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Andrew Lorenzen-Strait

Andrew Lorenzen-Strait's commitment to child welfare doesn't end with his professional duties. He proudly serves on the board of Courageous Hearts Adoptions in Greenville, Indiana, an agency close to his heart, where he embarked on the journey of adopting his three precious children. His dedication to service, community, and history remains unwavering in all endeavors. He is a paragon of service, integrity, and servant leadership, values he ardently practices as a consultant in Davidsonville, Maryland. His journey paints a portrait of selflessness, tenacity, and an intrinsic drive to better the lives of others, setting a standard for future generations. Throughout his distinguished career, Andrew's unwavering integrity has left a lasting impression across diverse sectors, encompassing child welfare, family law, government service, and migration management. His professional journey mirrors rigorous academic pursuit, exceptional leadership aptitude, and a genuine knack for forging unity among diverse groups.