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By America Rising PAC | A collection of stories about Hillary Clinton's false statements, out-of-touch comments, and campaign screw-ups #HardChoices #HillaryClinton #StopHillary #politics #republican #democrat #news #

Nobody’s Quite Sold On Clinton Yet - America Rising

The hosts of Hillary Clinton’s events in Iowa and New Hampshire want her to face primary competition. Today in New Hampshire, the manager of the Mill …

Hillary Clinton

Will Trade Be Clinton’s 3rd Flip Flop In 6 Days? - America Rising

When it comes to trade, Hillary Clinton is in a bind.

Congress is set to vote on the giving President Obama fast track authority on trade in a few …


SIGN if you agree - Hillary is OUT OF TOUCH! - America Rising

In 2014, she claimed her family was “dead broke” after leaving the White House and that they aren’t “truly well off.” This is despite owning two …

Hillary Clinton

Day 2: Hillary Clinton’s First “Walk Back” - America Rising

Let the #Hillary2016 “walk backs” begin!

Last night, BuzzFeed reported that the story Hillary Clinton has been telling about all of her grandparents …

Hillary Clinton

And Clinton’s Keystone Money Keeps Rolling In - America Rising

The Clinton Foundation announced yesterday that it would continue accepting foreign donations from Canada, a leading advocate for the Keystone …


Hillary Clinton Suddenly Changes Tune On Obama’s Handling Of The Economy - America Rising

Hillary Clinton changed her tune on Barack Obama’s economic leadership today at an event in Iowa, proving she will say or do anything to win an …

Hillary Clinton

CAPTURED ON VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Chairman Schmoozing Liberal Donors On Same Day Candidate Talks Campaign Finance Reform - America Rising

America Rising cameras caught Clinton’s top brass in San Francisco yesterday raising the kind of “unaccountable money” Clinton was decrying at the …

Hillary Clinton

The Clintons Have A History Of Problems With Their Taxes - America Rising

Everybody hates tax day, but few have gone to the lengths that the Clintons have to deliberately avoid paying their taxes. In 2010, Hillary Clinton …


Hillary Clinton Bio Discrepancy: Takes Credit For Iran Sanctions That Were Congress' Idea - America Rising

During a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing today that covered the future role of Congress in the nuclear agreement with Iran, two Democrats …


Clinton Decries CEO Pay But Made 300 Times More Than The Average American Family - America Rising

Today, at her first campaign event in Iowa, Hillary Clinton said its wrong “when CEOs make 300 times more than the typical worker.” However, in 2012, …

Hillary Clinton

While Hillary Clinton Decries Big Money In Politics, Podesta Goes To Raise Some Big Money In SF - America Rising

During a roundtable event today at Kirkwood Community College, Hillary Clinton decried big money in politics, saying “We need to fix our …

Hillary Clinton

America Rising Releases New Clinton Web Video: “Trustworthy?” - America Rising

Today, as Hillary Clinton begins her second attempt at convincing Iowa voters that she should be president, America Rising released a new web video …

Hillary Clinton

Clinton's Boko Haram Failure One Year Later - America Rising

One year ago today, Boko Haram kidnapped 200 schoolgirls in Nigeria. During Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State, the State Department …

Boko Haram

Clinton Decided To Run For President At Millionaire Fashion Designer’s Beachfront “Compound” - America Rising

Ever a true “champion” of “everyday Americans,” Hillary Clinton reportedly decided she would launch another run for the White House while vacationing …

Fashion Design

Clinton Inc.: A $2.5B Endeavor - America Rising

Hillary Clinton launched her presidential campaign on Sunday with a video focused on what she calls “everyday Americans.” Clinton, who is reportedly …

Hillary Clinton

LEAKED: How Hillary Clinton Redacts Her Documents - America Rising

Everyone has a dirty little secret – Hillary Clinton sure has a few! Now YOU can own the same marker Hillary Clinton uses to redact documents she

Hillary Clinton

Bill de Blasio Snub Gets NYC Front Page Treatment - America Rising

Both the New York Post and the New York Daily News made note of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s refusal to endorse Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign on …

New York

Clinton (Not) Driving To Iowa - America Rising

Multiple outlets are reporting that Hillary Clinton is driving from New York to Iowa. One can imagine this is a calculation of the Clinton campaign …

Hillary Clinton

The Clinton Campaign's Early Lies And Failures - America Rising

Hillary Clinton announced that she will be running for president today starting her campaign by exaggerating her record and misrepresenting her …

Hillary Clinton

By The Numbers: Clinton’s Announcement A Whopping 92 Words - America Rising

Hillary Clinton announced she’s running for President today via web video. After an anonymous Clinton staffer told reporters they “just wanted to get …

Hillary Clinton

Statement From America Rising Chairman Matt Rhoades On Clinton Announcement - America Rising

The following is a statement from America Rising Chairman Matt Rhoades on Hillary Clinton’s presidential announcement:

“Throughout the duration of her

Hillary Clinton

The Top 5 Things You Need To Know About Hillary Clinton - America Rising

Hillary Clinton, to no one’s surprise, wants to be president. Democrats cleared the decks for her to run essentially unopposed in a primary, and now …


Mitt Romney Calls Hillary Clinton A Creature Of Washington - America Rising

This morning on Fox News Sunday, Gov. Mitt Romney rightly noted that Hillary Clinton is not trustworthy and called her a “creature of Washington.”


Bill DeBlasio This Morning Won’t Endorse Hillary Clinton For President - America Rising

One of Hillary Clinton’s closest allies refused to endorse her this morning.

In 2000, Bill De Blasio was the campaign manager for Clinton’s Senate …

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s Rough ‘Announcement Day’ Sunday Morning Shows - America Rising

On the day she is expected to announce her ambitions to once again be president, Sunday morning shows exposed the harsh realities facing her …

Hillary Clinton

4 Other Notable Moments On This Day In Clinton History - America Rising

As Hillary Clinton (finally) makes her presidential campaign official today, here’s a look back at some notable events and headlines about the …

Hillary Clinton

Here's The Proof President Hillary Clinton Would Give Foreign Foundation Donors Special Treatment - America Rising

In February, Fox News’s John Roberts asked “If [Hillary Clinton] becomes president, will governments that contributed to the Clinton Foundation have a


Elizabeth Warren: I’d Like To See Clinton Address Her Trade Position - America Rising

In an unusually testy interview on CBS’s “This Morning,” Elizabeth Warren was asked where she differs with Hillary Clinton on key issues. Warren …

7 Headlines That Remind Us About Hillary Clinton's Disastrous Foreign Policy - America Rising

From Russians hacking the White House to more reports of Assad employing chemical weapons on his own people, the headlines from just the past month …