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Reunion Comic, BfA Pathfinder Clarification, North American Arena Championship

<b>2018 Overwatch Anniversary Patch Live, The Brigitte Meta, and Dallas Fuel's New Coach</b> <b><br>Battle for Azeroth Comic #1 - Jaina: “Reunion”</b><br>The comic we</b> …

Comic Books

This Week in WoW: May 22

Reunion BfA Comic Kotaku Preview, Drustvar Preview, Uther's Tomb Updates, Blue Posts - MMO-Champion

<i>In the land of Drustvar, the stalwart protectors of House Waycrest hold fast along the western border, but recently all contact with them has been</i> …


Sneak Peek at Reunion - Jaina Battle for Azeroth Comic

Blue Tracker<p>View All »<p>1h<p>Does anyone know the rules for<p>1h<p>Best Villain Thus Far<p>1h<p>Beefedmeats Teaches you How to Cook<p>1h<p>The 50% Rule: Implement …


PvP Achievements in Battle for Azeroth - Honor Levels, Arena Titles

Blue Tracker<p>View All »<p>52m<p>Feedback: Mythic Zul<p>53m<p>Feedback: Mythic Fetid Devourer<p>6h<p>Key of Kalyndras<p>6h<p>JC-quest "A Crowning Achievement" worth it?<p>6h<p>My …


Per-Realm Character Limit Increased to 18 in Battle for Azeroth

Blue Tracker<p>View All »<p>1h<p>Feedback: Mythic Zul<p>1h<p>Feedback: Mythic Fetid Devourer<p>6h<p>Key of Kalyndras<p>6h<p>JC-quest "A Crowning Achievement" worth it?<p>6h<p>My …

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Patch 7.3.5 PTR Character Wipe, 18 Characters Per Realm in BfA, WoW History - MMO-Champion

<b>Patch 7.3.5 PTR Character Wipe</b><br>The PTR has had characters wiped, but is still running Patch 7.3.5 with character copy working.<p><b>Battle for Azeroth - 18</b> …

Animated Movies

New Combat Ready Animations for Hunters in Battle for Azeroth Build 26624

Blue Tracker<p>View All »<p>5h<p>[Feedback] Balance Druid: Rotation & Talents<p>7h<p>token is gonna skyrocket<p>10h<p>Complain<p>10h<p>Tune in May 19-20 for the WoW Arena …

Call of Duty

Environmental Changes in Battle for Azeroth Beta Build 26624

Big Balance Druid Changes on Beta

Before the Storm Preview, Adam Savage's New Warcraft Armor - MMO-Champion

<b>Before the Storm Preview</b><br>Christie Golden's next novel, <b>Before the Storm</b> comes out next month and Amazon has released a preview.<p><b>Adam Savage's New</b> …


Kul Tiran Druid Aquatic Forms in Battle for Azeroth

Waist of Time - Items


Kul Tiran Preview - Battle for Azeroth Allied Races - MMO-Champion

<b>Kul Tiran Preview - Battle for Azeroth Allied Races</b> <b><br>Kul Tiras</b> was founded 3,000 years ago when a group of <b>Gilneans</b> left the empire to explore the <b>Great</b> …


Racials and Trinkets Off the GCD - Battle for Azeroth Beta - MMO-Champion

Yeah, we agree that having racials on the GCD isn't feeling great. Having to press multiple buttons in a row that don't do anything but increase …


Wowhead's BlizzCon 2018 Party

Every year, Wowhead throws a free party for the BlizzCon community. This is our way of giving back to our community which supports us so much …


New PvP Ranking, Ilevel Systems and More Coming to beta

Battle for Azeroth Beta - Build 26567 - MMO-Champion


Method Jdotb Q&A #10 - Weekly Affix Advice, MDI, Esports Organizations

Blue Tracker<p>View All »<p>42m<p>How do you pronounce C'Thun?<p>2h<p>QoL Forum Improvement Suggestions<p>3h<p>Back from my 24 hour "vacation"<p>3h<p>Raid Testing Schedule - …


Dark Iron Dwarf Tattoos, BfA DK and Rogue Feedback, Blue Tweets, FinalBossTV Rogues - MMO-Champion

<b>Gladiator Mounts</b> <i><br>Please make gladiator mounts purchasable</i><br>We have no current plans on expanding access to Gladiator mounts from prior seasons. (<b>Blue</b> …

BfA Class Feedback, May 8: Rogue and DK

MOTHER - Uldir Preview, Blue Tweets, Warcraft Movie Props Auction, WoW History - MMO-Champion

<b>Overview</b> - Pass through Defense Grids to reach the final room of the decontamination chamber. Reaching the third and final chamber cleanses the raid …


The Story of the Mag'har Orcs with Nobbel87

Blue Tracker<p>View All »<p>4h<p>Scheduled Maintenance - 05/08<p>8h<p>[VID] What got you into WoW ?<p>8h<p>Chestguard of no remorse<p>8h<p>Transmog farm and personal dungeon …

World of Warcraft

Void Elf Face Update, May 4 Hotfixes, BlizzCon Tickets Wednesday, MDI This Weekend - MMO-Champion

<b>Void Elf Face Update - Battle for Azeroth Beta</b><br>The latest build updated all male Void Elf faces and two of the female Void Elf faces, similar to the</b> …


Activision Earnings Call, Blue Posts, Blue Tweets, WC3 Patch 1.29.2, DLC #630 - MMO-Champion

<b>Classes</b> <b><br>Death Knight</b> (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator) <i><br>Can we get some clarification on the inner</i> …


Druid Aquatic & Flight Forms in Battle for Azeroth

Comprehensive List of Abilities Added to the GCD in Battle for Azeroth

Blue Tracker<p>View All »<p>4h<p>War Mode and World PvP<p>4h<p>Raid Testing Schedule - May 2-4<p>15h<p>Angels Fly at MDI's European Regional<p>13h<p>Tiffin Wrynn's Memorial …


Pet Battle Updates, Strand of the Ancients Removed, Class Changes in BfA - MMO-Champion

<i>So i can just level pets in Elwynn Forest now?</i><br>To clarify, the trainers you will battle for Battle for Azeroth World Quests will scale to the level of …



World of Warcraft is an online game where players from around the world assume the roles of heroic fantasy characters and explore a virtual world …