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“Pelillisyyttä voisi ottaa myös lukiokursseille. Parhaimmillaan se johtaa flow tilaan ja silloin kaikki onnistuu #itk2015 #lukiot #stem…”

Onko pelaaminen nykyaikaista koodaamista ? #itk2015

Scottish education reforms under fire for copying 'flawed' Finnish system

Via Scottish education reforms under fire for copying flawed Finnish system. Excerpt:

Recent education reforms could lead to …


Pasi Sahlberg: Finnish Teachers Are Not “the Best and the Brightest”

Pasi Sahlberg, the great Finnish educator who is teaching this year at Harvard Graduate School of Education, wrote recently to explain how Finnish …


4 reasons Finland's schools are better

Finland recently dropped the news that it's revamping its already-unorthodox education system to teach students broad, multi-disciplinary topics.

Finland is an innovative country when it comes to education, and its innovation yields results. It's consistently one of the highest performing developed …


UK: Let's follow the lead of Margaret Heffernan and Finnish our education system - Yahoo News UK

Via Yahoo News UK, an opinion piece my Christine Armstrong: Gamechangers: Let's follow the lead of Margaret Heffernan and Finnish our education …

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Leadership Think Tank: Create infographics & online charts for free with tool

Create infographics & online charts for free with tool

Muuramen lukio | Create infographics


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Leadership Think Tank: How we train educational leaders in Finland ?

How we train educational leaders in Finland ?

"In dialogue we trust"

Finland has very good reputation as an educational country or state. Most people …


Who runs the world? Finnish girls

Via Who runs the world? Finnish girls. Click through to use the links.

The gender gap in reading is huge. And it's biggest in Finland, home …


Leadership Think Tank: Indian Education Leader Delegation in Finland

Indian Education Leader Delegation in Finland

Indian delegation in Muurame Upper Secondary School

13 Indian education leaders visited Jyväskylä area …


21st-Century Learning Using Social Media: Advice from Finland

Petri Ahokas works with students in Finland

Many teachers believe social media doesn’t have a place in the 21st-century learning environment; it is …

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Pääministeri Alexander Stubb Muuramen lukiolla

“Selfie vai Kelfie ? #keijo #pääministeri #muuramenlukio #energiaa”

Muuramen lukio on Twitter

Prime minister Alexander Stubb was really easygoing and friendly #finnedchat #Muuramenlukio

Muuramen lukio on Twitter

Boksi on täynnä kysymyksiä. Lämpimästi tervetuloa ! #työ #koulutus #yrittäjyys #keke @alexstubb

How a Finnish experiment could mean better education in America

Via Business Cheat How a Finnish Experiment Could Mean Better Education in America. Note that the writer's emphasis is on building …


Leadership Think Tank: TVT lukion johtamisessa

TVT lukion johtamisessa

Alustukseni Rehtori-instituutin (Jyväskylän yliopisto) tutorryhmän valmennuksessa 27.3.2015.

Tvt opetuksessa ja johtamisessa

No, Finland isn’t ditching traditional school subjects. Here’s what’s really happening.

Plans to overhaul schools in Finland — whose students have been at or near the top of international exams for years — have sparked stories in the …


Fulbright teacher Tina Chavez visit

“Muuramen lukion heimojuhla lauantaina 9.5.2015 klo 13.00 Tervetuloa ! #20vuotta #heimo #muuramenlukio #alumnit #leirinuotio”

The Finnish National Board of Education - Current issues

Subject teaching in Finnish schools is not being abolished

The news that Finland is abolishing teaching separate subjects has recently hit the …


Finland Scraps Subjects In Schools And Replaces With 'Topics' In Drastic Education Reforms

Finland is set to embark on a radical overhaul of its education system, scrapping "teaching by subject" and replacing it with "teaching by topic" under a set new measures revealed by Helsinki's head of youth and adult education Liisa Pohjolainen.

Although long heralded as a model of a successful …


Finland’s new plan to change school means combining subjects

Correction: A headline on an earlier version of this post incorrectly stated that Finland is ending teaching by subject. Finnish teachers are now


“Pääministeri Alexander Stubb vierailee lukiolla ti 31.3.2015. Mahtavaa saada tällaisia vieraita. Tervetuloa ! #muuramenlukio #pääministeri…”

Finland schools: Subjects scrapped and replaced with 'topics' as country reforms its education system

For years, Finland has been the by-word for a successful education system, perched at the top of international league tables for literacy and …

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