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Montana lawmakers seek to make Native America a destination

HELENA, Mont. (AP) — The Blackfeet Indian Reservation rolls across the plains just east of Glacier National Park. There's a hotel and casino. There are gas stations, a few eateries and a museum to learn about the culture and history of the people that have occupied the territory long before the …


Watch TIME's Conversation With Jane Goodall

There aren't a lot of people who are putting in 300 days at work each year when they're 83, but then there aren't a lot of Jane Goodalls in the world …

Endangered Species

Massasoit, Chief Who Signed Treaty With the Pilgrims, To Be Reburied

When the <i>Mayflower</i> landed in Massachusetts in 1620, one of the first native leaders the Pilgrims met was Massasoit, the intertribal chief of the …

'Hobbit' species did not evolve from ancestor of modern humans, research finds

Bone study shows there is no evidence the 1.1-metre tall Homo floresiensis had any links with the much larger Homo erectus<p>Researchers who studied the bones of <i>Homo floresiensis</i>, a species of tiny human discovered on the Indonesian island of Flores in 2003, say their findings should end a popular …


Cherokee Nation Sues Opioid Distributors, Retailers for Drug Epidemic

The tribe’s lawyers claim the companies ‘consciously oversupplied’ the market in and around Cherokee Nation with highly addictive prescription opioids.<p>The Cherokee Nation has filed a lawsuit in tribal court accusing the country’s top pharmacies and drug distributors of pumping its 14 counties in …

Cherokee Nation

Europe's Famed Bog Bodies Are Starting to Reveal Their Secrets

High-tech tools divulge new information about the mysterious and violent fates met by these corpses


Model Looms Discovered in 2,100-Year-Old Tomb in China

CHENGDU, CHINA—<i>Live Science</i> reports that miniature silk looms have been found in a 2,100-year-old tomb in southwestern China. “We are very sure that …


Pemmican-Production Camp Found in the Northern Plains

TUCSON, ARIZONA—According to a report in <i>Western Digs</i>, a camp where pemmican was made by ancestors of the Blackfoot people some 500 years ago has been …


Egypt unveils massive granite statue of Ramses II

Egypt has unveiled a massive granite statue of Ramses II, the most powerful and celebrated of the ancient Pharaohs, after completing its restoration.<p>Standing 11 metres tall and weighing 75 tonnes, the statue was presented in a floodlit ceremony at the Luxor Temple on the banks of the Nile on …


A Sandstorm Reveals The Ruins Of An Ancient City In Iran

In a strange occurrence of a sandstorm in Iran, a series of structures that are said to be part of an ancient city or necropolis, are unearthed. The …

Ancient History

New Technique Shows San Rock Art Is 5,000 Years Old

Dating rock art is difficult. Chips of paint—likely contaminated with all different sources of carbon due to centuries and sometimes millennia of …


Discovery May Help Decipher Ancient Inca String Code

New clues to an old mystery about Inca writing aren't etched in stone. They're tied in knots.<p>A discovery made in a remote mountain village high in the Peruvian Andes suggests that the ancient Inca used accounting devices made of knotted, colored strings for more than accounting.<p>The devices, called …

Ancient History

How Sniffing Poop Helps Monkeys Stay Healthy

Like humans, mandrills of central Africa have strategies to avoid getting sick.<p>We don’t eat food off dirty floors. We dutifully wash our hands. We steer away from the clearly infected. It's all part of avoiding things likely to make us sick, and new research shows our primate cousins do it …


Ancient mummy 'with 1,100 year old Adidas boots' died after she was struck on the head

'Adidas mummy', Mongolia. Picture: The Mongolian Observer/The Center of Cultural Heritage of Mongolia<p>New pictures of the mummy's remarkable red …


Ancient tools found near Route 8 older than expected

Artifacts discovered near Fredericton would've been used about 12,700 years ago on what was then a lake shore<p>Ancient tools and artifacts uncovered …


Live Science

Silver Bowl<p>Archaeologists in Inner Mongolia have excavated a cemetery containing six tombs — five of which date back around 1,500 years. The …


7,000 years ago, on a Swiss Alp

People in Switzerland were running high alpine pastures much earlier than previously assumed, according to a study that combines archeological …


Silk-Covered Body Discovered at Inner Mongolia Cemetery

A silk-covered body inside a coffin and a silver bowl depicting Greek goddesses are among the discoveries at a 1,500-year-old cemetery in Inner …


The politics and power of American archaeology

Archaeologists and anthropologists don’t just study the dynamics of power and politics. They are actively mired in political systems - a position which they need to embrace<p>The 82nd annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology (SAA) just took place last week in Vancouver, British Columbia. …


Prehistoric Native Americans farmed macaws in 'feather factories'

Birds were spiritual emblems in pueblos of the southwestern United States and northern Mexico.<p>To ancient peoples of the American Southwest, a macaw’s …


Bitumen Fillings Discovered in Two Stone Age Teeth

BOLOGNA, ITALY—According to a report in <i>New Scientist</i>, a pair of 13,000-year-old, worn central incisors, found at the Riparo Fredian site in northern …

Biological Species

Hungry Somalis weigh a daughter's freedom against her siblings' lives


14,000-year-old village discovered in Canada

An ancient village believed to be one of the oldest human settlements ever found in North America has been discovered during an excavation on a …

South Asia

Royal sex scandal unearthed by archaeologists in Yorkshire

A remarkable archaeological investigation is shedding new light on the Roman conquest of Britain – and on the geopolitical background to one of the …


Archaeogenetic findings unlock ancestral origins of Sardinians

Huddersfield's Sardinian researcher Dr. Maria Pala investigates the origins of her homeland ancestors 8,000 years ago<p>THE island of Sardinia is …