitor Southern Guild John used American walnut to produce this piece. More on exhibitor Southern Guild at #أيام_التصميم_دبي صمم جون ڤوغل 'Bloom' لدى ساوذيرن غيلد، إحدى العارضين في #أيام_التصميم_دبي استخدم جون الجوز الأمريكي لصنع هذه القطعة للمزيد عن ساوذيرن غيلد زوروا موقعنا

Home - Architecture Lab

Latest<p>February 23, 2018<p>Spring is in the air, which means it's time for a new look. It's time to clean your home and get the winter dust...<p>February …

Jumping Liquids Mimic Japanese Flower Arrangements

Ikebana is the traditional Japanese art of flower arrangement and Naoko Tosas's <i>Sound of Ikebana</i> is a contemporary take on that time-honored art form. For each piece, Tosa blends a variety of pastel colors and oil to express the different Japanese seasons. The cherry trees in spring, cool water in …


Amazing Cityscape Views from the Rooftops of Dubai

Photographer Karim Nafatni gives new energy to the glowing lights of bustling Dubai in his stunning series of cityscapes, simply called <i>Rooftop Photography</i>. As we have seen before, the Dubai-based photographer and major airline pilot is certainly not afraid of heights! In his ongoing series, Nafatni …

Time I

Long Exposure Photos of Japanese Cherry Blossoms at Night

We have featured photographs of the cherry blossoms trees in Taiwan and every year there is a flood of photos as thousands of Americans flock to Washington DC to see the cherry blossoms bloom on the National Mall, but these new images by a Japanese photographer known only as Arixxx are particularly …


We have just entered the new Noon Apartments art boutique hotel. Check out this signature sofa by Qatari artist spelling out the letter 'noon' in Arabic.

We also found these beautiful columns by Emirati artist Dr Najat Meky who we will now be interviewing! :) Keep a lookout for the full interview on DesignMENA next week!

Urban Instagram photographers you should follow

Love urban photography? Addicted to Instagram? These snappers capture their cities in beautiful and surprising ways<p>Follow our @GuardianCities Instagram account for daily updates on great urban photography from across the world and to share your photos with us. Here are the latest updates<p>SOUTH AFRICA<p>…