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  • But why use WordPress CMS instead of dedicated coding?
    Compared to custom coding, WordPress is significantly less expensive and time consuming.
    The site was created and delivered to the client.

    As a result, small and medium businesses can undoubtedly benefit from its affordability.

    Since WordPress is an open source content management system, you don't have to worry about your website adapting to the demands of your visitors.

    Be sure that professional website design with the Artcode team will answer all your needs and anticipate them.

    The following are positive features of WordPress site design:
    Positive features of building a site with WordPress

    1. WordPress site compatibility:
    With the help of a WordPress professional, you have access to a fully customizable web platform that makes it possible to build almost any type of website.

    With WordPress site design, you can display your company's websites, blogs or online store as you like.

    WordPress offers over 5,000 free themes. That sets the standard for how to properly build a WordPress website.

    2. Content management system that is very easy to use:
    Using a content management system for your website should not be difficult. When the core WordPress development team created the platform, they had a non-technical audience in mind.

    Anyone can feel like a WordPress website developer because WordPress CMS is very user-friendly.

    To add or update your web content and see the changes instantly, all you have to do is log into your WordPress admin dashboard.

    3. Presence of powerful WordPress plugins:
    WordPress is considered a simple visual editor, but its range of features is incredibly strong.

    In addition to WordPress' powerful analytics and SEO tools, a WordPress plugin lets you add unique forms, visual sliders, and other cool features to your website.
    Building a fully functional WordPress website just got easier with the 50,000 (and counting) free plugins available.

    4. Designing a WordPress site that is suitable for search engines:
    A plugin called Yoast seo is available in addition to the wonderful WordPress plugins. This platform is designed to make optimizing your website as simple as possible for you.

    You can easily build a strong WordPress SEO foundation by putting your keywords in permalinks, adding metadata to all your posts, and optimizing your images with alt text.

    The best part is that WordPress plugins and themes are known for providing great user experiences, which Google recognizes with higher search rankings.

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    طراحی سایت وردپرس با نمونه کار + مشاوره رایگان | آرتاکد

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