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China is planting 16.3 million acres of forest this year

<b>The pollution-beleaguered country plans to increase forest coverage to 23 percent of its total landmass by the end of the decade.</b><p>I've always wondered …


The NeoMano robotic glove brings control back to paralyzed hands

This time last year, we took at a look at Neofect’s Raphael, a “smart glove” designed to help patients rehabilitate a hand after a stroke. At this CES, the Korean company is showing off a brand new glove concept — one designed to offer a more immediate solution for those suffering from paralysis …


The Value of Apprenticeships : SuperFriendly Academy

Dan Mall is a developer who started the SuperFriendly Academy, a space where he essentially has apprentices who he teaches basic, entry level …


Communicating Across the Cosmos Workshop (Seth Shostak)


Shipwreck VR Simulators : titanic vr

Since there is only so much that a film can convey about the sunken RMS Titanic, Immersive VR Education has taken it upon itself to create an …

Virtual Reality

AR Quote Apps : streem

The process of getting a quote on a home service project can be a lengthy one, but Streem is an app that promises to shorten this timeline with the …

Inside The Booming Business Of Nation Branding

These days, every place in the world wants to market its unique identity—and an industry has sprung up to help put them on the map

Reba McEntire

Level-Up Email Campaigns With Customer Journey Mapping

I became a huge fan of customer journey mapping the first time I was introduced to it. And after a few years of mapping, tweaking and presenting …

Web Design

Complexity, context and collaboration from manufacturing software to creating a service relationship


cultural engagement platform


Xenoma builds smart clothing for dementia patients

Smart fabric company Xenoma is looking for ways to integrate its technology into our lives, and is looking to do so in the medical space. The Japanese outfit is showing off a set of smart pajamas that can be worn by patients in hospital, with a specific focus on dementia patients. It's thought …

Wearable Tech

Does your city pass the popsicle test?

A few years ago, Kaid Benfield described the "popsicle test" of a good neighborhood:<p>If an 8-year-old kid can safely go somewhere to buy a popsicle, …

Urban Design

Driverless Toyota Shuttle Could Transport Goods For Amazon And Pizza Hut

The autonomous concept is a flexible, purpose-built vehicle for retailers and services


Ford plans to develop a connected car open-source platform

Ford Transportation Mobility Cloud paves the way for other automakers to jump in<p>If there’s a common theme in Ford Motor Company’s approach to the future of transportation, it’s that there needs to be some rules. Perhaps it’s that it was caught flat-footed when numerous other automakers were …


Surreal Aerial Photos of Roads Overwhelmed by Sand in Dubai

Lost highways in Dubai, as captured by photographer Irenaeus Herok.<p>Sydney-based travel photographer Irenaeus Herok captured the epic desert …


VR pioneer Jaron Lanier on dystopia, empathy, and the future of the internet

Jaron Lanier is one of virtual reality’s most recognizable figures. He’s credited with popularizing the term itself, and he co-founded VPL, a short-lived but groundbreaking company that built some of the first commercial VR headsets. Since then, Lanier has been better known for his writing on …

Virtual Reality


AECOM, UK<p>Architectural League of New York, USA<p>Arts Santa Monica Barcelona, Spain<p>Arup, Consulting Engineers, UK<p>Barbican, UK<p>Cisco Systems, Inc, USA<p>City …

Santa Monica

Students solve a 60-year-old space radiation mystery

Earth's Van Allen Belts are an area of energetic particles that surround our planet and are held in place thanks to Earth's magnetic field. These radiation belts trap charged particles, protecting us from the effects of some of space's most harmful radiation. There are still many mysteries we …


Create your Profile<p>Hosts and Guests post a bit about themselves and what they’re looking for in a shared home.<p>Make a Connection<p>Guests search …



USE CASES<p>Fummi enables alternative bank accounts authorized payments and access to benefits. The service provider network affect creates the ideal …

Neutrogena's scanner shows your skin in excruciating detail

Neutrogena has unveiled a device that attaches to your iPhone and can tell you more about your skin issues and convince you to (wait for it) buy more Neutrogena products. The SkinScanner from the Johnson & Johnson-owned company attaches to the top of an iPhone, and can take a magnified image of …

Skin Care

Drag-Reducing Shipping Truck Tails : Trucktail

The announcement of the Tesla Semi has put a spotlight on shipping trucks and how they can be made more efficient, so the conceptual 'Trucktail' has …

Tesla Semi

The Royal Netherlands Navy is 3D scanning all their ships

Using handheld Artec 3D scanners<p>Marinebedrijf Koninklijke Marine, is the organization responsible for maintaining the vessels of the Royal Netherlands Navy, and recently partnered with Artec 3D to 3D scan the country’s entire naval fleet, according to <i>Naval Technology</i><i>.</i><p>The project is a massive …


Piccadilly Circus' billboard is alight once more, and it's watching

The iconic lights illuminating London's Piccadilly Circus were switched back on this morning, nine months after going dark to accommodate some serious renovations. The huge advertising space is no longer home to six distinct screens. Instead, owner Land Securities has swapped these out for one …


How African Cities Are Failing People with Disabilities (And What Architects Can Do About It)

<i>This article was originally published by Common Edge as "Africa’s Undeclared War on the Disabled."</i><p>Recently I spent part of a week in the company of a …



Individual with complete spinal cord injury regains voluntary motor function: Extended activity-based training with epidural stimulation resulted in ability to stand and move without stimulation

Extended activity-based training with epidural stimulation resulted in ability to stand and move without stimulation<p>A man with a complete spinal cord …

Empowering Lyft’s Visually Impaired Community


Good Time Community Center / B.L.U.E. Architecture Studio

<i>Text description provided by the architects.</i> Undertake a variety of media, business and cultural exchanges, this space is divided into the …

Urchin-Mimicking Cement : strong cement

This super strong cement was created using principles learned from aquatic creatures like the sea urchin. Developed by physical chemists from the …