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Swedish mPOS firm iZettle raises EUR60m for move into small business lending

Swedish mPOS vendor iZettle has raised EUR60 million in a Series D funding round to help it launch a cash advance service for its small business ...

The Looming Problem That Could Kill Bitcoin

The man who took over stewardship of Bitcoin from its mysterious inventor says the currency is in serious trouble. The way things are going, the …


Digitize Or Die, TABB Tells Financial Services

The financial services industry, especially capital markets, has to become digital or lose to innovators, says a new report from TABB Group.

“By our estimation (and with very few exceptions), banking and capital markets have remained largely impervious to the digital revolution,” writes Paul Rowady, …

Financial Technology

Fintech Fundings: 15 Companies Raise $150 Million Week Ending August 31

Fundings cooled down a bit over the record-setting pace of early August. But still 15 companies raised almost $150 million ($146.6 million including …


Payments UK sets out vision for 'world class' services

Trade association Payments UK has vowed to improve access to payments infrastructure and give customers more control over transactions as part of a …

Samsung Pay just launched in beta facing a lot of questions

Mobile wallets are poised to go mainstream in the US, but widespread adoption is likely to have some bumps along the way.

On Thursday (August 27), Samsung launched the beta version of its mobile wallet, Samsung Pay. And though it’s small for now—the beta is invite only and you need to own one of …


Mobile app Starling raising over £10m to disrupt banking

Mobile banks are promising to bring a whole new level of ease and usability to banking. For instance, Mondo (started by Starling’s original Chief …


BankMobile Forms Innovation Unit as Its Digital Ambitions Widen

BankMobile in Lancaster, Pa., is dreaming big.

The mobile-first offshoot of Customers Bancorp launched in January with a formal goal of getting at …


Facebook Is Adding A Personal Assistant Called “M” To Your Messenger App

We’d been hearing rumblings that Facebook was working on an “assistant” within Messenger (along with others), but today we’ve gotten the details that pull it all together. This puts the company squarely in competition with Apple, Google and Microsoft in the digital personal assistant space.

In a …


Coin announces Coin 2.0 with NFC, faster display, thinner design, more

Coin, the company behind the innovative electronic card that aimed to consolidate your wallet into a single card, has today announced the 2.0 version of its offering. The first iteration of Coin began shipping in April 2015 and anyone who owns the first generation of the product is eligible for a …

Android Pay

PayPal’s Instant Checkout Platform One Touch Goes Live In Over A Dozen More Markets

PayPal today expanded its instant checkout service known as One Touch to 13 new markets worldwide, including a wide swath of European countries along with Australia. The system, which lets mobile and web users use PayPal to pay for purchases without having to continually re-enter their username and …

Markets (Australia)

The strange case of Santander and suspicious withdrawals

I’m in dispute with Santander over unauthorised withdrawals made from my current account.

At around midday on 28 June, I received an automated call from Santander informing me there was suspicious activity regarding my account. Two transactions for £50 had been made to a website I had never heard


Banks getting closer to fintech disrupters

"The world is changing so fast, we can't keep up," Citi Australia's chief executive Stephen Roberts said last week in a humble recognition of the …

News (Australia)

World business, finance, and political news from the Financial Times

5:24pm UK

Tory pretender plans relaunch as post-election star fades

Two of Britain’s best-loved designers are finally launching a label together

Annie …

Finance (UK)

Matthias Kröner CEO of Fidor Bank: Why isn't bitcoin being executed by banks?

So far Fidor Bank of Germany is the only mainstream banking operation bold enough to put its money where its mouth is in respect of …


A bunch of new startups are trying to make it cheaper and easier for immigrants to send money home

Every year, migrants send hundreds of billions of dollars worth of remittances back to friends and family in their home country. And there's a massive industry that facilitates these payments — and has for more than a century.

The legacy remittance industry has been long dominated by cash, which …


Zopa hits £1bn lending mark

UK peer-to-peer lending platform Zopa has now facilitated more than £1 billion in loans, involving more than 200,000 people.


MarketInvoice, The U.K. Invoice Finance Platform, Raises Further $10M

The U.K.’s MarketInvoice, which plays in the peer-to-peer lending space by enabling businesses to raise money from institutional investors and high net worth individuals by ‘selling’ outstanding invoices, has raised a further £6 million (~$10m) from existing investors Northzone, and the family …

Hedge Funds

Digital Media Veteran Joanne Bradford Joins Online Lender SoFi as COO

Joanne Bradford* has served as a CMO, CRO and company president. Now she’s adding COO to her resume.

The longtime media executive, most recently Pinterest’s head of partnerships, is joining heavily funded online lender SoFi as its chief operating officer. SoFi, which raised $200 million earlier this …


Google X robotics expert speaks out on the decline of women in tech from 35% to 26%

If we want to understand why the percentage of women in working in the tech sector has dropped from 35% in 1990 to just 26% today, asking some women in tech for their thoughts on the issue seems like a smart thing to do. Re/code is doing just that, in a new video series entitled The 26%: Women Speak


IBM has a new plan to boost its ancient but super profitable mainframe business

For the past two quarters, IBM has been saved by one of its oldest product lines: the mainframe.

On Monday, IBM revealed a plan that will double down on the mainframe. It's been shipping mainframe computers that run the free and open-source Linux operating system for 15 years, but its upping its …


P2P Payments App Xendit Launches In Indonesia

Xendit, a money-transfer service geared toward Southeast Asian countries, is launching today in Indonesia.

The company is billing itself as a more private money-transfer service that’ll beat companies like Venmo to the market in Southeast Asia. Users can transfer money within private groups, as well …


Slackbot may soon be a lot more helpful than Siri

Slackbot, the handy (but also annoying) assistant buried within communications platform Slack, may soon be a lot more useful. Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield says Slackbot may one day be more useful than Siri.

“Apple spent billions of dollars on Siri and worked on …


Google’s Next Version Of Android Is Called “Marshmallow”

Google has made it a thing to name its Android OS versions after food. Letter by letter in the alphabet (har har). But not just any food — food that’s really bad for you. This version, which has been called “M” until now, had its name unveiled today….

The new “marshmallow” statue was unveiled today …


Facebook experiment suggests it's going after Medium

Facebook Notes may soon be getting a major facelift.

The company is testing a refreshed design for its long-ignored Notes feature that makes the stories look more like blog posts than standard Facebook updates.

“We’re testing an update to Notes to make it easier for people to create and read …


Jeff Bezos says he doesn’t recognize ‘soulless and dystopian’ Amazon

This weekend, The New York Times published a long report examining the workplace culture of retailing giant Amazon. The story was unflattering to say the least, describing a treacherous environment in which employees are pushed to breaking point, and personal trauma — such as a cancer diagnosis — …


Update: What Ever Happened to the Machine That Turns Feces Into Water?

Bill Gates provides an update on the Omni Processor, the machine that turns feces into water.

Bill Gates

A “like” button with cash attached: China’s WeChat offers the option to tip writers for posts

The idea of paying for online media content by the piece has been floating around for some time now, but beyond the perennial think-piece and occasional startup, the concept hasn’t gained much traction.

In China, however, media micropayments might get their moment now that one of the nation’s …