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Gone Platinum, be back soon. #365feministselfie

Another year of #365feministselfie January 1, starring my handsome guy, and the #lyme headache that is pushing down my eyebrow, making it hard to keep my eye open. I really hope to not spend much of 2015 like this. #feministselfie #LymeDisease

Um. Happy New Year. Why is 2015 so damn bright? #nye #2015 #timetohydrate #roséforeveryone

365. HAPPY NEW YEAR. Today is the last day of 2014, and four days to my birthday, which I think of as my birth/rebirth day. The last picture of this project will be on my birthday. Deepest thanks to each of you who responded to yesterday's post with support and love. Your understanding and acknowledgement surprised and moved me. It is an understatement to say that I am grateful. From W. S. Merwin's, To the New Year, for our new year: so this is the sound of you here and now whether or not anyone hears it this is where we have come with our age our knowledge such as it is and our hopes such as they are invisible before us untouched and still possible I wish you a year of love, joy, and peace. #365feministselfie

#365feministselfie first selfie of the year! Happy #2015 everyone!

My loves, always. #365feministselfie #Farewell2014 #NYE

First selfie of 2015! Family love #365FeministSelfie

Just me and @AndersonCooper chillin' on New Year's Eve. My favorite way to see out the year. (And the S.O. helping get the shot while indulging my desire to celebrate the new year on east coast time.) #cnnnye and the final #365feministselfie of 2014!!!!

#365feministselfie - Day 365 - Happy New Year! Thank you to everyone who participated in & supported this project. It's been a trip. Here's to an amazing 2015!

Bithday dinner. #365feministselfie #birthday #newyear

Last #365feministselfie of the year! Ringing in 2015 with the love of my life. Perfect. 😍 Happy New Year!!!

Best thing about doing #365feministselfie was meeting so many badass women who do not shy away from who they are...and THAT has been a beautiful experience. ♡♡♡

Happy NYE bbs! Be safe whatever you do 😘😘😘😘 #femme #queer #qpoc #qwoc #femmesofcolorvisibility #fat #xicana #latina #femmeofcolor #365feministselfie #pocbodyposi #effyourbeautystandards

#365feministselfie 365! Thought I'd start as I began, a picture with my daughter. What a difference a year has made for her. Happy new year!

219/365. can't wait for this year to be over! but look what a babe i is. #365levis #365feministselfie #selflove

WOW #365feministselfie

Bonus #365feministselfie with shouty friend Angela

Final #365feministselfie Spending the night with my best friend and our pup. ❤️🎉💃 #xicana #xicanx

I've never really been that big into New Years. To me it's but another day in a long journey. I get that its symbolic of a fresh start but I also think that if turning the page on the calendar is a person's motivation for change then that change is probably not going to be permanent. So I'm hoping that the changes in my perception of myself in this world that have begun this year will continue to grow and gain strength in the next. Namely the changes and growth as a result of the #365feministselfie project. It has been eye, or rather soul-opening. So thank you @veronicaeye for creating this wonderfully unexpected journey of self-exploration for all of us. And thanks to all of the friends that I have stumbled across on the way. Your kindness to yourselves and others is a daily inspiration 😆 💞 🙆

Headed to my birthday dinner. #365feministselfie