By fundy tides | Everyone defines a treasure differently. What's yours? A place? A sunset? A creature, An event? A shipwreck? A dive? Perhaps it's the traditional buried or lost gold, silver and jewels. Treasures of all kinds are collected here! Join us in our virtual quest.

HIDDEN TREASURES: Be careful what you wish for!

*********************************************************************************************************<p>Nova Scotia’s Special Places Protection Act, …


Justice department won't charge white officers in killing of Alton Sterling

The US justice department has declined to bring charges against the white police officers involved in the 2016 fatal shooting of Alton Sterling, a black man in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, according to multiple reports.<p>The 37-year-old was killed last July after two officers wrestled him to the ground …


EXPLORE: Planning a trip? Don't miss our Downeast lighthouses online guide

Planning a trip?<p>Here's most of the lighthouses from Massachusetts to Newfoundland courtesy of Google My Maps and the many contributors to this …

PLANNING YOUR SUMMER? How about a trip to Norumbega?

This fantastic and great Native American city, Norumbega, was first discovered by a lost Englishman back in the fifteen hundreds and folks have been …

HISTORY: Phil’s Beach, Bocabec Archaeological Site 1883

EXPLORERS: Second Viking Site in Newfoundland?

Bay of Fundy

Bay of Fundy

25 Reasons New Brunswick Is The Worst Canadian Province

Does it even count as a province?

Bay of Fundy

Bay of Fundy

Bay of Fundy

Watch Archaeologists Reveal the Vasco da Gama Shipwreck

Take a behind-the-scenes look at what it took to locate and excavate the earliest known shipwreck from Europe's Golden Age of Exploration. <p>When Oman's Ministry of Heritage and Culture recently announced the discovery of a 500-year-old shipwreck from the fleet of famed explorer Vasco da Gama, it …


Gold Of The S. S. Connaught

The SS Connaught was a 380-foot-long (120 m) passenger sail and steamship which was built in 1860, and sank on its maiden cruise. It initially sailed …

PLACES: Swimming Hole Treasures of New England

PIRATES: Did you know Liverpool, NS, was one of the most successful privateer centres?

Jonny Depp as Captian Jack Sparrow in Madame Tusauds in London, taken in June 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)<p>PIRATES: Did you know Liverpool, NS, was …

The Obsessive Treasure Hunters Who Travel the World with Metal Detectors

Are you a ‘coinshooter’ or a ‘dirt fisher’?<p>A silver coin discovered with a metal detector. (Photo: Marcis Wos/<p>The story of how Sal …

Oak Island

This article is about the island in Nova Scotia. For the island in Minnesota, see Oak Island (Minnesota). For other uses, see Oak Island …

List of missing treasures

This is an incomplete list of notable treasures that are currently lost or missing.<p>Art theft and looting during World War II<br>• Looted art<br>• Lost …


<b>Geocaching</b> /ˈdʒiːoʊˌkæʃɪŋ/ is an outdoor recreational activity, in which participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or mobile device …