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By Angeles Broullón | A lot of game designers create awesome concept art :-)

James Clyne

James Clyne is an concept artist and art director working in the film industry for well over a decade. He studied fine art at the University of …

Star Wars

Thierry Doizon

Thierry Doizon, a.k.a. BARONTiERi is a concept artist and instructor based in Montreal, Canada. Thierry started out his career in the video game …


State of the Art: Old Man’s Journey

Old Man’s Journey [official site] caught my attention before release entirely on the strength of its aesthetic. It reminded me of board game …

PC Gaming

The Secrets Of God Of War's Concept Art

Cool video game concept art is fun to look at, but it can also be more than a pretty picture. It can provide insight into a game’s development, …

Game of Thrones

My Episode VIII pixel set!

Horizon Zero Dawn Concept Art by Miguel Angel Martinez

Concept Designer <b>Miguel Angel Martinez Monje</b> has posted some of the concept art he created for Horizon Zero Dawn, an action role-playing video game …

Horizon Zero Dawn

The Art of Over the Garden Wall

<i>The Art of Over the Garden Wall</i> is a complete tour through the development and production of the hit animated miniseries <i>Over the Garden Wall</i>.This 184 …


Ghost of Tsushima Concept Art by Ian Jun Wei Chiew

Senior Concept Artist <b>Ian Jun Wei Chiew</b> has posted keyart and several concept art pieces he created for <i>Ghost of Tsushima</i>, an upcoming game by Sucker …


Star Wars: The Last Jedi Incredible Cross-Sections

Author Jason Fry and Illustrator <b>Kemp Remillard</b> are back with a new comprehensive guide to the inner workings of ships and vehicles featured in <b>Star</b> …

Star Wars

Ashley Mackenzie

Ashley Mackenzie is an artist and illustrator currently based in Edmonton, Alberta. After studying online for a year through Academy of Art …


The Year In Video Game Skies, 2017

Ralph McQuarrie (1929 - 2012)

Legendary conceptual artist and illustrator Ralph McQuarrie has passed away at the age of 82. Ralph was well known for his work on the <i>Star Wars</i> …

Star Wars

Historical Museum Location concept illustration for Arkham Horror 2016-2017 © Fantasy Flight Games #conceptart #digitalart #digitalpainting #illustration #location #arkhamhorror

날씨가 너무 춥네요!! 그래서 따끈한 색으로 러프 컬러링~😊

Ahmed Aldoori

Ahmed Aldoori is a senior concept artist who graduated from Art Center College of Design in Entertainment Design, and worked on a range of projects …

Guild Wars

Alright, lets do this... :) #bestnine2017 #digitalart #digitalpainting #sketch #speedpaint

Layne Johnson

8,092 Views<p>Layne Johnson is a concept artist working in the computer game industry currently based in Austin, Texas. Layne has created concept art …

The Art Of Darkest Dungeon

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Art by Piotr Jabłoński

News<p>19 Views<p>Concept artist and illustrator <b>Piotr Jabłoński</b> has posted some of the artwork he created for Arkane Studios’ <i>Dishonored: Death of the</i> …