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By Apollo Ten | A collection of the greatest #cars from The Motor City, from the glory days to today's resurgence. #detroit

Agile construction. Indulgent details. Unrivaled as a whole. The first-ever #CT6

The Cadillac CT6. "It's wide, it's bold, and it's slick," according to design director Andrew Smith. What do you think? #Cadillac #CT6 #Caddy #CadillacCT6 #NYIAS

And here's the front end of the Cadillac CT6. It's all in the Caddy family, but way more than just a larger CTS. #Cadillac #CadillacCT6 #CT6 #Caddy #NYIAS

GMC Terrain Compact SUV


Every Terrain is built with precision and distinguishing features, which are a true testament to the craftsmanship and detail that …

Compact SUV

The launch of the @cadillac #CT6. #StyleDriven (at Brooklyn Navy Yard)




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this is it #NYIAS @Cadillac #CT6

Here is the first ever @Cadillac #CT6. 400hp, twin turbo V6, AWD. What do you think?

Profile of the @Cadillac #CT6. Long with rwd dash-to-axle, but it's awd!

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"It's wide, it's bold and it's slick" -Andrew Smith, design dir @Cadillac new #CT6 #NYIAS2015

The top step #Platinum version of the @Cadillac #CT6 will have lux features like specially perforated leather seats.

The @Cadillac #CT6 will have best in class legroom, with heated/cooled/reclining seats & twin hideaway video screens.

2015 Jeep Renegage | Jeep Renegade Band

@Cadillac partnered w/ @Bose on an exclusive audio system called #Panaray that debuts in the new #Cadillac #CT6.

That's a grille! What do you think of the @Cadillac #CT6? ReTweet if you hate. Favorite if you love it.

You've seen the first ever @Cadillac #CT6. Here might be the first ever #Cadillac CT6 #selfie. #heynow

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#Cadillac partnered with @Bose on an exclusive audio system called #Panaray that debuts in the new @Cadillac #CT6.

2016 Cadillac CT6 Fully Revealed, Aims to Match the Germans

NEW YORK CITY – After a decade-plus of trying to reinvent itself as the 21st-Century Standard of the World, Cadillac has its first serious chance of …


High-tech, high-style: The 2016 Cadillac CT6 arrives

Cadillac wants a return to greatness, and this is the car that will lead that parade.

The ATS and CTS are great, and the Escalade is now an icon in its own right, but Cadillac's quest for a return to its glory days require a big American sedan that is as good as, if not superior, the international …


2016 Cadillac CT6: It May Be Big, But You Can't Call It Fat

Caddy promises 7-series space and luxury, with agility and efficiency to beat the 5-series.

Official Photos and Info

Cadillac has big plans to redefine itself: a new home in New York City, a decidedly nontraditional alphanumeric naming convention, and a whole spate of new vehicles promised between …


Agile construction. Indulgent details. Unrivaled as a whole. The first-ever #CT6.

The 3.0TT (3-liter twin turbo V6) is only one engine the @Cadillac #CT6 will come with. A 3.6 V6, 2.0T & 2 more TBA.

Here is the rear seat package of the @Cadillac #CT6 #Platinum edition. Check out the hideaway video screens.

Rear seat monitors hideaway in the @Cadillac #CT6.

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At long last, the Cadillac CT6:

This is the CT6, Cadillac's huge bet on the future

Here's Cadillac's next huge car, both literally and figuratively: the CT6, which stands for Cadillac Touring 6.

GM's luxury brand has been teasing the CT6 for quite some time, and for good reason: it's a flagship sedan, a segment that the company has been absent from since it discontinued the …


Better shot of the @Cadillac #CT6's controls on the armrest for the heated/cooked/reclining rear seats. #NYIAS

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A view from the rear of the Cadillac CT6:

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And here's a look from the inside: