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Mobile-First And the Link Graph

You probably already know this, but the mobile web uses a <i>lot</i> less links than the "desktop" more


Should we start talking about STO?

I don’t even know if the Acronym exists, but it would stand for Search Traffic Optimization.<br>In other words, optimizing the traffic from search engine …


How Is Text Mining Different From Data Mining?

Something for my favorite brainiacs Text mining or text analytics is the analysis of unstructured data contained in natural language text using …

Data Science

The Ad Blocking Arms Race May Now Be Over

This one may be a game changer.


Report: Google Plans Ad Blocking in Chrome

Google Chrome could soon have an ad blocker turned on by default.


Google's AI requires team of psychiatrists for mental disorder


Google Preferred SEO Partners Program Announced

Google has said it will be easing up on its stance on SEOs, and will be working more closely with the many experts out there to make it easier for …


Organic Mobile Traffic is Hard to Get!

A member of WebmasterWorld makes a good point - there are some big differences between mobile and desktop SERPs. Mainly, mobile SERPs have had the …


Google dealing with spammers pushing false reality


Site Sharing By Screenshot - Mobile & Responsive Design

Posted<p>There has been a growing shift in the way that site info is being shared by mostly younger smartphone users. They are so disgusted by the look, …

Data Management

Signature Links

Just a reminder about exercising care when adding links to your signature. I've had a new domain underperforming for a few months now and decided to …


Search News Central is BACK - times three!

I'm sure some of you remember searchnewscentral... well, I bought it from Dave Harry and am reviving it, as well as UK-centric and Australia-centric …

Social Media

Windows 10 Creators Update to Roll Out April 11, 2017

Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 10 Creators Update is to roll out on April 11, 2017.<p>The Windows 10 Creators Update will begin to roll out to …


Bing Ads Monthly Budgets to Migrate to Daily Budgets During April, 2017

Bing Ads suggest advertisers move their campaigns to daily budgets before a forced migration takes place.


So you bought a business

I have a client that bought out one of their competitors. The competitor has great online presence in the area and my client has a secondary location …


Watch Your Store Locator Popups

...if they're too big, Google might consider them to be intrusive more


Fred is Confirmed as a "Quality Update," But Not Everyone is Buying That

Well...everyone seems to have interpreted John Mueller's comments as confirming that it is a quality update more


Voice Ai - What Do We Do With It?

There is so much in this piece that I enjoyed. I thought some of you might like to see it too. Voice and the uncanny valley of AI So, when I said …


U.S. Senate Says ISPs Can Share Your Browsing History Without Permission

U.S. Senate

Google To Deprecate and Remove Trust From 30,000 Symantec-issued Extended Validation Certificates

"Removal of recognition of the Extended Validation status of Symantec issued certificates, until such a time as the community can be assured in the …

Information Security

Uk Gov Pulling Youtube Ads (So Is Google)

The Cabinet Office said it was seeking assurances from YouTube's owner Google that its messages would be displayed in a "safe and appropriate way" in …

Walt Disney Company

AdWords Exact Match is About to Become...Inexact

Do you use exact match targeting in AdWords? Then you'll want to read about more


Your Forums Are Probably Not Bringing Your Site Down

Think that your forums and the loose, user-generated content generated there is bringing your whole site down?read more

User Generated Content

Approaching Google SEO as a Zero Sum Game

WebmasterWorld Members discuss how and why to approach Google SEO as a zero sum game, or why it is smarter to take a different view.


How to find a Seo consultant you can trust?

Hi<br>First post here so please go easy on me. I manage a e-commerce website. I am looking to improve my search tracking for some high traffic keywords. …