Punk legacy

By Amy Vernon | The music came from anger. We're still kinda pissed off, truth be told.

A Couple of Punks Who Just Won’t Quit

Dennis Anderson and Lois Kahlert’s first date was in 1975 at CBGB, the seminal East Village club. Talking Heads and another band, Television, were on the bill and Lou Reed was shooting pool.<p>“It was like, who do you watch?” said Mr. Anderson, who with Ms. Kahlert became club fixtures, known simply …

Long Island

Pixies and the Surrealist continuum

If you want to understand Magritte, Dalí and de Chirico, fire up "Doolittle"<p>If Man is five<br>Then the Devil is six<br>And if the Devil is six<br>Then God is seven<br>This monkey’s gone to Heaven.<p>The amount of digital and analog ink that has been spilt by fans trying to decipher the lyrics to the classic Pixies …

David Lynch

I like this, a lot, Patti Smith & John Belushi, 1976. http://t.co/o7flHYG92p

Your Morning Shot: Patti Smith, 1978

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Patti Smith

Johnny Thunders – The Movie (An Interview With Nina Antonia)

<i>Like Marilyn Monroe or James Dean before him, Johnny Thunders has a certain mythology. Perhaps it’s because there are so few authentic characters</i> …

Opening Reception | Pretty Vacant: The Graphic Language of Punk

Join us for a reception celebrating the opening of <i>Pretty Vacant: The Graphic Language of Punk.</i> Light refreshments will be served.<p>Free and open to the …

Getting Stoned with Patti Smith

In 1977, Patti had fallen off a stage in Tampa and broken her collarbone. Most nights Patti needed someone to keep her company until Allen came home from his gig, and I was enlisted to help out her out, in exchange for a six-pack of beer.<p><i>Artwork by Brian Walsby</i><p>The furious antics of punk didn’t get …

Patti Smith

Tommy Ramone, Last Surviving Original Ramone, Is Dead At 62

Tommy's in the midriff. (Getty)<p>Tommy Ramone (née Thomas Erdelyi), who co-founded The Ramones and was the last surviving original member, died at his …

17 Awesome Photos That Captured CBGB's Iconic 1970s Punk Scene

The legendary New York club has been to referred to as the "dank incubator" of some of the most influential bands of all time.<p>Photographer David Godlis was one of the primary documentarians of CBGB's punk/new wave music scene throughout the mid to late '70s. He recently launched a Kickstarter …

Patti Smith

Ramones Archives

Robyn HaleJuly 4, 2017<p>On July 4, 1976 while the United States celebrated its Bicentennial, the Ramones flew across the pond and played England for …

Rock & Roll

Book Review -- NYHC: New York Hardcore 1980-1990 by Tony Rettman

After reading a good oral history such as NYHC: New York Hardcore 1980-1990 by Tony Rettman, it should feel like you have just hung out with a bunch of people you just met and learned a whole lot from. Punk historical writing has been shaped by oral histories such as Lexicon Devil: The Fast Times …

Nuclear Weapons

These Photographers Captured Blondie, Joan Jett, and the Women of Punk

With the coolly delivered words “Jesus died for somebody’s sins but not mine,” Patti Smith burst onto the music scene, shattering any pretense that …

Debbie Harry

The Ramones Have Street Named After Them • chorus.fm

The <b>Ramones</b> have had a street in NYC named after them:<p>A street in the band’s home neighborhood of Forest Hill, Queens, at the intersection of 67th …

Pete Burns working at Probe Records in Liverpoolpic.twitter.com/JKsMuTWEYa<p>16 replies 152 retweets 288 …

How punk are you? https://t.co/dqTz7LVQq6

Sid Vicious memorial march February 02, 1980 Photo (c) Virginia Turbett https://t.co/rwTxGv79Uh

Sex Pistols - Holidays In The Sun


Patti Smith And Eric Anderson At The Hotel Chelsea

Why we’re still obsessed with the 1970s New York of Lou Reed and Patti Smith

Whether it’s Smith’s gritty memoirs or the imagination of Garth Risk Hallberg, the scary and exhilarating old New York still looms large<p>“New York City is the place where …” Lou Reed drawls on his freak 1972 hit single Walk on the Wild Side. He clips the “where” a little, disconnecting it from the …

Patti Smith

What a Buzzcock did next: Drummer John Maher’s stunning photographs of abandoned homes

<i>‘Rust in Peace.’</i><p>The chance decisions we make in our teens can sometimes bring wondrous returns.<p>John Maher was just sixteen when he was asked to play …

The plan.. https://t.co/h3sPou11RQ



Lobotomy, lobotomy, https://t.co/COc6MQTLGg

Poison Ivy and Lux Interior London, 1980 Photo by Anton Corbijn https://t.co/vvaJEMMND1


Happy birthday today to Declan Patrick MacManus, aka Elvis Costello https://t.co/Cje4UmMyUa

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