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DIY Dresser Drawer Labels

I’m always looking for ways to simplify. Crafty ways to organize and streamline. And in the quest to simplify, organize and streamline; projects get …


DIY Ice Lanterns

February, when the days of winter seem endless and no amount of wistful recollecting can bring back any air of summer.” -Shirley JacksonThough we are …


This corner of my kitchen makes me happy all the time! A collection of mostly vintage finds, with some handcrafted and new pieces mixed in. I can't wait to see what this collection looks like in 50 years! -Andrea

It's birthday day here in our house which means we are elbow deep exploring new to us books and toys. This gorgeous volume - Maps by Aleksandra Mizielinska - is a stunner. Beautiful illustrations and chocker bock full of the nonfiction goodness that my newly six year old adores. -Danielle

We found these books at the library today (as we were searching the stacks for biographies about Charles Shulz) and we are all a bit enchanted. Do you have any of the Ed Emberley books? -Danielle

If this isn't true joy, I don't know what is!! -Andrea

Sometimes I really miss making print magazines. I love the physical act of turning the pages, experiencing the images and colors in a way that's tangibly different from digital. I'm glad to have complete sets of both our Seasons and our Senses magazines. -Andrea

This is going to be a good week - yes indeed! // I love starting my day or week with a positive sentiment, hoping for the best, no matter what may come. -Andrea

So, I made these two blouses (and I'm super ridiculously over-the-top proud) but I have NOTHING to wear with them! Wonder if you have any suggestions? Bonus points if it is a pattern I can sew!! :) {And now I'll stop all the silk blouse spam!!} PPS If you want to learn more about the patterns I used and alterations I made, it's all on the blog. Link in profile 👆👆👆

A box that held something for me got an update from my little ones with simple watercolor paints - the result is beautiful!! -Andrea

I'm pretty attracted to solids/neutrals when I sew and decorate my home. But when it comes to spinning I like COLOR!! -Danielle

It's only 9am and already my table is covered with this. So much making. So many supplies. The fact that this is how they want to start most of their days makes me super happy. (And also a little overwhelmed) -Danielle

Here's a little creative tip for you - tape up your little one's art inside your cabinets! It's a great way to showcase their work, elevate it, showing them how important their creations are, and best of all, what a wonderful sight each time you open the door!

This little scene makes me happy every. single. time. -Andrea

This is why I make - why I create. For those real-life skills that make something beautiful and, more importantly, functional. And seeing this little one happily cuddle up in her new mama-made quilt? Well, I don't think my heart could be any happier. -Andrea

Andrea and I have a new project in the works in the background. For awhile we were just feeling creatively stuck, unable to proceed. After a good talk yesterday, I'm feeling inspired. Excited. And I'm diving in. This, friends, is going to be so awesome. I can't wait to share. -Danielle

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Mama, You Should Knit

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Make Your Own Out & About Art Box

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Kids Art Supplies on a Budget

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