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Making real cranberry sauce is so easy, there's absolutely no reason to serve that canned garbage this Thanksgiving

There's been a disturbing addition to the feast many families serve on Thanksgiving. Something that looks out-of-place and downright otherworldly.

I'm taking about jellied cranberry sauce. You know, the stuff that resembles the can it wiggled out of just moments before, jiggling menacingly at you …

Cranberry Sauce

The Best Super Foods for Every Skin Issue

You know the age-old saying: you are what you eat—and if we’re talking prevalent skin ailments like wrinkles, acne, and dryness amongst others, the anecdote holds some truth. “When we have skin-based disorders they are very often outside manifestations of toxicity, mineral imbalances, oxidative …


3 Foods to Eat During Thanksgiving That Will Make Your Skin Glow

You know the old saying: You are what you eat. So while your taste buds might love a big bowl of fried, cheesy anything, you may want to consider what your skin wants. With the biggest food holiday right around the corner, we thought we’d check in with Mt. Kisco dermatologist David Bank and see if …


Why You Should Be Putting Salt in Your Coffee | FWx

This piece originally appeared on PureWow.

You got less than four hours of sleep last night and you’ve got a huge day at work ahead of you. Thank goodness for…BITTER COFFEE (said no one, ever).

Sipping particularly bitter joe is a major disappointment, but the day must go on. Luckily, there’s a way …


How to Avoid Clichés in Travel Shots

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Jason Row is a British born travel photographer now living in Ukraine. His images have been licensed to …

European Travel

6 Genius Tricks That Will Make Thanksgiving a Total Breeze

Everything's going to be all right. See these six genius tricks that will make Thanksgiving a total breeze.

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The Absolute Best Way to Make a Turkey Crispy

How to get the ultimate crisp without sacrificing flavor? Here's our not-so-secret …


Put The Science Of Umami To Work For You

A book by a Danish scientist and a Danish chef makes the fifth taste accessible

In 1800, Dunand, chef to Napoleon Bonaparte, celebrated the French army's victory at the Ligurian village of Marengo by inventing a new dish: a stew of chicken sauteed with tomatoes and garlic and served with crayfish …


5 Ways to Spot and Capitalize on Trends

This column is part of a series brought to you by Entrepreneur Coaching. Click here to learn more.

Many successful businesses were started by entrepreneurs with an ability to see a trend before everyone else. They were able to take their insight and capitalize on it in a new and creative way. …


Virtues Cooking: An Unconventional Recipe from Julia Child's Kitchen

Adapted from The Virtues of Cooking

I was at Julia Child's home in the South of France, leading a small culinary trip. What carried me up the dusty road to La Pitchoune ("The Little Thing"), Julia's name for her rose-covered hideaway, though, was actually a large dose of courage. I was an editor and …


5 Healthy Ways to Prepare Thanksgiving Sweet Potatoes | Food & Wine

Sweet potatoes are a great source of vitamin A and C—just another reason to add them to your repertoire this Thanksgiving. From incredible oven-roasted wedges to a tasty breakfast hash, here are five healthy ways to prepare sweet potatoes this Thanksgiving.

1. Oven-Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges
Craving …


5 Cheesy French Onion Soups | Food & Wine

Here, five incredible recipes for cheesy French onion soup.

1. Truffle-Infused French Onion Soup
Star chef Michael Mina's decadent soup features gooey, truffle-infused pecorino cheese.

2. French Onion Soup
What's the secret to this hearty soup? If you make the beef broth a day in advance and …

French Onion Soup

How to Make Foolproof Mashed Potatoes | Food & Wine

Mashed potatoes are a must-serve Thanksgiving side dish. But how they're served is up for debate: Lumpy or smooth, classic Russet or baby red potatoes, milk or cream. Here, are three ways to make mashed potatoes the whole table will enjoy.

1. The Simple and Classic
With just five ingredients and one …


7 Recipes That Prove Brussels Sprouts and Bacon Are BFFs | Food & Wine

1. Warm Brussels Sprout Slaw with Bacon
Granny Smith apples add terrific crunch to this amazing slaw.

2. Brussels Sprout, Bacon and Gruyère Frittata
This quick, hearty frittata is a great way to use leftover brussels sprouts.

3. Smoky Brussels Sprouts
Chef Marc Meyer sautés brussels sprouts with …


Watch: How to Make the Ultimate Pecan Pie for Thanksgiving | Food & Wine

When it comes to building deep, delicious flavor, pecan pie has it all. The molten, molasses goodness of brown sugar, the aroma of real vanilla that permeates every room of your house and reminds you that a vanilla pod really is the fruit of a flower, and, of course, the pecans themselves. Here, in …


11 Fall Soups You Can Make in a Blender | Food & Wine

The appliance is the perfect tool for supercreamy, extra-satisfying fall soups. Here, 11 of our easiest, most delicious soups—from butternut squash to cauliflower—that can all be made in a blender.

1. Cauliflower Soup with Herbed Goat Cheese
This luscious, creamy cauliflower soup from star chef Anne …


A New Zealand Supermarket May Have Found a New Way to Get People to Eat Healthier | Food & Wine

If there is one excuse that we have all made when forgoing a home-cooked meal in favor of some unhealthy takeout, it's that we didn't have time to cook. The washing, peeling and preheating—not to mention the baking and the sauteeing—are often daunting after a long day at the office. So New World …


5 Thanksgiving Foods to Share with Your Cat | Food & Wine

I know when it's 4 p.m. every day because that's the exact moment when my 3-year-old Calico, Puddin’, starts meowing for her afternoon hors d'oeuvre, a cucumber peel. While most pet owners know they should avoid human food, it's not always easy when you realize how much happiness can come from a …


Oyster Stew: A Comforting Winter Soup in Just 20 Minutes

Get Recipe Classic Oyster Stew With Fennel

I have a playlist on my computer titled "Snow Songs," which I put together many years ago while snowflakes as big as cotton balls drifted slowly past my apartment windows. The tracks on it are all wildly different, but each manages to capture, at least to …


7 “unhealthy” foods that are actually anything but

Experts warned us to avoid these edibles at all costs. Turns out they were wrong.

In the future, when we’re zipping around the biosphere on our jetpacks and eating our nutritionally complete food pellets, we won’t have to worry about what foods will kill us or which will make us live forever.

Until …


New processing plant prepares traditional Alaska Native food

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — First it was musk ox stew. Then the Alaska nursing home served up musk ox meatloaf to its elderly Inupiat residents and their visiting family members.

The reaction at the long-term residential senior care facility was immediate. "'It was the bomb!'" is how home administrator …


17 Best Healthy Eating Foods for Weight Loss

12. Garlic

It may make your breath smell a bit, yet every clove of garlic is stuffed with poison engaging cancer prevention agents, as well as a …

Healthy Eating

The Dinner Roll Recipes You'll Actually Want To Bake

It's time to pull out the flour.

For many people, baking bread to go along with a dinner they've already put so much effort into is just not going to happen. No matter how easy the recipe might be, how much better fresh-baked bread is than store-bought, it's just one step too many.

But what if we …


5 Ways to Fall-ify Your Coffee (Without any Pumpkin Spice Whatsoever)

So long, sweet summer, and the bubbly nitros, cold brew tonics, and rosemary iced lattes we grew to love. Fall calls for comforting coffees, full of warming spices like cinnamon—but please don’t ask us how to make a pumpkin spice latte. And, honestly, once you start making autumn-ready brews like …


ABC: The Art of Blending Coffee

Blending world-class coffees together opens the door to create flavors and experiences unlike anything else. Andrew Linnemann, Starbucks vice …


How to Photograph a Headshot With Clam Shell Lighting

Back in October I posted a portrait of myself that quickly became the most popular photo on my entire Facebook feed for 2015. The image was never …


What Is Disruptive Innovation?

The theory of disruptive innovation, introduced in these pages in 1995, has proved to be a powerful way of thinking about innovation-driven growth. Many leaders of small, entrepreneurial companies praise it as their guiding star; so do many executives at large, well-established organizations, …


Fresh Cranberries: Not Just for Sauce

The cranberries: our favorite angsty 90s band, the best thing to ever come out of a bog, and Thanksgiving's truest underdog. Whether you bought one too many bags of cranberries or just want to shake things up, here's what to make with cranberries instead of—or in addition to—sauce.

Candy 'em! Make …


Use This ‘Hold Your Sub’ Trick for Slimmer Portraits

New York portrait photographer Peter Hurley is back again with yet another pro portrait trick he uses for shooting better headshots of people. This …

Portrait Photography

Why asparagus makes pee smell funny, and other amazing facts about everyday foods and spices

Flickr / Steven Depolo

Do you know which popular holiday spice can help soothe a toothache? Or why chocolate is toxic to dogs and cats?

By digging deep into the molecular chemistry of everyday foods and spices, Cambridge-based chemistry teacher Andy Brunning has the answers.

And you don't have to be a …


5 Videos That Show Off Crazy Knife Skills

If you're in charge of the chopping the onions or peeling the potatoes this Thanksgiving, you'll be a knife skills pro come Fridy morning (or you'll have run through the box of Band-Aids).

But no matter how fancy we get with our skillz, these videos are reminders that we still have a lot to learn. …