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By America Rising PAC | A collection of stories about Hillary Clinton's false statements, out-of-touch comments, and campaign screw-ups #HardChoices #HillaryClinton #StopHillary #politics #republican #democrat #news #

David Axelrod Emailed Clinton's Private Account, Despite Saying He Didn't Know It Existed - America Rising

Earlier this month, former Barack Obama advisor David Axelrod claimed he did not know that Hillary Clinton had a private email:

However, two new …

David Axelrod

New Hillary Clinton Email Disclosure Dominates Morning TV - America Rising

Yesterday, the State Department released 3,000 emails from Hillary Clinton’s private sever.

The New York Times Michael Schmidt reported that the State …

Hillary Clinton

What’s Behind Clinton’s Secret Meeting With Labor Leaders? - America Rising

Politico is reporting that Hillary Clinton is meeting privately with labor leaders in DC in a couple weeks.

What will the meeting entail? Who knows! …

Minimum Wage

The Sad Love Triangle That Is The Clinton-Warren-Sanders Relationship - America Rising

Hillary loves Liz. Liz loves Bernie. No one loves Hillary.

Earlier this year, Hillary Clinton penned a love letter to Elizabeth Warren in TIME …


Clinton Fundraising At $8.75 Million NYC Apartment - America Rising

This evening, Hillary Clinton will continue her nationwide fundraising tour by visiting the SoHo loft of Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes and Sean …

Hillary Clinton

“Dead Broke” Bill Clinton Makes Quick Shopping Trip To Paris - America Rising

People magazine reports that Bill Clinton needed to get in some “retail therapy” at Hermes in Paris recently. According to People, Clinton arrived in …


Does Clinton Back Cuomo’s Executive Minimum Wage Decree? - America Rising

Today in New York, Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo’s “Fast Food Wage Board” will be meeting to discuss raising the minimum wage for fast food workers, …

Hillary Clinton

Did Hillary Clinton Endorse Fight For $15 For Donor Money? - America Rising

Earlier this month, Hillary Clinton endorsed the Fight for $15 movement but, strangely, did not endorse a $15 minimum wage, leaving many puzzled by …

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s Lack Of Transparency Leads The News Again - America Rising

Last night, news broke that Hillary Clinton did not provide all of her “work-related emails” to the State Department, as she claimed earlier this …

Hillary Clinton

Clinton Did Not Turn Over All Emails, As She Claimed - America Rising

Today, The Associated Press reported that Hillary Clinton did not provide all of her “work-related emails,” as she claimed earlier this year:

The State

Hillary Clinton

Clinton Surrogates Are Worried About Sanders - America Rising

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO), a highly touted Hillary Clinton surrogate, appeared on Morning Joe today to attack Clinton challenger Sen. Bernie …

Bernie Sanders

Bloomberg Poll Has Hillary Clinton Losing Support In Iowa And New Hampshire Primaries - America Rising

Hillary Clinton is losing support in earlier primary states according to a Bloomberg politics poll released today. Clinton is down 7 points among …

Hillary Clinton

"Miserly," "Repulsive" - Die-Hard Hillary Clinton Fan Blasts Campaign For Not Paying Full-Time Staff - America Rising

In a USA Today column, Carolyn Osorio blasts the Clinton campaign’s practice of not paying staff or interns. Osorio isn’t anti-Hillary – she’s

Hillary Clinton

INFOGRAPHIC: Hillary Clinton's Wealth Versus Kindergarten Teachers' Salaries - America Rising

During her stump speech, Hillary Clinton likes to use this line to sound like a populist:

“While many of you are working multiple jobs to make ends

Hillary Clinton

Gruber In 2008: “I Love” The Hillary Clinton Healthcare Reform Plan - America Rising

While speaking about the Democratic presidential candidates’ healthcare reform plans in October 2008, Jonathan Gruber – the MIT economist who said …

Hillary Clinton

Report Reveals Clinton Chief Of Staff Played Significant Role In Suppressing State Department Investigations - America Rising

Over the weekend, the Washington Examiner highlighted a State Department Inspector General report that found then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s …

U.S. State Department

Here Are 6 Houses The Clintons Could Rent For Their Summer Vacation - America Rising

Last week, The New York Times wrote about the biggest issue facing the Clinton campaign this summer: where should Hillary Clinton and family go on …

Summer Vacation

Hillary Clinton's Campaign Encouraged Supporters To Engage With Website - Few Did - America Rising

There’s an old saying that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. For the last few months, America Rising has been using the digital annotating …


Clinton Ignores Own Past And Facts While Discussing Clinton Foundation And Cybersecurity - America Rising

In an interview aired on WMUR today, Hillary Clinton continuously ignored the facts and her own record. First she discussed the Clinton Foundation, …

Clinton Foundation

Clinton Still Not Clear On The Trans-Pacific Partnership - America Rising

Last night on Ralston Reports, Hillary Clinton continued to dodge questions about the Trans-Pacific Partnership, refusing to say whether she supports …

Hillary Clinton

Sid Blumenthal Testimony Further Highlights Clinton's Bad Leadership - America Rising

Multiple news reports coming out of the testimony of longtime Clinton associate Sid Blumenthal provide further insight into Clinton’s poor judgment …


Sid Blumenthal Testimony Reveals More Shockingly Bad Judgment By Secretary Clinton - America Rising

It was reported yesterday that Hillary Clinton’s longtime family friend and Clinton Foundation adviser, Sidney Blumenthal, was providing memos to the …

Sidney Blumenthal

Another Senior Obama Advisor Didn’t Know About Hillary Clinton’s Private Email Sever - America Rising

Today on Morning Joe former Obama senior advisor David Axelrod said about Hillary Clinton’s private email server, “I think it is unusual, he was the …


SHOT/CHASER: Q Poll Shows Swing State Voters Don't Trust Hillary Clinton, Despite Her Campaign Manager's Claim - America Rising

This past Sunday, Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook claimed that “no poll shows that voters don’t trust Hillary.”

However, today Quinnipiac …

Hillary Clinton

Bitter Irony Of The Day: Clinton Preaches Government Transparency - America Rising

In 2008, Hillary Clinton made the absurd claim that she’s “the most transparent person in public life.” A more apt description would be that Clinton …


60 New Benghazi Emails Discovered - America Rising

Ahead of his appearance before the House Select Committee on Benghazi today, Sidney Blumenthal, a friend to both Bill and Hillary Clinton, turned …


Clinton Dodges 3 Times On Trade And Fast-Track Authority Question In 1 Press Avail - America Rising

This afternoon, Hillary Clinton graced the American people with a rare press availability. Unfortunately, Clinton didn’t take the opportunity to …

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton's Reporter Potty Problem - America Rising

The Clintons have a long – and bizarre – trend of treating reporters badly, with bathrooms. Here’s a quick history, plus what the Clinton campaign …

Hillary Clinton

NEW Genius Annotations: Hillary Clinton's Campaign Reset Speech - America Rising

Saturday marked the reset of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. She posted her reset speech online and encouraged people to annotate and say more about …

Hillary Clinton