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MasterCard will approve purchases by scanning your face

New York (CNN) — This fall, MasterCard will start experimenting with a new program: approving online purchases with a facial scan.

At checkout, you'll be asked to hold up your phone and snap a photo. MasterCard's thinking? It's easier than remembering a password.

"The new generation, which is into …


How Can FinTech Innovators Access The Large Incumbents?

Innovate Finance recently held the first in its series of ‘Capital Connections’ roundtables, to help our members learn from and engage more closely …

Proof of Concept

What's going on in Greece?

What's going on in Greece? 

Socrates once wrote, "He is richest who is content with the least." Even the great Greek philosopher would be feeling a …


Confirmed: Passion Capital Invests £2M In “Full-Stack” Bank Startup Mondo

A few months ago we reported that U.K. banking startup Mondo — whose founders include GoCardless co-founder Tom Blomfield — had raised its first funding round, which our sources pegged to be in the “millions”. And just last month we called out London-based VC Passion Capital as the investor, which …


Samad Masood - Accenture's Role | Silicon Real


Square introduces Payroll to help simplify employee payments

Square is taking on a new sort of transaction for small businesses: employee payrolls.

Simply called Square Payroll, the tool is meant to make it easy for the person managing a payroll to get money out to his or her employee, especially those paid by the hour.

Hourly employees can easily clock in and …


Why are credit card companies overwhelming Americans with offers this year?

Credit card companies really, really, really want Americans to take on more debt.

So much so they’re sweetening up their offers to lure American consumers into opening as many new cards as possible.

For instance, customers opening up a new Chase Sapphire preferred card now get 40,000 travel points …

Capital One

Facebook Messenger payments are now available to everyone in the US

With the help of former PayPal president David Marcus, Facebook first rolled out its payment platform on Messenger last month for users in New York City. Today, the feature is now available to all users in the US.

Messenger P2P PaymentsWe’re happy to announce that Messenger person-to-person payments …


Fintech explosion puts banks in digital firing line

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - The world’s top banks and insurers are seeing their business models challenged by “fintech” start-ups, which are reshaping what consumers and businesses expect from financial services, industry insiders and experts say.

A report out Tuesday from the World Economic Forum (WEF), …


Barclaycard steps up its contactless game with three new NFC devices

If you didn't know, Britain now prefers cashless payments to notes and coins. Contactless cards play a big part in the shift away from cash, but as technology evolves, smartphones and wearables are beginning to influence matters too. Barclaycard has long supported contactless technology, via its …


Why Sir Richard Branson Is Investing in Global Broadband

Atom is a new UK bank that'll have no branches, just apps

Banking is a bit of an old boys' club dominated by a few huge, lumbering corporations, but up-start Atom thinks it's time for a new player with a different approach. Atom wants to take mobile banking seriously; so seriously, in fact, that it aims to exist almost solely as a mobile app. The company …


Aire promises credit where it’s due

Posted on: June 24, 2015

TECHNATION200: Aire is a credit-scoring startup that aims to tackle financial exclusion by helping people with a short

Financial Technology

Another Thing Americans Now Do on Dates: Bank

More U.S. consumers are doing their banking on the go-- even on dates.

About a third of consumers are more often using digital banking, such as mobile apps or a bank’s website, this year compared to last year, according to a survey of 1,502 U.S. adults conducted by J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. in …


Palantir Valued At $20 Billion In New Funding Round

The secretive data-processing company is raising up to $500 million in a previously undisclosed round of funding. The round makes it the third most valuable startup in the United States.

By managing data for government agencies and Wall Street banks, Palantir Technologies has grown into one of the …


Nearly 1 in 5 Americans Are Hiding Financial Debt From Partners: Study

When it comes to financial secrets, your business partner might not be the one you should worry about.

Nearly half of Americans would rethink their relationship if they found out their romantic partner was holding out on them when it comes to secret debt, according to a new report from insurance …


Can Alternative Credit Scoring Models Help Millions of Consumers?

Consumers with a solid credit history may not give it a second thought when they apply for a cellphone, an apartment or a new insurance policy. But …


Kenya’s No.1 mobile network is battling one of the country’s top banks for mobile money’s future

Telecom giant Safaricom might finally face a serious challenge to its virtual monopoly over Kenya’s lucrative mobile money market–and it’s not coming from other phone companies like it has in the recent past.

In 2014, the Kenyan regulator authorized three mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) to …

Financial Technology

FinTech 2.0 Drops Disruption for Collaboration

The latest crop of Innotribe startups don’t talk about disrupting banks. They want to be built into banks’ software.

Kevin Johnson, Innotribe Startup …


EY names TransferWise co-founders UK’s ‘Entrepreneurs of the Year’

The co-founders of London-based global money transfer group TransferWise have been named EY’s Entrepreneurs of the Year 2015.

The professional …

United Kingdom

Starling Bank founder promises 'world's best current account'

Fledgling Starling Bank prepares for flight and promises to deliver 'world's best current account' in fight against giant rivals

Digital-only bank


Lending Club CEO Renaud Laplanche is making nice with big banks

Online lending is having a moment.

An estimated $5.5 billion in loans (pdf) were made last year through peer-to-peer lending websites like Lending Club and Prosper, which use technology to bypass bank loans and connect borrowers with lenders online.

Increasingly, the loans are working their way into …

Lending Club

Stripe Is the New PayPal

Dear HN,

I am only writing this post because Stripe are not responding to my emails.

I started using Stripe last month and everything was going …

Estonia, birthplace of Skype, teaches Governments how to compete digitally

When I left ReadWriteWeb at the end of 2009, somebody asked me: “What is the most exciting tech startup that you saw during during the last year?” My …


The launch of the Barclays Blue Rewards - Digital Wallet

Using rewards to incentivise exclusive commitment

The latest Current Account (UK) dashboard details information about the new digital rewards wallet, …

Digital Wallet

Your Bank Should Be More Like Your Waiter And Less Like Your Landlord

The financial services industry in America is locked into a business model of exploitation. For far too long, this has gone largely unchecked and unquestioned, even when advances in technology mean it doesn’t have to be so.

Is It All In Our Heads?

Technological advancements in everything from …


The Next Fintech Sandbox

It’s a new day for how we interact with money. You can pay for your morning latte without reaching for a credit card, let alone cash. Most of the recent buzz around financial technology focuses on power players such as Square and Venmo — fintech products that allow users to accept payments or …


Money, Bill Pay, Credit Score & Investing


HSBC sees boom in use of mobile among corporate customers

Corporate users are increasingly adopting mobile payments, according to figures from HSBC, which expects usage of its HSBCnet Mobile corporate …

Financial Technology

How Banks Can Avoid Being Relegated to Utilities

As marketplace lenders, robo-advisers and other startups nibble away at the profitable, customer-facing parts of banking, executives at last week's …