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Bacon, Foie Gras, and Durian: How Ice Cream Parlors Are Moving Beyond Vanilla

Ice cream flavors are getting weirder. Here's why.

When Scott Moloney left his job as an investment banker in 2010 to start a creamery, he didn't have …

Sadelle’s Grandiose Smoked-Fish Tower Takes Bagel Brunch to the Next Level

It is the firm belief of Melissa Weller, Jeff Zalaznick, Mario Carbone, and Rich Torrisi that no one has ever accorded the canonical Jewish …

How To Plate Food Like A 3-Star Michelin Chef

Tracey Torres has cooked in some of the best kitchens in the world. Now she shares trade secrets on how to plate food like a pro.

Take a trip to Daniel or Eleven Madison Park, and you won’t just be blown away by the flavors of the food. The plating itself is an abstract work of art. Now that the …


Climate Change in California Passes a Tipping Point

With Californians crossing their fingers in hopes of a super El Niño to help end the state's historic drought, California's water agency just delivered some startling news: for the first time in 120 years of record keeping, the winter average minimum temperature in the Sierra Nevada was above …

California Drought

12 Portable Vegan Snacks For When Hunger Hits

It can be tough to find something filling and convenient when you have dietary restrictions. (And hey, even if you don't, it can be difficult to find something you'll feel good about eating.)

But even when options are limited, vending machine candy bars just aren't going to cut it these days. …

Vegan Recipes

What Would Julia Child Do? Jacques Pépin Says: Add More Butter

Jacques Pépin says his new cookbook, Jacques Pépin: Heart and Soul in the Kitchen, is an invitation to join him for dinner at his house. Of course, you'll have to do all the cooking — but you can use his recipes.

Pépin will turn 80 years old this year. He says this is one of his last cookbooks, and …


Mexican Soup & Stew Recipes

Farideh Sadeghin

This simple pasilla chile- and tomato-based soup is ladled onto tortilla chips and topped with creamy avocado, jack cheese, and tangy Mexican crema.

Todd Coleman

This Mexican soup gets its flavor from an aromatic base of tomatoes, garlic, and onions—called a recado—that is puréed and …

Mexican Food

Fur Seal Pups Mysteriously Washing Up on California Shores

Roughly 80 Guadalupe fur seal pup have been found stranded in 2015, eight times the normal rate

A Guadalupe fur seal pup, wasted away to nearly fur and bones, washed up on the shore’s of California’s Humboldt County in April. He was spotted and whisked to the Bay Area’s Marine Mammal Center, soon to …


Coffee drinkers warned over looming shortage

There's extra reason to savour a morning coffee from now on - an Italian roaster has warned that there could be global shortage of the stuff as …


Make Your LinkedIn Headline Stand Out by Keeping It Simple

It might be tough to summarize all of your expertise and skill into one simple title, but that’s precisely what you should do with your LinkedIn …


6 Ways to Tell Stories with Data Throughout the Customer Lifecycle

Data-driven storytelling is poised to be the next big trend in content marketing. Indeed, companies are already harnessing its power at every stage in the customer relationship lifecycle—from building up-front brand awareness to reminding customers of their success. Here’s how to use data at each …


The Simplest Way to Make Pour-Over Coffee

Here's the perfect water-to-coffee ratio

Have you been wondering about the pour-over offerings at your local coffee house? It costs more, it takes longer…so why would anyone order it?

Experts say this method—in which hot water is slowly poured over a single serving of freshly ground coffee—results in …


Plastic Will Be Inside Nearly Every Seabird on Earth by 2050

Oceans are the world's forgotten landfill, and seabirds are turning into flying garbage cans.

By 2050, 99 percent of all seabird species will be contaminated by the plastic waste flooding our oceans. If a new estimate proves correct, in 35 years time you'll be able to find plastic inside the …


Pacific bluefin tuna group puts off new moves to save fish

TOKYO (AP) — An international body that monitors fisheries in most of the Pacific Ocean ended a meeting in Japan on Thursday without agreement on fresh measures to protect the dwindling bluefin tuna.

The Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission was unable to get a consensus on either …


What Killed 60,000 Antelope in 4 Days?

In May 2015, nearly half of all the saigas, a critically endangered antelope that roams the steppe of Kazakhstan, died off. Exactly why is still a …


Our Promise to Future Generations: A Healthy, Sustainable Ocean

World leaders and the international community are gathering soon at the United Nations to adopt the Sustainable Development Goals, which will guide the UN and member states for the next 15 years. A critical component of achieving all the goals will be conservation and sustainable use of the world's …


15 Snack Dinners for When All Else Fails

Maybe you’re not that hungry tonight. Maybe you're hosting and aren't up for putting together an elaborate, multi-course meal. Maybe, maaaybe, you just don’t feel like using a fork and knife. You know what that means: Snacks for dinner!

The world of snacking is multifaceted and complex: We've had …


How To Print Beautiful iPhone Photo Books With Printastic

While it’s great to see your iPhone photos on-screen, there’s nothing like holding a printed photo in your hands. And what better way to display your …

Kitchen of the Week: The Movable Kitchen from ModNomad Studio

Part art project, part problem solver, the Go-Go Kitchen in writer/activist-designer Jennifer Nix's Sausalito, California, home pairs cast-off cabinetry with energy-efficient appliances, sends gray water into her garden, and stands ready to roll. The experiment—which Nix created in collaboration …


This Is the World's Easiest Biscuit Recipe

Get Recipe Two Ingredient Never-Fail Cream Biscuits

People have been making two-ingredient biscuits ever since self-rising flour hit supermarket shelves, and it's easy to see why. Stir heavy cream into self-rising flour, scoop it onto a baking sheet, bake, and serve: It's that easy. But not …


How to Buy, Store, and Cook With Apples, In Season in October

You say “fall,” we say “apples.” Sure, these red (Or green! Or orangey-pink!) fruits are available in supermarkets year-round, but there’s something so satisfying about biting into a perfectly ripe, just-picked apple. Whether you eat them raw as snacks; bake them into pies, crumbles, or crisps; or …


10 Easy Pieces: Modular Kitchen Workstations

When it comes to rental appliances, we're partial to the European style of installing your own kitchen gear—investing in a good oven and refrigerator and taking it with you from one rental to the next. By that logic why not bring your own sink, cooktop, and counters with you too? Here are 10 recent …


Holy Shiitake! Mushroom Bacon Is Real

We love bacon. We love it wrapped around eggs and we even love it on doughnuts.

What if you could replicate that same delicious taste with shiitake mushrooms?

Turns out, you can, and the results rival the real deal.

Here's how it's done.

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The Best Breakfast Recipe In The Whole


How to Season with Salt

Knowing how to properly season with salt is what separates the pros from the home cooks.

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How to Season with Salt

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Want Crispy-Edge Mushroom Perfection? Don’t Wash ‘Em

Oh, the joys of a pan of sautéed mushrooms: that golden-brown color, the slightly crispy edges, the rich, full flavor—it doesn’t take much to make these little guys delicious. But if your usual move is to bring them home from the market and immediately stick them under a running faucet—stop! Here’s …


Meet the father-son farmer duo revolutionizing Ontario's shrimp business

Paul Cocchio’s introduction to inland shrimp farming did not go well. There is no manual, after all, for converting a rural Ontario hog barn into a temperature-stable complex of tropical saltwater shrimp pools – nobody had ever tried it before him. And it’s a surprisingly finicky business growing …

Food (Canada)

Applying Extreme Sharpening in Photoshop

Excerpt from The Adobe Photoshop CC Book for Digital Photographers

High Pass sharpening is sometimes called “extreme sharpening,” and that’s really a …


Cooking Tips From A Guy Who Fed His Family For A Year With A Quarter-Ton Steer

This article originally appeared on Fatherly:

You want to feed your family right like a good locavore should, but nutrition labels are confusing, fast food is ubiquitous, and kids hate everything. (Adorably so, but still.) One possible solution: buy a whole cow from a rancher and feed your family on …


This fall, get French onion soup off the stove, onto a grill

When a friend asked me if I could create a hearty fall soup that begins on the grill, at first I was stumped.

I love making grilled gazpacho; it's a regular in my summer rotation. But a cold tomato soup hardly is fit for fall. So I started thinking about my favorite soups, wondering which one would …


Vegans Go Glam

CALABASAS, Calif. — It is easy to feel lumpy and inadequate here in the Malibu Canyon, at the sunny, breezy home of Julie Piatt and Rich Roll, the couple behind a recent cookbook and lifestyle guide called “The Plantpower Way.”

Mr. Roll, who is 48 but looks as if he could still compete on the …