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Square’s Jack Dorsey Puts It All Together

The Square CEO and Twitter founder explains how his company’s recent spate of initiatives fit together in the big picture.

Standing in a conference room, sipping from an exquisitely curved water glass, Jack Dorsey looks a little older, and considerably more ragged, than he did the last time I saw …


WSJ: Canadian banks find Apple Pay's terms 'onerous' - Fortune

Negotiating for a better deal on the pages of the Wall Street Journal.

Bringing Apple’s friction-free payment system to Canada would seem like a slam dunk. iPhone penetration is relatively high in the Great White North and the vast majority of Canadian merchants have upgraded to Apple Pay-ready …

Apple Pay

Co-Op FS to acquire FIS stake in Everlink

A subsidiary of FIS ( and CO-OP ( have signed a definitive agreement on the transfer of Everlink shares, subject to …

PayPal Wants You to Inject Your Username and Eat Your Password

Biometric identification systems, like fingerprints and eye scans, are old hat. Try this on –or in-- for size: a PayPal executive who works with engineers and developers to find and test new technologies, now says that embeddable, injectable, and ingestible devices are the next wave in …

London Security Incubator, CyLon, Selects First Cohort

The CyLon London incubator was announced back in January, billing itself as Europe’s first dedicated cyber-security accelerator. At the time it said it was expecting to select about 10 startups in its first intake. In the event it’s gone for six for its first 12-week program, announcing the team …


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.@LendingClub just announced a partnership with Citi bank @LendItConf for a financial inclusion program. #lenditUSA

The owner of a credit card processing business in Seattle is raising his employees' minimum wage to $70,000 by cutting his own salary. “The market rate for me as a C.E.O. compared to a regular person is ridiculous, it’s absurd," he said.

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Minimum Wage

Even Lending Club won’t lend to pot businesses

Lending Club has been getting into small business loans in a big way, but the newly-minted public company says it won’t just lend to any company.

The online lender was originally founded in 2007 to help borrowers bypass banks and get loans online from other individuals. Following an influx of …


LendKey secures up to $1 billion in financing of student consolidation loans

The commitment will be used by MidCap to purchase up to $1 billion of student consolidation loans originated on the LendKey platform with potential …

Prosper Marketplace and On Deck Capital team up on loan provision

The partnership between these two financial technology leaders committed to transforming traditional lending comes during LendIt, the largest …

East Africa

“Ditch your big, terrible bank,” says this big, terrible bank

Big banks are the worst. That’s the message splashed across Internet ads from Simple, the buzzy banking upstart that reminds consumers that it was “your big, terrible bank” that helped tank the global economy back in 2008.

The thing is, Simple is no longer a scrappy startup providing an alternative …


What can save Banking? Experience Supermen

This post could have any of these tag lines and neither: Change. Organisations. Mammouth structures. Culture. Inertia. Banks. Extinction.

“Banks won’t …


Five Things Expats Without Foreign Credit Struggle With While Overseas - Expat - WSJ

Moving to a new country for work? Even if you are expatriating with a job and a high salary, you might be surprised by how difficult it is to establish credit—and get some pretty basic items—when you land.

That is because credit scores typically function on a national level. They are not often …


Infer Turns Up The Volume On Behavioral Scoring

As more and more companies offer predictive intelligence functionality to customers, there is a huge demand to differentiate and innovate within the space. Infer‘s new behavioral scoring solution is an example of this.

Infer is a predictive analytics vendor that markets a range of applications all …

Marketing Automation

No Internet, No Credit Cards, No Problem: How Airbnb Launched In Cuba

Cuba runs on cash and almost no one has easy access to the Internet. But Airbnb found a way to beat U.S. hotels to the market nevertheless.

If you don’t know much about Cuba, Airbnb’s recent announcement that it has begun booking rooms there sounds pretty unremarkable. After all, Airbnb operates in …

Caribbean Travel

How safe are your Bitcoins?

This post is part of a series titled, 'Future of Communications,' and is brought to you by Nexmo.

Bitcoin (BTC) is a digital currency that can be instantly transferred to anyone in the world. It was designed using cryptography to control the creation and transfer of money as opposed to relying on a …


Apple partners with IBM on new health data analysis

Cloud-based health platform will help analyze patient data collected from Apple devices.

Apple is part of a collective formed by IBM to develop new …


Expats Discover Credit Scores Don’t Travel Well - WSJ

April 12, 2015 11:02 p.m. ET


There is one valuable that even highly paid U.S. expatriates struggle to carry with them when they move overseas: their credit score.

People accustomed to high credit limits and premium financial products in the U.S. can be in for a rude surprise when they try …

Europe Travel

Deck: The 1st Globally Crowd-Sourced book on #FinTech

FINTECH Circle in cooperation with FinTech HK announced the FINTECH Book, the first globally crowd-sourced book to focus on key topics of the FinTech sector. FinTech is booming and raised US$6.8 billion in funding in 2014 globally, a three-fold increase on the previous 12 months. The growing sector …


Barclays preps Apple Watch app

In the run up to Apple Watch going on general sale in the UK on April 24th, Barclays has announced that it will be one of the first apps available ...

Trends to watch in Fintech this year - community blog from Simon Waller

Citi looks to build a global ecosystem for FinTech

Jorge Ruiz, managing director, Digital Acceleration Global Program Head, Citi sits down with Finextra to talk about the ongoing Citi Mobile Challenge …

It’s 10 times easier to get a job at Goldman Sachs than at Google

Goldman Sachs just released its annual letter to shareholders, in which it bragged about receiving 270,000 job applications last year for 8,300 positions, translating into a 3% acceptance rate.

While that rate makes Goldman more selective than top US universities like Harvard and Yale, the odds of …


The CEO of America's biggest bank is worried about Silicon Valley and Bitcoin stealing his business

The man who runs America's biggest bank can't stop worrying about tech startups.

In his annual letter to shareholders this week, JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon warned investors and those in the banking industry that "Silicon Valley is coming."

"There are hundreds of startups with a lot of brains and money …

Silicon Valley

Why Wait For The Fed? BBVA Compass And Dwolla Do Real-Time Payments

BBVA Compass has launched its instant funds transfer system through Dwolla, an all-digital payments network. The two companies announced an alliance in October and the payment network went live this week. It is made possible through the bank’s use of Dwolla’s secure payments protocol for financial …


PayPal Will Soon Be Free to Work With Amazon and Alibaba

As eBay and PayPal await their impending divorce, new filings reveal that the two companies will soon be free to do business with their most …


Fintech Fundings: 15 Companies Raise $440 Million Week Ending April 10

The second quarter is off to a big start as charter Finovate alum Prosper raised $165 million at a valuation near $2 billion. In comparison, recently …


Prosper Pulls in $165 Million in Funding, Boosting Valuation to $1.9 Billion

P2P lending company Prosper brought in $165 million in Series D financing yesterday. This doubles the company’s valuation to $1.9 billion, and …

Corporate Finance

Poll Results: Should Banks Use New Underbanked FICO Score?

FICO Score