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The Land of Saving Money

We like to think we do things differently at - we were the first comparison site to focus on showing you product features as well as …


Banks: How to market Apple Pay™ to your customers - Catalyst

It’s probably not “new” news to you that Apple has launched Apple Pay™, a mobile/tablet digital wallet payment solution. In fact, despite the fact …

Apple Pay

Robots have been running the US stock market, and the government is finally taking control

High-speed frequency traders, which use computer algorithms to trade stocks milliseconds faster than competitors with little human intervention, are about to come under much more scrutiny, if the US Securities and Exchange Commission gets its way.

The firms have come under fire for manipulating the …


PayPal to pay $7.7M in sanctions violations settlement

WASHINGTON (AP) — PayPal Inc. has agreed to pay $7.7 million to settle with U.S. regulators who said the payments company allowed violations of U.S. sanctions against Iran, Cuba and Sudan.

The Office of Foreign Assets Control, an agency of the Treasury Department, announced Wednesday the civil …


Alt-Credit Score Startup, Aire, Raises $1.1 Million

This week, London-based, the startup that democratizes credit scores for people with thin or no credit files, announced a $1.1 million round …


British Invasion, Fintech Edition

Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, visited New York last month, not to promote British tourism or compare notes with his counterpart Bill de Blasio, …


Peer-to-peer lenders can’t find enough borrowers

So this is awkward. Peer-to-peer lending websites are having trouble finding people who want to borrow money.

Companies like Lending Club, Prosper, and Social Finance, which use technology to link borrowers with other individuals who want to lend to them, have been wildly successful. Since Lending Club …

Lending Club

With tech startups, Wall Street goes where Silicon Valley leads

The cliquish, insular world of Wall Street is converging with the even more clubby enclave of Silicon Valley venture capitalists.

The New York Times recently wrote about how Americans’ retirement funds are increasingly made up of tech startup stocks (paywall) such as Uber and Airbnb. Money managers …

Silicon Valley

Barclays unveils latest fintech stars | TheTally - comment and analysis from Financial News

Posted by Anna Irrera on March 24, 2015

Fintech is an incredibly diverse world — something that is borne out by the rich variety of the start-ups that


Twitter now has its own venture capital fund

Less than 18 months into its life as a public company, Twitter is still in hyper-growth, loss-making mode, yet it’s already busy seeding other companies with venture capital money.

The company—its Twitter Ventures arm, specifically—was one of the participating investors in a recent, $80 million …

Venture Capital

First Look: Square's New Cashtags for Small Business & Non-Profits

There has been no shortage of major announcements in the payments space in the past few weeks.

Facebook added a “send money” option to its messaging …

Small Business

Stripe's Next Step in Moving Money Everywhere

Stripe is not a flashy company, and that’s by design. Stripe exists to simplify the lives of app makers by making the world’s clunky financial …


Square Cash Opens to Businesses, Introducing $Cashtags

Just days after Facebook sent shock waves through the peer-to-peer payments world, Square announced $cashtags, simple addresses that will allow …


Stripe launches major API update to help on-demand startups go global

Stripe, the payment company that’s quietly building the best way to pay people online, has today launched a major API update to its Connect API.

The new API builds on what the company learnt from modern “platform” companies such as Instacart, Shyp and Lyft, that employ many ‘sellers’ to get their …


Stripe Connnect

Stripe Connect

Everything marketplaces and platforms need to get users paid.

Multi-party payments

All the tools you need to run a marketplace: Stripe …


How Mint’s founder is taking on a problem Google couldn’t solve

At SXSW last week I met up with Aaron Patzer, a man best known as co-founder of financial management service Mint. Now he’s back with Fountain, a marketplace for advice, that officially launched earlier this month.

Focused initially on the home and garden, Fountain connects US-based iOS users with …


Would you trust Facebook with your bank account?

Facebook is moving fast to allow users to send payments to each other. But will users bite?

The answer will be essential in determining the winner of one of the hottest races in the tech industry: payments. Alongside Facebook, startups like Xiaomi and Venmo race giants like Apple and Google for the …


Is Your Bank Account At Risk? Protect Yourself From Financial Trojans

For over a decade, financial institutions have been fighting malware that targets online banking. Today these institutions must adapt their security policies to protect online transactions from cybercriminals using more sophisticated banking Trojans.

As the online transaction industry evolves, …


Facebook’s move into payments spells data opportunity but security threat


Last June, Facebook hired former PayPal president David Marcus to run its Messenger division, leaving many people in the industry scratching their heads. “Why put a payments guy in charge of messaging?” stakeholders questioned.

But I felt this was just one strategic move designed to crystalize …


New 12-sided pound coin to be unveiled ahead of budget announcement

Chancellor George Osborne will unveil a new 12-sided pound coin featuring the four symbols of the UK – a rose, leek, thistle and shamrock – emerging from a royal coronet, ahead of his budget on Wednesday.

The design on the tails side of the new coin is the work of West Midlands teenager David …

Coin Collecting

Amex Gets Aced Out of Facebook’s New P2P Payments

Member since … well, never.

Facebook, which today unveiled its long-awaited peer-to-peer payments, notably has left out American Express — no doubt …


What if Salesforce had a core banking product?

In the same way that Salesforce commoditised CRM I often wonder what if they did the same to core banking. If they built a set of banking services …


Facebook friends can send money through Messenger app

The world's largest social network just gave its users another reason to use its messaging service, even as competitors pile on features.

Want an easy …


Snowden Leaks Have Changed How Americans See Their Privacy

The revelations about National Security Agency surveillance programs by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden have started to affect how Americans view their right to privacy and the actions they take to try to protect it, a new survey has found.

The survey, conducted by the Pew Research Center, …


T-Mobile now accepts Bitcoin in Poland

Bitcoin has a new use in Poland: T-Mobile now lets customers buy phone credits with the cryptocurrency.

In late February, T-Mobile announced a new Bitcoin trial that would allow customers to prepay for mobile minutes with Bitcoin, according to Coindesk. The program is the result of a partnership …


Gates Foundation issues mobile money data challenge

38 minutes ago | 32 views | 0

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is continuing its push to accelerate the adoption of mobile money in the developing …

Apple Store's New Credit Card Tech Is Its Most Reliable Yet

Because it was invented some time in the 1940s.

Apple Store

Building a Better Relationship with Customers Through Mobile

We sat down with Lara Crystal from Minibar Delivery to discuss how mobile devices and single-purpose apps are redefining the way we shop

Mobile Commerce

Goodbye MongoDB, Hello PostgreSQL

Olery was founded almost 5 years ago. What started out as a single product (Olery Reputation) developed by a Ruby development agency grew into a set …


Mambu signs up to SaaS Assured

SaaS Assured provides an interim cloud continuity service which acts as a safety net, giving SaaS customers continued access to their critical …