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By Angeles Broullón | A lot of game designers create awesome concept art :-)

Piotr Jabłoński

Artists<p>55 Views<p>Piotr Jabłoński is a concept artist and illustrator based in Bialystok, Poland. His list of clients include Aaron Sims Creative, …


One way out. Personal work/training

Prey(2017 Video Game) Concept Art by Dmitry Sorokin

News<p>55 Views<p>Concept Designer <b>Dmitry Sorokin</b> was kind enough to share some of concept art he created for <i>Prey</i>, a first person shooter video game …

Concept Art

Encho Enchev

Artists<p>14,733 Views<p>Encho Enchev is currently work at Ubisoft as a senior 3D artist and concept designer. Echo has worked on video game titles such as</i> …

Assassin's Creed

JRPG Characters Look So Good As 2D Sprites

Daniel "Abysswolf" Oliver's pixel art reminds me of the <i>Metal Slug</i> games, especially Barret's look in the <i>Final Fantasy VII</i> piece above. But he's …

a simple life #conceptart #filmmaking #gamedev

#moon #cave a big cavern under the moons surface filled with air for people to llive in #scifi #space

The Art Of Injustice 2

<i>Injustice</i> is back to pit DC’s heroes (and villains) against each other in overblown 2D combat. It also put a ton of artists to work designing their …

Injustice 2

Cyberpunk Cityscape In Need Of Urgent Cleaning

Gary Sanchez is an artist who has worked at studios like Quantic Dream, Cloud Imperium and Ubisoft.<p>You can see more of Gary’s work at his ArtStation …

Steve Wang

Artists<p>No Comments 14,452 Views<p>Steve Chinhsuan Wang is a concept artist and industrial designer based in Vancouver, Canada. He graduated from <b>FZD</b> …

Pat Presley

Artists<p>No Comments 42,064 Views<p>Pat Presley is a freelance Concept Designer and Visual Development Artist working in the video game and entertainment …

last sketch for today! Warrior vs Monster

Gilles Beloeil

Artists<p>No Comments 16,776 Views<p>Gilles Beloeil is a concept artist, illustrator and matte painter currently working as a Senior Concept artist at</b> …

Assassin's Creed

Gilles Ketting

Artists<p>No Comments 18,620 Views<p>Gilles Ketting is a concept artist and illustrator originally from the Netherlands currently working in the video game …

Outpost Farewell - finally put final touches into this, post #RogueOne realised I painted Jedha #starwars #art #digitalart #photoshop #scifi

Takeshi Oga

Artists<p>4 Comments 13,088 Views<p>Takeshi Oga is a Japanese concept artist and illustrator currently working in the video game industry. His list of …


Darth Vader commission!

I pitched Heart Machine on doing a series of officially licensed posters for Hyper Light Drifter a few years back. Rejected.