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Hype Cycle : Machine Learning

Todd Rundgren - Born To Synthesize (Midnight Special 2-75)


In Jesus' Name: Taking Up Serpents


Got some solid for sale. DM us. https://t.co/MCfLCwmtGG

Brexit AR realities...T1312 https://t.co/hHG81nsnRf

Brexit AR reality tunnels ClubACAB...my club my rules... https://t.co/ZU0YUSbHZD

Top 10 conspiracy theories in fiction

Stories that appear to buy into hidden plots, from Franz Kafka to Thomas Pynchon, have an insistent appeal for readers looking to find out ‘what really happened’<p>While writing my third novel, UnAmerican Activities, I watched a lot of conspiracy theory videos on YouTube. The book is a series of …


Current Status: change must come (fill in the Blanks) https://t.co/hK0TiNGhUO

Jeff Mills aka The Wizard @ WJLB Detroit, USA 1986 to 1989

Electronic Music

The President's Analyst - Trailer



Everything about this is amazing. https://t.co/pXbzOd3twa

The true magic of experimenting with musical possibilities as @tomwaits plays his truck air horn & 1944 electric megaphone. How wonderful!! https://t.co/69aF6ewglV

RIP Bob Wakelin. The artist that defined Ocean gaming in the 80s and 90s. There was nothing like the buzz of running up to the art department to see what Bob had delivered for your game's cover. I'll sorely miss the loveable old scouse rogue. https://t.co/GJi2kAhst6

🎥 > Montage / Editing Structure Of A Sequence From Alexander Nevsky, 1939, by Sergei Eisenstein. https://t.co/F7xrkhArTt

Arthur Baker ft. Alan Vega (Paranoid London Remix) - Angel Of Hell


The Tennants Lager Lovelies. #Scotland's finest in a can*... (*Sylvia says "drink responsibly this #BurnsNight2018") https://t.co/xrALe5hkTc

Sunday Studio ScreenGrab Cleanup:_01 Realtime Tachyon style screen smearing in 3d. https://t.co/C8QimEbTZq

Scotland, man. They don’t fuck around. https://t.co/VEHr5wVxC3

NOW DO U UNDERSTAND? https://t.co/SiNgXzqiHs

#Bitcoin Market Cycle https://t.co/WOpARtWvVs

@StealThisSingul Somehow the heat never seem to get the joke.... https://t.co/BkhHn2sYUP

Scarfolk launched its 1st 'starman' car into space in 1977 #FalconHeavy #SpaceX https://t.co/WvN5wwwzsN

Sometimes when I'm bored I look at this and know deep in my heart Jesus wants me for a ginger sunbeam... https://t.co/OxybRB4Tbv

Born February 8, 1894: director King Vidor (The Crowd 1928) https://t.co/3nlwBq9EJK

Emperor Norton, who would have been 200 years old this week, once declared himself "Emperor of the United States". We declare this vessel, Emperor of the Harbor! https://t.co/UggrwmQ52i

sudo apt-puremental-anthat- theres that kodi that is, runin on yir £50 PocketCHIP so it is... streamin that there Blakes7 boxset so it is, an that... https://t.co/TZpEPofBJ5

Happy 75th birthday, Joe Pesci! https://t.co/bGMILYqvuK

Armitage Shanks - Me And Yer Granny On Bongos