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Tech-savvy users continue playing

Iran has become the first country to ban the "Pokemon Go" mobile game, citing security concerns about the game’s use of location-based virtual …

Many children must choose work over education

SAADNAYEL, Lebanon — Syrian refugee Saddam al-Khleif hates going to school and spends most of his days either watching TV or playing outside the tent …

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Yes, the world seems like it’s going to hell in a handcart – but this is no time to disengage

Often, when I tell people what I do for a living, they start telling me about journalism they like or don’t like, ask me which “famous” people I have met, or explain to me what I should be writing about. But not lately. Lately they say: “I have had to stop watching the news.” They feel completely …

The Guardian view on farming: not about food

Rural England and Wales was the bedrock of the Brexit vote. It may well be in the countryside that the impact of the decision first becomes visible. After 40 years of the notorious common agricultural policy, Westminster rather than Brussels will be deciding a national strategy for food and …


Britain is still failing child refugees in Europe. We must help them – and fast

It is three months since parliament passed the Immigration Act, which includes my amendment that unaccompanied child refugees in Europe should be able to come to live in the UK. I made it clear that we should take our fair share of the total and other countries should do likewise.<p>When the amendment …


Hungry, scared, and no closer to safety: child refugees failed by Britain

What does a 10-year-old living alone in the migrant camp in Calais worry about most? Abdul is bothered by the rats that rustle around him while he sleeps and by the effort involved in getting enough food, in the wake of a decision last month by the French authorities to close down the cafe that fed …


Cockroach robots? Not nightmare fantasy but science lab reality

They lurk in dark corners, feed off crumbs, and obey the commands of humans. Years in the making, and a contender for the most revolting creation to emerge from a laboratory, the robo-roach has arrived.<p>Built by engineers in Texas, the robotic insect fuses a live cockroach with a miniature computer …


Why the VCR’s clunk-whirrrrr-kra-chump was the sound of freedom

Forget birdsong. Forget choirs of angels. If ever I somehow get to heaven, I want it to sound like this: clunk-whirrrrr-kra-chump-zzzssshhhhh-klik-k-k-k. I want it to look a bit blobby and vague, the harsh, crisp lines of earthly life rendered indistinct. After all, wouldn’t everything – everything …

Nine things you should never say to a wheelchair user

Last week it was revealed that Nottinghamshire police has labelled misogyny a hate crime. And yet nothing anyone has ever said to me in my capacity as “woman” has ever come close to what comes my way in my capacity as “wheelchair user”.<p>Whether amusing or downright offensive, people seem to say most …

Insurance cheats discover social media is the real pain in the neck

To come in seventh place in a field of 2,000 competitors in a 10km race is quite an achievement for any enthusiastic runner. So in the age of social media it was unsurprising that William Owen tweeted a picture of himself running said race in St Helens.<p>A few weeks later and the energetic …

Pokemon Go unleashed in the UK

<b>Pokemon Go, a mobile game that has become a global phenomenon, has been released in the UK.</b><p>It was already available in the US, Australia and Germany …


Cowell v computer: Have talent show judges had their day?

<b>Music talent show judges are among the highest-profile figures in the modern media, watched by millions each week on shows like The Voice and X</b> …


A letter to … my wife, who won’t get a job while I work myself to death

I remember the thrill of first seeing you at law school orientation. You were radiant in a sea of dour, nervous faces. It quickly became clear that you were kind, down-to-earth, engaging, loyal to family and friends. By graduation, we were inseparable. We took the bar exam and were married. The …

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Obituary: Vicente Ferrer

Vicente Ferrer, who has died aged 89, was regarded by Spanish supporters of his aid work in India as a "lay saint". More than 100,000 attended his funeral in Anantapur, a testament to the reverence in which he was held and the impact of his work in the region of Andhra Pradesh.<p>Ferrer was born in …

Why Singapore is building a new Indian city 10 times its own size

South-east Asia has an invigorating buzz about it. Economies are growing quickly, and Singapore was recently ranked as the best place in the world to do business. The UK comes in at number 21, below Malaysia, Austria and France.<p>The go-getting entrepreneurialism of Singapore has led its government …


Mozart - Piano Quartet in E Flat Major K 493

DAVID FRAY - Mozart Piano Concerto # 25 in C major - Philharmonia Orchestra/ 2010

Seong-Jin Cho - Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 3 in D minor, Op. 30 (2011)


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