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By America Rising PAC | A collection of stories about Hillary Clinton's false statements, out-of-touch comments, and campaign screw-ups #HardChoices #HillaryClinton #StopHillary #politics #republican #democrat #news #

FACT CHECK: Clinton’s Claims About “Accomplishments” Don’t Stand Up To Scrutiny - America Rising

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton spoke with the New Hampshire Union Leader on a wide range of topics. When asked what her top two accomplishments were as …


Hillary Clinton's Hypocrisy On Arctic Drilling - America Rising

In an interview yesterday with NH1, Clinton expressed her doubts about the Obama administration’s plan to allow drilling in the Arctic:

These comments …

Hillary Clinton

Clinton Gets Red Carpet Treatment Boarding Private Jet In New Hampshire - America Rising

After a day of bruising headlines about her dodging questions about the Keystone XL pipeline, Hillary Clinton literally got the red carpet treatment …

New Hampshire

2 Days In A Row, 2 Clinton Dodges On Keystone - America Rising

After dodging a press question in Iowa yesterday about whether she supported approval of the Keystone pipeline, today in New Hampshire, Hillary …

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Hops In Private Jet After Iowa Climate Change Speech - America Rising

Yesterday, an America Rising tracker caught Hillary Clinton boarding her private jet at the Des Moines airport.

Clinton had just wrapped up a speech …

Hillary Clinton

Clinton’s Energy Plan Flops, Particularly On The Left - America Rising

Hillary Clinton unveiled her energy “plan” today in Iowa, and the reviews are in: nobody likes it. Critics, particularly those on the left, were left …

Climate Change

Clinton Spends Press Conference Dodging Reporters Questions, Again - America Rising

Today, Hillary Clinton once again dodged when she was asked for specifics on two important topics: the Keystone Pipeline and how she’s pay for her …

Hillary Clinton

MSNBC Fact Checks Hillary Clinton And Everything Comes Back FALSE - America Rising

This morning MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough spent 6 minutes fact checking Hillary Clinton’s March 2015 press conference at the United Nations on her use of …

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Has Taken All Of The Positions On “Fight For $15” - America Rising

This morning, the New York Times reported that Hillary Clinton is endorsing the “Fight For $15” movement in New York state for fast food workers.

This …

Hillary Clinton

Possible DOJ Probe Into Hillary Clinton’s Emails Dominates The Morning News - America Rising

It is not a happy Friday for the Clinton campaign as the latest scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton’s private server again dominated the morning news.

Hillary Clinton

#FBF: Clinton: “I Did Not Email Any Classified Material To Anyone On My Email” - America Rising

In March, Hillary Clinton claimed she “did not email any classified material” on her State Department email account.

CLINTON: “I did not email any


Clinton Could Now Face A Criminal Investigation Into Her Use Of A Private Email Account - America Rising

Last night, The New York Times reported that two inspectors general have asked the Justice Department to open a criminal investigation into whether …


Kerry's Testimony Reminder That Hillary Clinton Supports Flawed Nuclear Deal With Iran - America Rising

Secretary of State John Kerry will appear today before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to discuss the controversial Iran nuclear deal. Because …

Iran Nuclear Negotiations

Bernie Sanders: I Support $15 Minimum Wage, Clinton "Will Do What She Wants” - America Rising

At a rally where he announced his support for the $15 minimum wage, Bernie Sanders was asked about Hillary Clinton’s recent backtrack on the minimum …

Bernie Sanders

New Q Poll Shows Hillary Clinton Is In Trouble With A Capital T - America Rising

A Quinnipiac Poll released this morning shows that Hillary Clinton’s favorability numbers continuing to slide in key battleground states. According …

Hillary Clinton

Q Poll: Hillary Clinton Not Trustworthy, Doesn’t Care About Voters' Problems - America Rising

In three critical battleground states, Hillary Clinton is seen as not honest and trustworthy. A new poll, released this morning by Quinnipiac …

Hillary Clinton

Obama’s Army Chief-Of-Staff Nominee: Russia, Iran Pose Greatest Threats To U.S. - America Rising

This morning, President Obama’s Army chief-of-staff nominee, Gen. Mark Milley, testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee. When asked by …

Middle East

Top 6 Reasons Hillary Clinton’s Newfound Wall Street Criticism Doesn’t Work - America Rising

Today is the 5-year anniversary of Dodd-Frank, an overly complicated and burdensome set of rules and regulations that stymie economic growth, …

Wall Street

Clinton Supported Obama’s Policies While Median Incomes Fell - America Rising

This past week, Hillary Clinton has been stressing her yet-to-be explained economic plan, with her touted measure of success being “how much incomes …

Hillary Clinton

Reminded Of Past Contributions, Hillary Clinton Drops HSBC Mention - America Rising

It took less than a week for Hillary Clinton to remove mentions of Clinton Foundation donors from her stump speech. On Monday, Clinton attacked HSBC …


Clinton Backtracks On Capital Gains Tax - America Rising

Last night, The Wall Street Journal reported that Hillary Clinton plans to “redo” the capital gains tax. Yes, redo does mean raise tax rates. Clinton …

Corporate Finance

Team Clinton Says She Had A Great Week. Here’s What Really Happened. - America Rising

Hillary Clinton’s communications director Jen Palmieri did her best to spin a week filled with sliding poll numbers and very little grassroots …

Hillary Clinton

2 Stories This Week Remind Us About Hillary Clinton’s Weak Record On Fighting Terrorism - America Rising

According to a report yesterday, Boko Haram is suspected to be behind yet another attack in Nigeria, as two bombings at a market have left 50 people …

Hillary Clinton

Clinton Backtracks On Fight For $15 - America Rising

At a press availability in New Hampshire today, Hillary Clinton declined to support liberal union-backed “Fight for $15″ movement nationwide:


Hillary Clinton

The Fairytale Ends: Hillary Clinton’s FEC Filings Are Released - America Rising

Hillary Clinton and her team went to great lengths to tell reporters, donors, and voters that things would be different this time. Clinton’s big …

Hillary Clinton

Clinton Returns To Ropegate State Amid New Media Angst Stories - America Rising

Hillary Clinton is returning to New Hampshire Thursday for the first time since she roped off the press like cattle during a parade on July 4.

While …

Hillary Clinton

Clinton Touted Sanctions Now Being Rolled Back By Iran Deal She Supports - America Rising

According to the terms of the Iran nuclear agreement reached yesterday, sanctions imposed on Iran would be rolled back “sequentially as Iran complies …

Middle East

Ropegate, Disastrous Interviews May Be Hurting Clinton’s Poll Numbers - America Rising

A new nationwide poll released yesterday by USA Today & Suffolk University reveals Hillary Clinton’s support is continuing to sag.

Matched up against …

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Endorses Iran Deal Opposed By Some Of America’s Middle East Allies - America Rising

Hillary Clinton endorsed yesterday’s nuclear agreement with Iran and major world powers, saying the deal “can make the United States, Israel, and our …

Middle East