Our dear friend and brother-in-law Chip passed away several years ago, and we miss him most at the holiday season, the time of year when time slows down and we can be together to reminisce, to laugh, and to be thankful for our lives together. We will always miss him, and he lives in our hearts forever. Chip's favorite film of the season was the great Frank Capra classic, "It's a Wonderful Life," which teaches us how deeply our acts of kindness impact people in positive ways. Kindness changes the fabric of life itself. Every year we watch the movie in Chip's absence but feel him with us, like Clarence the angel, gazing down from above, and smiling. We miss you, Chip. You brought joy to so many! Chip will be forever in our hearts and we dedicate this magazine to him, and to everyone who can see the wonders of life. This magazine reminds us of what takes us out of ourselves when we behold the beauties of nature and the kind, selfless acts of others. In furtherance of this spirit of sharing the wonderful things in life, we invite any Flipboard user to join us in this celebration. Look for the link ahead and tap on the link to become a contributor. Everyone is invited! Let's make this an incredible group magazine with a million contributors! Let's blow the lid off 2016 by celebrating things we each think are beautiful and wonderful! Join us! Here's wishing you and yours a blessed holiday season full of love and all things wonderful!

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