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X-ray shots of nature by Dutch physicist Arie van't Riet

Dutch physicist-artist Arie van't Riet takes us on an in depth – very much the understatement – look at the beauty of nature, both inside and out. An …

Exploring Patagonia

Daily Transporter: Scotland

The John Muir Way, 134 miles of trail stretching from the naturalist’s birthplace in Dunbar on Scotland's east coast across to Helensburgh on the …

Top 5 Islands in Asia: Readers' Choice Awards 2013

Condé Nast Traveler readers Bali the number one island in Asia.<p>Alamy/Jochen Schlenker<p>Lombok<p>Alamy/Paul Brown<p>Phuket<p>Alamy/Horizon<p>Cebu & Visayan Islands<p>Getty/<p>Koh Samui<p>Getty/Robert Harding<p>1.Bali

World’s 10 Most Unforgettable Train Rides

There are two types of train rides in this world: those that merely get you from one place to another, and those that redefine what it means to …

The heart of historic Mexico City

Mexico’s revitalised capital thrums with reminders of its storied past – and of the cosmopolitan energy that characterises the city today.

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History of the Celts

The “Celts” refer to a people that thrived in both ancient and modern times. Today, the term often refers to the cultures, languages and people that …

Europe's Best Small Ports

World Wonders

5 Sky Events This Week: Lunar Wall, Mars Up-Close, and a Blue Giant

Changing Planet<p>This composite illustration shows Neptune as seen from its moon Triton. Neptune’s south pole is to the left; clearly visible in the planet’s southern hemisphere is the Great Dark Spot. Credit: NASA<p><b>Fantastic fault lines and planetary close encounters this week offer sky-watchers some</b> …

Amazing pictures of storms from America’s Tornado Alley

Photographer Mike Hollingshead chases the storms which form across the US Midwest every spring and summer – taking jaw-dropping photographs of nature’s power.<p>In spring and summer, the great plains of the US Midwest are visited by some of the most awesome and frightening storms on the planet. Mike …

Best space images of the month

Here are some of the most stunning pictures captured during a memorable month in space – from a fierce eclipse to an underwater space simulation.

Why whale poo is good for the oceans... and us

We thought these whales were our competitors, feeding off the same fish we rely on. But now we know how much they benefit our lives, in an unusual manner.<p>Oceans envelop three-quarters of our planet’s surface. The survival of three billion people depends on their incredible bounty. Only now are we …

Can Facebook make you sad?

Studies suggest that browsing Facebook can make you unhappy, says Justin Mullins. Why might that be? This article originally published in February 2014 explains.<p>Not so long ago a new form of communication swept the world, transforming life in ways unimagined just a few years before. One commentator …

How salmon help keep a huge rainforest thriving

The Great Bear Rainforest is the largest temperate rainforest in the world. This huge and pristine wilderness depends on an unlikely source for its long-term survival – the salmon which spawn in its rivers and creeks.<p>The Great Bear Rainforest is vital to the health of the planet. This enormous …

Grizzly Bears

Is e-waste an untapped treasure?

Your old phone or electric toothbrush could end up as a part in a 3D printer or piece of artwork, says Jonathan Kalan.<p>In a hall of the Africa Innovation Summit in Cape Verde, the smell of melting plastic permeated the air. A crowd had gathered around a small stand to watch a special kind of machine …

What is the world’s scarcest material?

Should we worry about natural resources running out? As Rachel Nuwer discovers, that’s the wrong way of looking at a far more complex problem.<p>Of all the world’s materials, which one will “run out” first? The more we consume as a society, the more we hear about how vital ores and minerals are …

Rare Earth

The world’s most endangered food

Many varieties of fruit, meat and vegetable are disappearing from our plates, says Rachel Nuwer. Why is this happening, and can we stop the rot?<p>The Svalbard Global Seed Vault could be mistaken for a set piece from a futuristic Stanley Kubrick film. It juts out of the side of a mountain in Svalbard …

These 5 Foods Will Be Harder to Grow in a Warmer World

Farmers will need to take increasingly drastic and expensive measures to cope with droughts, frosts, and ever-changing growing seasons, says IPCC's new report.<p>The reality of climate change has already hit farms, ranches, and orchards around the globe, according to the latest report from the UN's …

4 eyes!

Great White Egret in Breeding Plumage

Lord of the Night

White-throated Kingfischer



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Photography & Travel Product Reviews

Night parrot confirmed alive again after 30 years?

<b>A LIVE NIGHT PARROT</b> has reportedly been photographed in western Queensland for the first time since the species was discovered more than 150 years …

Had cam sex between 2008 and 2012? GCHQ may have seen

UK spy agency GCHQ intercepted images from the webcams of millions of Yahoo customers, secret documents obtained by the <i>Guardian</i> reveal.<p>Between 2008 …