Fundraising Initiatives in Photography

Photography has the power to amplify voices and highlight important causes. It also allows the freedom of expression and cultivates mindfulness. There are numerous ways to support causes that are meaningful to you, whether through a charity print sale or by a direct donation to an organization that helps make photography more accessible. Here you will find various photography initiatives that are committed to making this world a better place for all.

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Fundraising Initiatives in Photography


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    Protecting Environment and Wildlife

    Photographers passionate about wildlife and nature also see first-hand the environmental and man-made struggles that our living world suffers from. You can support various causes by purchasing beautiful products to help them in their mission.



    With images donated by the best wildlife photographers in the world, the Remembering Wildlife books raise funds towards conservation of endangered …

    Supporting teaching and access to equipment

    Photography helps people of all ages to express themselves. Unfortunately, many organizations and schools lack the equipment and funds to provide photography access to all. Here are several ways you can donate your equipment and funds to help those who would benefit the most.

    Environmental Photographers

    Some artists dedicate their whole life to environmental causes. Their photography often intertwines with other arts, such as filmmaking, sculpture, painting, installations, and others. It also is highly engaging for the audience and often calls for community support.

    Von Wong

    Von Wong

    Benjamin Von Wong - A viral creative focused on telling epic stories through his surreal photography and videography experiences. Enter and explore …

    Amplify and Support Communities

    To support artists from underrepresented communities, various organizations, galleries, and collectives focus on giving voice to those who need it. You can support and engage with creative communities that deserve to be seen just like anyone else in the photography industry.

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