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By Angeles Broullón | A lot of game designers create awesome concept art :-)

Pat Presley

Artists<p>No Comments 42,064 Views<p>Pat Presley is a freelance Concept Designer and Visual Development Artist working in the video game and entertainment …

Star Wars Rebels

Gilles Beloeil

Artists<p>No Comments 16,776 Views<p>Gilles Beloeil is a concept artist, illustrator and matte painter currently working as a Senior Concept artist at</b> …


Gilles Ketting

Artists<p>No Comments 18,620 Views<p>Gilles Ketting is a concept artist and illustrator originally from the Netherlands currently working in the video game …

Outpost Farewell - finally put final touches into this, post #RogueOne realised I painted Jedha #starwars #art #digitalart #photoshop #scifi

Yap Kun Rong

Artists<p>No Comments 19,115 Views<p>Yap Kun Rong is a freelance concept designer and illustrator working in the game and film industry. His list of …


Takeshi Oga

Artists<p>4 Comments 13,088 Views<p>Takeshi Oga is a Japanese concept artist and illustrator currently working in the video game industry. His list of …

Final Fantasy

Darth Vader commission!

I pitched Heart Machine on doing a series of officially licensed posters for Hyper Light Drifter a few years back. Rejected.

#RogueOne variant cover from sketch, process, finished greyscale painting to final coloured cover.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Concept Art by Ben Lo

News<p>No Comments 27 Views<p>BioWare Concept Artist <b>Ben Lo</b> has posted some of the great concept artwork he created for <i>Mass Effect: Andromeda</i>. Ben has also …


Personal work for 2017. Still into forests and jungles I guess.

A sick day doodle of an old friend. Is it fan art if I designed him? #reddeadredemption

#tbt Avatar #Korra fanart I did in 2015. For once I drew hands that look okay!

Pablo Palomeque

Artists<p>No Comments 15,576 Views<p>Pablo Palomeque is a concept artist and matte painter based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Pablo is currently working in …


TIE Agressor in Clouds - Illo for XWing miniatures... #conceptart #digitalpainting #digitalart #gameart #cardart #illustration #xwing #xwingminiatures #tie

Old Games Catalogues Are Fun

Growing up in Australia in the 80s/90s, I have a very weird emotional attachment to these old retailer catalogues, because in the days before the …

Shae Shatz

Artists<p>No Comments 45 Views<p>Shae Shatz is a concept artist and illustrator currently working in the film industry. His list of film projects include</i> …


The Legend of Zelda Inspired Concept Art and Illustrations I

Inspiration<p>No Comments 47 Views<p>To celebrate the release of Nintendo’s <i>The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild</i>, we’ve collected some great fan art …


Samurai Concept Art and Illustration I

Inspiration<p>No Comments 35,637 Views<p>Below are some inspirational examples of Samurai illustrations, sketches and concept art pieces created by some of …

Graphic Design

It's been a crazy year in MTG for me. With #mtgmm3 and #mtgakh around the corner; here is January '16 to January '17 - released cards

Chirrut îmwe - expression sheet. Soo I've finished Chirrut's pages... and I'm here like "someone pls give me more excuses to draw him" (?)

Update on the temple concept art. Knowing me i'll do more on it but for now it's done! #conceptart #illustration #gamedev #ruins #indiedev

Hibbs Roadhouse - Mood setting illustration for Arkham Horror... #digitalpainting #digitalart #illustration #gameart #conceptart #arkhamhorror

Piece I did for #assassinscreed #blackflag #edwardkenway

Java Doodles (@javadoodles)

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