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Gravity Could Be the Result of Random Quantum Fluctuations

If this theory is true, quantum mechanics might be more fundamental to the structure of the universe than gravity itself.Scientists have been trying …

Quantum Mechanics

Trio of antibiotics gangs up to kill superbugs - Futurity

Taken together, three antibiotics that are ineffective on their own appear to kill superbugs that have defeated nearly all other options.

To better test antibiotics, add baking soda - Futurity

"Physicians may be relying on the wrong test for identifying antibiotics to treat infections." The solution? Add some baking soda.

9 GIFS That Perfectly Describe Your Long-Term Relationship

When he lets you pop a zit, it's everything.<p>Weird things start to happen when you’ve been with your S.O. for a while. You pick up on each other’s habits, know what they’re about to say before they say it, and maybe, even start to dress alike.<p>Despite your best efforts, you’ve inevitably become “that …

Four-billion-year-old 'fossil' protein resurrected in bacteria protects them from viruses

In a proof-of-concept experiment, a 4-billion-year-old protein engineered into modern E. coli protected the bacteria from being hijacked by a …


Bacteria Use Electricity To Communicate With Other Species

New research in the field of microorganisms has revealed that bacteria are much more advanced organisms than we thought before. Up to now, research …


Federal funding for basic research led to the gene-editing revolution. Don’t cut it.

Patients in red states and blue states alike benefit from work funded by the National Institutes of Health<p>Labs across our country are a source of American optimism — advancing knowledge, technologies, and cures. And yet, as citizens in 500 cities worldwide prepare to march this weekend in support …

Oops! Our bodies can make Salmonella more toxic - Futurity

When someone gets Salmonella, their body's own inflammatory response can make things worse by waking up dormant viruses called phages.

BPA may nudge breast cancer cells to grow - Futurity

Inflammatory breast cancer cells get a boost from BPA, according to new research. The work offers clues as to how the deadly disease grows.

Do long telomeres indicate higher cancer risk? - Futurity

New research links longer telomeres with a greater risk of cancer. "Telomeres and cancer clearly have a complex relationship."

Watch melanoma cells form tumors in real time - Futurity

This real-time video shows how "fast as lightning" melanoma cells form deadly tumors. "They don't sit still," says David Soll.

This cancer-spotting algorithm rivals dermatologists - Futurity

A new algorithm can diagnose skin cancer just as accurately as a dermatologist. The researchers hope to get it onto your smartphone.


How AI algorithms could help design new drugs - Futurity

A new kind of AI algorithm could help chemists develop new drugs through a process called one-shot learning.

How scientists explore our genome's 'dark matter' - Futurity

A new tool is allowing researchers to investigate the 98 percent of our genetic code called the "dark matter" of the genome.


Farm antibiotics and superbugs are bad for our health—and the planet’s, too | Ars Technica

Stressed by drug resistance and antibiotics in manure, microbes burn through carbon.<p>Think livestock poop loaded with antibiotics and …

Hitchhiking Earth bacteria could evolve to live on Mars

Finding microbes on Mars would be the discovery of the century, and the last thing any self-respecting space agency would want to do after such an …


No more 'superbugs'? Maple syrup extract enhances antibiotic action

Antibiotics save lives every day, but there is a downside to their ubiquity. High doses can kill healthy cells along with infection-causing bacteria, …


A “sci-fi” cancer therapy fights brain tumors, study finds

WASHINGTON — It sounds like science fiction, but a cap-like device that makes electric fields to fight cancer improved survival for the first time in …

This Computer Program Detects Cancer Earlier Than Ever—Without Surgery

CancerLocator could be used to pinpoint tumor locations even before symptoms arise, eliminating painful biopsies and increasing patient survival.<p>Cancer is often found when someone starts to feel symptoms—pain, an abnormal growth, or maybe just fatigue. Now scientists have developed a computer …


Everything you ever wanted to know about urinary tract infections

Millions of women suffer from UTIs, but they can strike men too. So why are most tests not up to the job? And should we be reaching for the cranberry juice?<p>In any given year, an estimated 4 million British women will suffer an attack of cystitis, a urinary tract infection (UTI) with typical …