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The Fat Tuesday Recipes That'll Help You Celebrate Mardi Gras Right

Let the good times roll.

In the UK, Fat Tuesday is known as Shrove Tuesday -- a day celebrated by eating a stack of fluffy pancakes. In Poland, it's Paczki Day -- which refers to the jelly-filled doughnuts they eat the day before lent. And for Americans, Mardi Gras is basically synonymous with New …

Mardi Gras

10 Hash Recipes for Those Mornings You Need a Salty-Starchy Fix

When we roll out of bed and our bodies are all "NOW. FEED ME HOT BREAKFAST NOW," reliably salty-starchy aromatic hashes give us life. Some are laced with corned beef; others are composites of whatever we happen to have in our fridges. But they always bring the crispiest bits and big-time …


Finally Make Silky, Low-Fuss Vinaigrette That Won't Separate

Yes, everybody makes basic cooking mistakes. Like, say, something as simple as overcooking mushrooms or toasting grains and spices. Below, reader Carol confesses her dressing woes to associate food editor Rick Martinez. Here’s Martinez’s advice for making sure it never happens again. Welcome to


These four points unlock the secret to cracking China's luxury market

The huge anti-corruption and anti-extravagance campaign led by president Xi Jinping, has transformed China's burgeoning luxury goods sector forever.

Luxury goods have become less accessible to the growing Chinese middle class, and less acceptable for members of China's elite.

Now according to …


You should put olive oil in your cookies

Dear Dash,You know when you looked me up and down last week and said "Mom. What happened to your face. Is that lipstick? " And then you laid into me …


Xavier D. Buendia: Careful Use of Color in Food Photography

Xavier D. Buendia: always wears neutral colors when photographing food to avoid odd color casts.


Why Does Organizational Change Usually Fail? New Study Provides Simple Answer

Hint: It’s not faulty strategy.

It’s no lack of talented executives.

Nor is it insufficient funding.

No, it’s something much simpler and more fundamental: communication. Or more accurately, lack thereof.

That’s the key conclusion of a new study, Where Change Management Fails, from Robert Half …


Eat Your Luck for Lunar New Year — Lunar New Year Recipes from Danielle Chang

The world's most widely celebrated holiday is just around the corner. This year's Lunar New Year starts on February 8 and, as the Year of the Monkey, …

Chinese New Year

The Knobby Root that Deserves Shelf Space in Your Fridge

Jarred horseradish might be convenient, but it will never come close to the white-hot, mustardy and peppery intensity the freshly grated root lends to salsa verde, gremolatas, and creamy sauces. But to really unlock the knobby root’s full flavor, just grating it won’t do.

A pinch of salt and a …


Parents of 'Tragic' 2-Year-Old With Lead Poisoning Sue Flint

When doctors detected lead in 1-year-old Sophia Rodriguez Waid's blood, her family did everything they could to fix the situation, spending months living with friends and relatives and scarce dollars remodeling their home in Flint, Michigan.

But the amount of the toxin in the little girl's blood …

Lead Poisoning

Soup Recipes - How to Make Egg Drop Soup

hot and sour soup

For someone who was all “Harrumph! Cacio e Pepe Does Not Contain Cheddar Cheese.” a few weeks ago, I have some nerve telling you what I’m going to …


8 Surprising Benefits Of Salmon (With Recipe)

With the new year already here, many of us have made a New Years resolution, or are trying again at the resolution that we have made last year. It is …


Gulf Of Mexico Open For Fish-Farming Business

The Gulf of Mexico is now open for commercial fish farming.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced last month that, for the first time in the U.S., companies can apply to set up fish farms in federal waters.

The idea is to compete with hard-to-regulate foreign imports. …

Gulf of Mexico

A classic French pastry fit for Valentine’s Day: Recipe for light and airy profiteroles with dark chocolate sauce

A plate piled high with profiteroles is sure to impress your Valentine, or anyone else you deem worthy of this sweet treat come February 14. The …


How to Use Up Your Last Limp Stalks of Celery

It has been said that to have nothing is to have carrots. And it could easily be added that to have nothing is to have celery—a whole, limping head of it fading in the refrigerator, abandoned post-soffrito. But celery is an herbaceous, crunchy, vibrantly green asset to your fridge arsenal. Here are …


How to Make Onigiri (Japanese Rice Balls) Any Which Way

We think of sandwiches, granola bars, and muffins as great on-the-go snacks. But rice? In most cities in the U.S., you'd be hard-pressed to find a commuter snacking on rice (unless it's puffed and in the form a cereal bar).

The same is not true in Japan, where they understand the importance of rice …

Japanese Food

The Bourbon Bucket List: 15 Bourbons You Need to Try at Least Once

No other drink is as American as bourbon. Eastern Europeans can carry the vodka flag, the Scottish can bring their peaty single malts, we’ll take a …

National Portrait Gallery | Feature Photography

Steve Pyke

Steve Pyke readily admits that his life in photography has been propelled largely by his fascination with the face. Born in England and now …

How to Drink Yerba Mate in South America

These dried, finely chopped leaves of the yerba mate plant are consumed in Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, and Uruguay in an almost compulsive manner. Particularly in the latter two countries, the mate gourd seems to be a natural extension of people’s hands.

For some South Americans, a well-prepared …


Can You Swap Salted and Unsalted Butter in Baking?

Do you ever round up all of the exotic ingredients you need for a baking project (Rooibos tea leaves! Golden syrup! Prune butter!), completely overlooking the basics? Obviously have butter, you think.

Except you return home, flushed on the high that is tracking down goat milk, only to realize you …


How to Make and Serve Turkish Coffee

When people hear I grew up in Turkey, they often ask about Turkish coffee. It's either because they love it and want to learn how to make it or are concerned that enjoying a thick, espresso-like drink will make it difficult to sleep if they mistakenly take a sip before bedtime.

Either way, it's …

These Photos of Food Losing Its Color Will Haunt You | FWx

Giorgio Cravero's Color Series is beautiful, creepy, and just might change the way you look at produce forever. The series is comprised of six photos of fruits and vegetables floating in mid-air with their colors dripping away from them like paint. These photographs won the Hasselblad Masters award …

Food Photography

How Beer Made from Leftover Bread Could Help End Global Food Waste

When’s the last time you picked up a pre-packaged sandwich and found it was made with the heel of the loaf? Never. So what do you think happens to all those thousands of unloved ends of bread, tossed into a skip every day by sandwich makers?

This was the question posed (far more eloquently) by food …


The Foolproof Way to Bake a Perfect Loaf of Bread

Almost every bread recipe will tell you to look for a golden brown crust or to tap on the bottom of your loaf and listen for a hollow sound. That …


Adorable Little Hamster Figurines That Look Like Fluffy Baked Bread

Image via Hamuco
Japanese artist Yumi Nakano of Hamuco has proven herself an expert in creating delightful little figures of hamsters that look like …


pretzel bites recipe

Our most recent storm total brought nearly 3 feet of snow to us in Crested Butte. And while we have been getting our fill of the powder (and then …


Bloody Mary Recipe

Originally a blend of primarily tomato juice and vodka, the Bloody Mary, or just the “Bloody,” has since started to include ingredients as diverse as …

Bloody Mary

Beyoncé-Approved, Healthy Super Bowl Recipes

Remember that time Jay Z and Beyoncé went vegan? The pair publicized their 22-day vegan, organic cleanse and came out of it with a brand-new business—Beyoncé partnered with the exercise physiologist Marco Borges on a meal delivery service named after the number of days it took her to complete the …


U.S. report advises consumers to 'avoid' some farmed Atlantic Salmon

Cooke Aquaculture said the report isn't all bad and it actually highlights some positive changes in the fish farming industry.

Animal Behavior