Finnish Education Highlights

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Business plan and pitch at Slush Up! Chengdu China

Our FinEduVR project's business plan and pitch at Slush Up! Chengdu China. Startup ecosystem.<p>Name of company or organization (school project): …

Pitchaustuokio Slush Up! Chengdussa Kiinassa #fineduvr #finnedchat #suomi

How Kids Create in Virtual Reality

Understanding how students want to interact with virtual worlds is a major goal of our study into VR and learning. VR prompts developers to re-think …

Virtual Reality

Kiinaan Slush Up! Chengdu-tapahtuman matkaraportti

Henkilön Virtual Reality (@fineduvr) jakama julkaisu 11. 05ta 2017 klo 8.45 PDT<p>Istuessa Kuopion lentoaseman odotusaulassa se realisoitui. Olin …

Jukka Sormunen ja Aki Puustinen: Virtuaalitodellisuus ja elämyksellinen oppiminen

Kokeile tai häviä ! Yrittäjyyskasvatusfoorumi Kotkassa

Society's Commitment to Sustainable Development. Finland we want by 2050.

Society's Commitment to Sustainable Development. Finland we want by 2050.

Kestävä kehitys ja #sitoumus2050 -video

Muuramen lukio mukana ympäristöministeriön kestävän kehityksen sitoumus2050 -videolla.<p>Lähettänyt<p>apuustin klo<p>10.54

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Forest Camp by @muuramenlukio #Fineduvr #drone #dji #phantom3pro #Finland #muurame #highschool

Sir Ken Robinson - Sir Ken Robinson

Sir Ken Robinson is an international educator, speaker and author.<p>Sir Ken Robinson, PhD is an international educator based in Los Angeles, …



Olin kuuntelemassa eri lukioiden esittelyä Korpilahden yläasteen vanhempainillassa kevättalvella 2016. Aki Puustisen esitys Muuramen lukiosta jäi …

Virtuaalitodellisuus NYT! 31.3.2016 - OSA 5

ZeroLight Can Bring VR Car Shopping To Your Living Room

As the Pagani sports car’s gull-wing door flies open I instinctively jerk back my head to avoid losing a few IQ points. Crouching low, I stick my …

Vision Summit 2016, Hollywood, CA

<b>#FinEduVr -hankkeen matka Kalifornian kehittyville virtuaalitodellisuuden kehityshautomoihin ja VisionSummit 2016 -konferenssiin.</b><p>Aki, Jukka ja Timo – …

Hyper-tall skyscrapers, underwater bubble cities, personal home "medi-pods" and civilian colonies on the Moon are all likely to be a reality in a hundred years' time, according to a report commissioned by Samsung.

Samsung predicts the world 100 years from now<p><b>Hyper-tall skyscrapers, underwater bubble cities, personal home "medi-pods" and civilian colonies on the</b> …

Finnish Education System- Jukka Sormunen Part 1

FinEduVr test with Theta S on Golden Gate

Director of sales Joel Solomons and Google Expiditions #Google #Virtualreality #Fineduvr

Meeting VR Developers at Boost VC #HTCvive #virtualreality #fineduvr

Different presentation by Timoni West #unity #VisionSummit16

Virtual therapy 'helps with depression', researchers say

BBC News<p><b>A new therapy which involves a patient embodying themselves in a virtual reality avatar of a crying child could help with depression, research has suggested.</b><p>Patients wear a headset that projects a life-sized image, firstly of an adult and then of a child.<p>The new research tested the …

HTC Vive Consumer Price to be Announced at Mobile World Congress

At the 2015 Mobile World Congress (MWC) event HTC made the surprise reveal of its HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD), created in partnership with …

Mobile World Congress

Google Cardboard: Time to Take Your Students on an Expedition

Google Expeditions uses Google Cardboard to take students on virtual field trips. At BETT 2016, Google for Education announced the a release of the …

Google Cardboard

Leap Motion opens door to reach into virtual worlds

California virtual reality startup Leap Motion on Wednesday opened a door for makers of games or other applications to literally touch virtual worlds.