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Forget lean in. Stand up.

<i>The Cohort is Poynter's bi-monthly newsletter about women kicking ass in digital media.</i><p><i>Cohort! I’m in South Africa for the next week. Today’s</i> …


Why I made the leap back into the news biz

<i>Amy Vernon</i> <i>is the Daily Dot’s recently appointed Director of Audience Engagement. In her new position,Vernon will focus on building an engaged</i> …

Pulitzer Prize

This Entrepreneur Has Built an Incubator for Networks

It's really hard to describe this space in Manhattan's Lower East Side. It helps if you like to think about how networks permeate our lives.<p>Gary Chou prefers not knowing what's going to happen next. It's not necessarily a career route he'd recommend for all, but it's helped him create a spot that's …


These 10 Buzzwords May Not Mean What You Think They Mean

Ever wonder what the folks in marketing are actually talking about? Let me help.<p>There are more buzzwords every day. In fact, one might even say some buzzwords are ... wait for it ... viral. My job is to make sense of all the latest and, well, maybe not greatest, buzzwords out there.<p><b>Amplify</b> -- "Make …


The Future of Social Media: 5 Predictions for 2016

These five predictions continue the trends we've seen in 2015, but takes them in new directions.<p>A lot of changes in social media in 2016 won't be revolutionary - they'll be a continuation and acceleration of what we've seen already. Of course, any revolutionary change will be so different that to …

How This Entrepreneur Solves a Problem for Businesses and Consumers

With the launch of its first consumer app today, New York City-based Clarifai is bringing high-tech image recognition technology to your smartphone.<p>Matthew Zeiler wanted to solve a simple problem: The mess our photo files have become.<p>For example, you're really excited about a selfie you took with …

Lean Startups

What a Simple Daily Prompt Taught this Entrepreneur About Building a Business

The idea was simple: Send people a new word or phrase each day to see what it made them think about. The results have been fascinating.<p>Right now, Edlyn Yuen has no idea how -- or even if -- her project, Prompt, will make any money.<p>That's not the point. The point is to figure out what people want …

Boston Marathon

Finding and Funding the Next Generation of Female Founders

Women-led companies receive only about 7 percent of all venture capital funding. Women Who Tech aims to change that with the Women Startup Challenge.<p>Women-led companies receive only about 7 percent of all venture capital funding.<p>When a report came out of Harvard Business School last year with that …

Project Management

How to Build Your Network Without Pulling a LinkedIn

It's not really all that hard not to spam potential followers, fans, customers or users. Don't spam them is the first rule.<p>It's so, so tempting sometimes.<p>Someone doesn't respond to your email, you email them again. Days go by, and still no response. "Did you see my previous emails?"<p>YES, I WAS …

Condé Nast

Throw It All Out When It’s Not Working

Sometimes you can't make things work. Don't be afraid to throw it all out and start from scratch.<p>I've spent two days working on this post.<p>It probably won't read as if it's something that should have taken so long. Scratch that - it <i>definitely</i> wont' read as if it's something that should have taken so …


How to Avoid Gender Bias in Your Job Listings

Unconscious bias may be unconscious, but it's still bias. Wouldn't you want your job listings to attract the most--and the best--candidates, regardless of background?<p>Words have power.<p>Our recent national conversations around racial, ethnic, and gender discrimination make that abundantly clear. Our …

Facebook Unveils New Livestream Feature

Facebook's answer to Periscope and Meerkat has gone live for some profiles. Here's what this means for the livestream revolution.<p>Livestreaming is all the rage with kids these days.<p>Periscope, Meerkat, Blab--and, of course, no new technology would be complete without Facebook jumping into the …

Public Relations

Assist Gives You the Info You Need, Without All the Apps

If you’re anything like me, your phone overflows with apps. You have folders of apps to tell you the weather, to help you with varied transportation …


A Guide to Planning an Epic Super Bowl Party

In a couple of weeks—February 7, to be exact—the Carolina Panthers will take on the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50.<p>Even if you don’t care about a …

Super Bowl Parties

5 Useful Gadgets We Discovered at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show

You’re forgiven if you thought all that was debuted at the annual Coachella of electronics— better known as the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show—were …


6 Entrepreneurs to Inspire Your New Year’s Resolutions

There’s something about a new year that makes us take stock. It’s a clean start, although completely arbitrary. The school year starts in August or …


Update Your Digital Roledex

<b>Update Your Digital Rolodex</b><p>Sometimes there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to keep track of your business contacts.<p>From scanning in business …


7 Last-Minute Holiday Gifts for Your Boss

It’s a tricky thing, buying gifts for a co-worker, never mind if that co-worker is your boss.<p>You could go tried-and-true with a gift card, or pick up …