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Thought #8. Childhood.

Since the very instant we arrived at New Delhi’s airport I was overwhelmed with mixed feelings. I was fascinated by the display of hospitality so …

Thought #7. Bach's Goldberg Variations.

Had I been invited to choose my Desert Island Disc, I would have undoubtedly gone for Bach's Goldberg Variations. By no stretch of the imagination I …

Thought #6. A dog’s life.

I’d always had mixed feelings about dogs, keeping them away for fear of be ing bitten while aching for having one of them as a pet. Su...

Thought #5. Appearances can be deceptive.

The way something looks sometimes can mislead the viewer, getting the wrong side of the stick. Appearances can be deceptive and often they …

Thought #4. Hi Spring!

A new season has just been inaugurated. Thousands of flowers species ready to bloom any minute now. Life can be predictable but nobody could deny its …

Thought #3. The end justify the means.

Beniatjar, Valencia. Sunday afternoon.<p>Lolling around on the Calvary, the sun glaring <b>right in my eyes</b>, I feel rejuvenated. Our body has been designed …

Thought #2. A pain in the neck.

Saturday morning. By the blazing <b>sunshine</b> invading my bedroom through every little hole in the curtains, I guess it may be around ten in the morning. …

Thought #1. Practice makes perfect.

Since last summer, my <b>burning</b> ambition is to become fluent <b>in</b> English. As many of you may know there is a famous English saying that goes "practice …

Slum transformation: a project to put temporary dwellings on the map

Giving each home in the slums a postal address will help achieve the sustainable development goal to improve housing<p>Towards the end of 2016 police set fire to the homes of 30,000 slum dwellers living on the edge of the seafront in Lagos, Nigeria, displacing tens of thousands of people. In …


A letter to … my little adopted brother, who has autism

The letter you always wanted to write<p>You were nine months old when you came into our lives, doe-eyed and cooing. The five years between us meant that I accepted your addition to our family as if you were my very own. It took us a while to find you. My parents in their eager search delved through …


Hungry, scared, and no closer to safety: child refugees failed by Britain

Three months after the UK government promised sanctuary to lone child refugees, little has happened. We meet some of them, stuck in Calais with no end in sight<p>What does a 10-year-old living alone in the migrant camp in Calais worry about most? Abdul is bothered by the rats that rustle around him …


Mozart - Piano Quartet in E Flat Major K 493

Seong-Jin Cho - Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 3 in D minor, Op. 30 (2011)


red heart

Yellow X

Headless Dog

Shibakoen, Tokyo, 2011



広島 (Hiroshima)



hidden connection #1 What's the connection between these three pictures? ¿Qué conexión hay entre las tres fotografías?

Capitain Petzel

Blueberry Doughnuts and Coca Cola