Siberian Huskies

By Amy Vernon | A personality that's part wolf, part cat and part person.

husky Snow - Fun with Bubble Wrap Part 2

Snack Awaitin' Sitka

play like wolves

lonely wolf ;-)


Who goes there ?

Eye contact

Husky Christmas

Winter is coming

Best Fiends Forever with Mishka and Laika the Huskies

Mishka the Talking Husky and Mr. Poopers

I get so frustrated at work I end up watching @mishkathehusky & @Laikathehusky on @YouTube 'cause they make more sense than my colleagues 🙄

Mom, dad, pup

Mom, dad, pup


Reto Paseando -Por las calles de esta bella ciudad-

dreaming in black & white

Mahpee & Maikan

Take me out tonight Because I want to see people and I Want to see life Driving in your car please dont drop me home


Ice - Siberian Husky

Mr Husky!!!