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The CEO of one of Silicon Valley's hottest startups has suddenly resigned

Parker Conrad, cofounder and CEO of high-flying Zenefits, which has lately come under attack for missing its revenue projections and running into friction with regulatory agencies, is out, Zenefits announced on Monday.

Conrad resigned because of "inadequate" compliance measures, according to an …

Silicon Valley

German competition watchdog wants 'big data' hoards considered in merger probes: paper

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - The vast troves of consumer data held by big Internet companies should be scrutinized in merger probes because they have a big impact on competition, the president of the German antitrust watchdog told a newspaper.

"Until now, markets in which no money flows and in which no …

Big Data

Lunar new year is all about money, but that doesn’t mean it’s a shallow holiday

Happy new year! This week, people around the world are getting haircuts, buying new clothes, and stocking up on treats to fête the Year of the Monkey, which begins Feb. 8. Businesses across China, Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and their respective diasporas have shut down for the …


Google's British AI startup beat Facebook in the race to build an algorithm that can take on the best humans at Go

Something strange happened in the world of artificial intelligence (AI) on Wednesday.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted on his Facebook profile that his company has created an AI system that is "getting close" to beating the best humans at Chinese board game Go.

Hours later, DeepMind — a startup …


Who do you blame when an algorithm gets you fired?

Algorithms run everything from Uber to advertising. They're used to sift through our CVs, check our credit and decide whether we get health insurance. But when they turn into "black boxes" that don't offer up their secrets, we can't hold them accountable.

Only now is this issue starting to be taken …

UK News

LG might be making a universal credit card

We're running pell mell into a future where you don't have to carry a bunch of credit and debit cards in your wallet — but we're not there yet. In the meanwhile, we've watched Apple and Google launch mobile payment systems that use your phone and Samsung launch one that can work with traditional …

Mobile Payments

Google’s AI just cracked the game that supposedly no computer could beat

Computers have slowly started to encroach on activities we previously believed only the brilliantly sophisticated human brain could handle. IBM’s Deep Blue supercomputer beat Grand Master Garry Kasparov at chess in 1997, and in 2011 IBM’s Watson beat former human winners at the quiz game Jeopardy.


Facebook and Google are in a race to build an AI that can beat humans at a 2,500-year-old Chinese board game

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, announced this morning that Facebook has created an artificial intelligence system that is "getting close" to beating the best humans at Chinese board game Go.

Go, the eastern version of chess, is a board game for two players that is thought to have …

Artificial Intelligence

Google's AI has beat a human grandmaster at Go for the first time

Matt Burgess

Staff Writer

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DeepMind, Google's London-based AI business, claims to have solved one of the "grand challenges" of artificial intelligence.

The company, which was purchased by Google for £400 million in July 2014, said it had beaten a professional human player at the …


Google can now help you fact-check candidates during debates with their own past quotes

It’s voting season in the US, which also means it’s time for big tech companies to roll out their newest politics-related features. This time around Google is adding a couple of features to make Search a more useful backup to televised debates.

First up, a new experimental feature will supplement …

Google Trends

Slack forms Search, Learning, & Intelligence Group focused on ‘mining the chat corpus’

Team communication app Slack has hired Foursquare executive Noah Weiss to head up a new Search, Learning, & Intelligence Group for Slack, which will be part of the well-funded startup’s new New York office.

“The focus is on building features that make Slack better the bigger a company is and the …

Natural Language Processing

Inbox By Gmail Gets Smarter Search With Quick Answer Cards

Inbox by Gmail, Google’s next-gen email client for mobile and the web, is getting a nice little update today that will make it easier to find information like addresses, membership numbers and package tracking numbers in your emails.

While Inbox always featured a pretty good search feature that …


Banks of The Future Are Already Here

Posted on Jan 27, 2016

Drastic changes await the banking sector in the next two decades.

While banks remain quite wrapped up in themselves, IT …


The startup that’s making a big, expensive bet on a Super Bowl ad this year

Alternative lender Social Finance, also known as SoFi, proudly admits that it’s not for everyone. But it’s still hoping to reach the largest possible audience with its first big TV ad, which will break during Super Bowl 50.

The San Francisco-based alternative lending startup is splashing out 20% of …


Daimler CEO was surprised by Apple’s car effort and progress after a visit to Silicon Valley

Daimler CEO and chairman of the board Dieter Zetsche is returning home from a trip to Silicon Valley where he met directly with several companies, but without naming them specifically. Though he didn’t disclose the companies he met with, Zetsche commented on the car industry effort of some Silicon …

Silicon Valley

A New Player Is Entering The Driverless Car Race

The market is getting a lot more competitive.

Baidu bidu is reportedly ramping up efforts to develop its own autonomous vehicle in a bid to compete with other tech giants.

The online search company is talking to city authorities in China, and has designs on launching autonomous cars in 10 Chinese …


BMW is first carmaker to integrate with IFTTT service

Want to turn your house lights off by turning on your car? BMW's new integration with the IFTTT service could allow personalized connections just …


Microsoft's Cortana can now remind you to follow through on email promises

Microsoft's assistant Cortana keeps getting smarter.

Cortana can now send reminders for tasks based on the contents of your inbox, Microsoft announced Monday. The company also added new features that make it easier to organize calendar appointments.

The new reminders feature means that Cortana will …


Apple car project rumors remain unconfirmed amid hiring freeze report

Apple's unconfirmed project to build an electric, potentially self-driving car has hit a snag, with executives reportedly demanding change after a …

Apple News

Marvin Minsky, Pioneer in Artificial Intelligence, Dies at 88

Marvin Minsky, who combined a scientist’s thirst for knowledge with a philosopher’s quest for truth as a pioneering explorer of artificial intelligence, work that helped inspire the creation of the personal computer and the Internet, died on Sunday night in Boston. He was 88.

His family said the …


A simple strategy that could lower your credit card debt is something most people don't consider

The average US household with debt carries $15,355 in credit card debt — and that doesn't even touch on student loans, auto loans, and mortgages.

Everyone's situation is different, and there is no universal strategy for climbing out of debt, but a simple place for anyone to start may not have …

No need to panic – artificial intelligence has yet to create a doomsday machine

The possibility that advanced artificial intelligence (AI) might one day turn against its human creators has been repeatedly raised of late. Renowned …


A Deep Dive into Recurrent Neural Nets

Last time, we talked about the traditional feed-forward neural net and concepts that form the basis of deep learning. These ideas are extremely …

Artificial Intelligence

How Artificial Intelligence Can Predict Solar Flare Threats

Solar flares that can release enough energy to interfere with satellite communications or disrupt power grids on the surface of Earth might be …

Renewable Energy

What is Deep Learning?

In recent years the concept of deep learning has been gaining widespread attention. The media frequently reports on talent acquisitions in this …

Artificial Intelligence

Baidu image recognition has fewer errors than Google and is close to human level

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Baidu has a computer vision system that is …

The Current State of Machine Intelligence

(The 2016 Machine Intelligence landscape and post can be found here)

I spent the last three months learning about every artificial intelligence, …


Interview: Arno Candel, on the Basics of Deep Learning to Get You Started

Dr. Arno Candel is a Physicist & Hacker at Prior to that, he was a founding Senior MTS at Skytree where he designed and implemented …


Computer Scientists Generate A Self-Aware Mario That Can Learn And Feel

For some of the world’s brightest brains, artificial intelligence (AI) could spell doom and gloom for mankind. So it’s nice to know that some …


What will artificial intelligence do for work?

It’s my fourth visit to Davos and it’s fascinating how many more of the academics here are scientists rather than economists or management theorists. …

Artificial Intelligence