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This Lab Replicates Weapons to Reveal Stone Age Feats of Engineering

The so-called Clovis people, one of the earliest communities to inhabit North America, left behind more than 10,000 arrowheads scattered throughout …


'Lost city' used 500 years of soil erosion to benefit crop farming - HeritageDaily - Heritage & Archaeology News

Researchers at the University of York working on a 700-year old abandoned agricultural site in Tanzania have shown that soil erosion benefited …


This Man Searched for the Yeti for 60 Years—and Found It

He also stumbled upon what he calls "the greatest wilderness on the planet."<p>In 1951, a British explorer named Eric Shipton looking for an alternative route up Mt. Everest found a footprint that appeared to be hominoid. He took a picture, and the mystery of the Yeti—a Sherpa word for “wild man”—cast …

A 2,000 Year-Old And Rare Chalkstone Vessel Production Center Unearthed Near Nazareth

Share this:<p><b> –</b> A stone quarry dated to the Roman-era and used to make household vessels has been discovered by archaeologists at …


Archaeologists uncover ancient trading network in Vietnam

A team of archaeologists from The Australian National University (ANU) has uncovered a vast trading network which operated in Vietnam from around …


Poisonings went hand in hand with the drinking water in Pompeii

UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN DENMARK—The ancient Romans were famous for their advanced water supply. But the drinking water in the pipelines may have been …


Dig offers 1st hint of second capital in Osaka in 8th century:The Asahi Shimbun

YAO, Osaka Prefecture--Evidence of structures dating back more than 1,000 years at an archaeological site here points to the existence of a "second" …

What a 6,000-Year-Old Knee Can Teach Us About Arthritis

The human joint is a wonderfully flexible and durable evolutionary innovation, but like any good machine eventually it wears down. And in many …


Thousand-year-old Viking fortress reveals a technologically advanced society

Find adds evidence that these were a complex people


Brazil court favours indigenous groups in land dispute

The Supreme Court rules against Brazilian state seeking compensation for land that had been declared as tribal reserves.<p>Brazilian indigenous activists celebrated on Wednesday after the Supreme Court ruled against a state seeking compensation for land that had been declared tribal reserves.<p>The …


Finding Somaliland's ancient cave art is hard. Protecting it could be harder.

Five-thousand-year-old rock art is tucked into an outcropping 40 miles northeast of Hargeisa, the capital of this breakaway region of Somalia. But …


'Maya Pompeii' offers snapshot of ancient village frozen in time by massive volcanic eruption

Joya de Cerén was a small Maya village buried under ash in the 7th century.<p>Between 650 and 660 CE, a small Maya village located in present-day El …


Rock art found in Namib Desert reveals ancient initiation rituals led by shamans

In the Namib Desert, a long arid stretch that extends for 2,000 km on the south-western coast of Africa, ancient rock art is revealing tantalising …


Old teeth, new stories: How one archaeologist created a prehistoric GPS for tracking ancient humans

Where's the best place to start when retracing the life of a person who lived 4,000 years ago? Turns out, it's simple—you start at the beginning.


Early modern humans consumed more plants than Neanderthals but ate very little fish

Senckenberg scientists have studied the diet of anatomically modern humans. With their recent study, published in the journal Scientific Reports, …

Home-grown scientists step up to save Africa’s primates

Scientific network aims to train a generation of African leaders in primate research.<p>Inza Koné, a primate conservationist at the Swiss Centre for …


Stop hoarding ancient bones, plead archaeologists

Scientists call for wider access to rare samples rich in DNA.<p>The quest to chronicle the past using DNA from ancient humans and animals has become a …


Total Solar Eclipse: New Mexico Chaco Canyon Rock Art Shows Ancient Eclipse

The engraving, known as a petroglyph, shows a circle with curved, intricate swirling emissions issuing from it.


Chimpanzees learn rock-paper-scissors

Chimpanzees of all ages and all sexes can learn the simple circular relationship between the three different hand signals used in the well-known game …


‘Vanished’ people may live on in the U.S. Southwest

DNA from ancient turkeys may reveal where Ancestral Puebloans went after abandoning their settlements


Maori Artifacts Point to Early Polynesian Settlement in New Zealand

Archeologists in New Zealand are starting to unravel the mysteries of an early settlement near the northern tip of the islands that may have been …


Prehistoric Britons ate their dead and carved mysterious markings on their bones

Cheddar Gorge in Somerset’s Mendip Hills is one of Britain’s most beautiful natural wonders, with its sweeping limestone cliffs, and striking natural rock chambers.<p>But new evidence suggests the picturesque site had a deeply sinister past.<p>Paleontologists have discovered that around 15,000 years ago, …


Early humans may have seen a supervolcano explosion up close

Two ancient teeth found on Sumatra suggest early humans were there when the island’s supervolcano erupted 71,000 years ago


A newly discovered baby skull reveals what the common ancestor of humans and apes may have looked like

• <b>The newly announced discovery of an ancient skull from Kenya shows what an ancestor of apes and humans may have looked like.</b>• <b><br>The creature, nicknamed Alesi, had a balance organ in its ears that implies it moved like modern great apes.</b>• <b><br>It's the best ape skull fossil from this time period ever</b> …


If Mary Beard is right, what's happened to the DNA of Africans from Roman Britain?

There are many reasons why a genetic legacy might not be seen in contemporary populations – Mary Beard was right to defend the BBC’s cartoon<p>If you have been on social media at all for the last couple of weeks, you are likely aware of what may be one of the silliest controversies ever: whether a …


Sacrificed dog remains feed tales of Bronze Age ‘wolf-men’ warriors

Canine remnants of a possible Bronze Age ceremony inspire debate.


Viking hordes dined on frozen Norwegian cod shipped to Germany

DNA from ancient cod bones shows Vikings freeze-dried Arctic cod for serving up on European menus 300 years earlier than we thought


Ancient warrior unearthed marching to afterlife with his dagger drawn, wearing stylish earrings

Not all the treasures in his grave appeared ready for battle - the warrior also had some fetching white metal spiral earrings, made possibly from tin …


The lost home of Jesus’ Apostles may have been found, archaeologists reveal

The lost Roman city of Julias, home to three Apostles of Jesus Christ, has been found in Israel, a team of archaeologists has claimed.<p>Peter, Andrew …