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Man's severed hand attached to his ankle

Doctors have kept a Chinese man's severed hand alive by stitching it to his ankle after a work accident severed it. Xiao Wei's right hand was reportedly temporarily attached to his left ankle for a month before surgeons reattached it, largely because injuries to his arm required immediate attention …

The 10 best cities in the world to be a student in 2016 – in pictures


Earth has lost a third of arable land in past 40 years, scientists say

The world has lost a third of its arable land due to erosion or pollution in the past 40 years, with potentially disastrous consequences as global demand for food soars, scientists have warned.

New research has calculated that nearly 33% of the world’s adequate or high-quality food-producing land …


How 'Organic' Agriculture Evolved From Marketing Tool To Evil Empire

By Julie Kelly and Henry I. Miller

The organic products industry has been on a tear for the past decade, with total organic sales by farms in the United States increasing 83% between 2007 and 2012. In spite of the fact that organic products are expensive and objectively offer little to recommend …

Organic Products

All I want for Christmas is for Google Maps to stop deleting us, say South Downs national park

The South Downs national park authority has pleaded with Google to reinstate it on the internet giant’s mapping service, after Britain’s newest national park disappeared from Google Maps for the fourth time.

The authority’s chief executive, Trevor Beattie, said he did not know why Google Maps kept …


WIRED Awake: 10 must-read articles for 24 November

Your daily briefing. Today, genetically modified mosquitoes could put an end to malaria, Tesla announces pricing for the entry-level Model X, Windows 10 updates appear to be uninstalling users' software without permission and more.

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UK News

Major Star Wars: The Force Awakens spoilers leaked as Mark Hamill confirms sequel return

We may not yet have seen him in publicity for the much-hyped Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but Mark Hamill, aka Luke Skywalker, has revealed he is set to return in the film’s sequel.

Posting on Twitter, Hamill appeared to confirm he will be back as the veteran Jedi knight for Star Wars: Episode …

BP drops bid to recoup hundreds of millions of dollars from Gulf of Mexico oil spill victims

BP had alleged that businesses were allowed to claim money from compensation scheme without proving the spill caused financial losses

BP has dropped its bid to recoup hundreds of millions of dollars from businesses it claimed were wrongly handed compensation following the Gulf of Mexico oil spill …


DIY Bath Salts – 3 Ways

Dissolve sea salt blended with cocoa butter and almond oil into a warm bath for a super soothing soak. Plus, it makes a great gift!


An Anonymous Group Is Fixing Bike Lanes Where New York Isn't

The “Transformation Department” has challenged the city’s commitment to cyclists.

They showed up on the street on the morning of October 7—25 orange traffic cones marking the bike lane that runs northbound on Chrystie Street in lower Manhattan. Several had sunflowers poking up out of their necks.

The …

German Village of 102 Braces for 750 Asylum Seekers

SUMTE, Germany — This bucolic, one-street settlement of handsome redbrick farmhouses may for the moment have many more cows than people, but next week it will become one of the fastest growing places in Europe. Not that anyone in Sumte is very excited about it.

In early October, the district …

Asylum Seekers

Yemen, Oman expect eight years of rain in two days

Cyclone Chapala as it headed across the Arabian Sea. Photo: NOAA

A rare intense tropical cyclone has formed in the Arabian Sea and is forecast to dump …


A world of greener cars is coming sooner than we ever might have guessed - Quartz

If you’re an average consumer, you’ve had little reason to take electric cars seriously—they cost too much, and don’t go far enough on a charge. But starting about this time next year, you will.

It’s hard to keep track of all the competing mainstream electrics coming soon to showrooms, as major …

Elon Musk

This Building Doesn't Need A/C: The Building Itself Is An Air Conditioner

This ingenious cooling system circulates cooled air in an endless loop—all without any electricity.

If they weren't so necessary, you wouldn't choose to build an air conditioning system inside a large building. With endless ducting, they take up lots space, produce lots of noise, and cost a lot.

So …

Domestic Technology

Make It: Scandinavian-Inspired Leaf Wall Hanging

I've always loved Scandinavian prints. They manage to be both sophisticated and fun at the same time, and they combine so many of my favourite …


Pluto's Crescent, A Loose Blimp, And Other Amazing Images Of The Week

10 Ways to Become a Paid Speaker

Join us in a city near you at Entrepreneur’s Accelerate Your Business event series kicking off Feb 23. View cities and dates »

To turn you into a better public speaker, I'm not going to tell you to stand up straight, avoid verbal "fillers," speak clearly or abstain from reading from your slides. …

Public Speaking

A complete guide to designing your morning routine to double your productivity

What did you do when you woke up this morning?

How did you feel?

Was it the same routine you had yesterday?

On average, each of us wake up to 25,000 mornings in our adult life, which means we have 25,000 days to maximize how we spend it.

Your morning defines the rest of your day.

If you can optimize …

A Cultural History of the Fever

The fever phobia that parents experience is ancient and useful.

For most of human history, an unusually high body temperature was a sign of the supernatural. Fevers were sinister but common, unnatural but real. And without a theoretical underpinning by which to understand them, fevers long seemed to …


5 Things Elite Entrepreneurs Always Do (And You Should, Too)

Entrepreneurs spend their money to make the most money.

What are some of the habits entrepreneurs have that other people dont? originally appeared on Quora: The best answer to any question.

Answer by Oliver Emberton, Founder of Silktide, on Quora:

Most people spend their money to get the most utility

He Poked 10,000 Holes In A Photo And Made Something You'll Want In Your Home

As a hobby, blogger and photographer Jesse Rockwell takes photos of the night sky, reaching with his lens into the deep regions of space to bring the …

12 apps that showcase iOS 9

So, you've downloaded iOS 9, now what? Update all your apps, of course.

Though iOS 9 offers more subtle improvements, like better searches and time-saving multitasking features, developers are already putting Apple's newest update to good use.

From ad blockers, to games, to the first wave of 3D …


How To Clean and Freshen Your Mattress

This past weekend my niece Jennifer was freaking me out!

It was a perfect evening and we were eating a lovely dinner in my sister’s beautiful backyard …

Wal-Mart test truck aims to slash fuel consumption on big rigs

If Bruce Wayne ever had to vacate the Batcave, he might insist on moving his Batgear with an arrow sleek microturbine big rig with a carbon-fiber cargo trailer, an electronic dashboard of three computer tablets and tires wider than any race car.

This is WAVE, the Wal-Mart Advanced Vehicle Experience …

Young man stunned by rare 'rainbow cloud' in Costa Rica

Rainbow cloud phenomenon, known scientifically as cloud iridescence, is caught on camera in Costa Rica

A so-called rainbow cloud formed over Costa Rica on Tuesday, leaving residents and tourists in awe as the natural phenomenon glided through the sunny skies.

The scientific name is cloud iridescence, …


How a crowd-sourced map changed Kuala Lumpur’s ideas about cycling

“I was a bit naive,” admits Jeffrey Lim. “I thought it would be easy.” In Lim’s bright studio in Kuala Lumpur, bike wheels adorn the walls and a large table is spread with maps of Malaysia. Lim, a graphic designer, has spent the past three years mapping the city for cyclists.

To anybody familiar …

A dying Californian shopping mall gets the world's largest green roof

This week’s best city stories from around the web explore Silicon Valley’s newest sustainability project, an app which automatically sprays potholes you cycle over, the “missing” Guatemala City neighbourhood and Indianapolis’ growing pains with a new electric car share scheme.

We’d love to hear your …

Transformers Stuntman Shawn Robinson Found Dead

Famed Hollywood stuntman, Shawn Robinson, was found dead in his hotel room early last week, Deadline reports.

Robinson was in the middle of work on Lionsgate's new film Deepwater Horizon in New Orleans when he failed to show up to work on July 28. Another stuntman went looking for him and found …


How to setup mobile Hotspot on Android - Android customization

Ever since you followed along last week’s Android customization post, turning on data compression in Chrome, you’ve had data to spare. We can think …


Answer to earthworm's ability to digest poisons unearthed by scientists

British scientists have cracked the global earthworm mystery: they have worked out how the planet’s great subterranean reprocessing system copes with the poisons that would choke most herbivores.

Earthworms underwrite almost all life on earth: they drag fallen leaves below the soil and digest them, …