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Hillary Clinton’s No Good Very Bad Week - America Rising

It was another rough week for Hillary Clinton and her campaign, it started off in the midst of a 4-week long media black out.

On Tuesday news broke …

Hillary Clinton

Raising New Questions, Clinton Received Now-Classified Information On Private Server - America Rising

The AP reports that Hillary Clinton received now-classified information about the Benghazi attacks on her private email server:

“Former Secretary of

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s Favorability Hits A Seven-Year Low - America Rising

The Pew Research Center came out with new polling this week that show Hillary Clinton’s favorability has plummeted.

Since last August, Clinton’s …

Hillary Clinton

Everyday Americans And Media Are Getting Annoyed With The Clinton Bubble - America Rising

An article published by McClatchy highlights how Hillary Clinton’s campaign is more scripted and exists within in a bubble. Anita Kumar points out how …

Hillary Clinton

By The Numbers: Clinton Emails On Benghazi and Libya - America Rising

This morning, the New York Times released Hillary Clinton’s emails pertaining to the events surrounding the attack on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi. To …

Sidney Blumenthal

Ed Henry Highlights Explosive New Information Revealed In Hillary Clinton’s Emails - America Rising

As we are starting to learn more about what Hillary Clinton sent and received from her private server, Ed Henry highlighted some of the more …

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Staffer: Clinton The Public Face Of U.S. Libya Effort - America Rising

Based on the Benghazi e-mails released today by the New York Times, a top foreign policy adviser called Hillary Clinton “the public face of the U.S. …

Hillary Clinton

NYT: Hillary Clinton’s Personal Email Account Contained Sensitive Information - America Rising

A new report from The New York Times reveals that Hillary Clinton was sending sensitive information, including the location of key State Department …


7 Foreign Policy Questions For Reporters To Ask Hillary Clinton - America Rising

Although Hillary Clinton only sparingly answers questions from the press, below is a list of foreign policy questions that reporters could consider …

Hillary Clinton

House Democrats' Never Ending Primary Problems - America Rising

Democrats have to win big in 2016 to disassemble the GOP’s historic House majority, but they’re off to a bad start. In must-win districts, Democrats …


Clinton State Department Slow Walking FOIA Request Shows A Lack Of Transparency - America Rising

The Wall Street Journal reported that the Clinton State Department, “scrutinized politically sensitive documents requested under public-records law …

U.S. State Department

Meet Jack Conway: Serial Flip Flopper - America Rising

A pattern emerges if you follow Jack Conway’s positions. They tend to change when he’s running for office. Why? Jack Conway is a national Democrat. …

Bush Tax Cuts

Nancy Pelosi’s DCCC Has Lost Control In Florida House Primary - America Rising

Democrats are fighting each other in a contentious primary for an open House seat in Florida’s 18th congressional district, according to a National


Iowa Democrats Can’t Name An Accomplishment By Hillary Clinton As Sec. Of State - America Rising

Mark Halperin previewed a Bloomberg focus group of Iowa democrats on MSNBC Morning Joe. Halperin asked the focus group if they could name an …

Hillary Clinton

Clinton Agrees With Romney, Disagrees With Warren On Banks - America Rising

In Iowa today, Hillary Clinton said that action must be taken to unburden small, community banks from the regulatory and paperwork requirements …

Hillary Clinton

Reporter DARES To Ask Hillary Clinton A Question, And You Won’t Believe What Happens Next - America Rising

Hillary Clinton

Flee The Press: A Hillary Clinton Story - America Rising

Hillary Clinton is so eager to avoid speaking to the press that she and her team sped away from an event in Mason City, Iowa yesterday at 95 miles …

Hillary Clinton

Hilary Clinton Wants To Be The President For Small Business. Here’s Why She’s Anything But. - America Rising

In a tweet she sent out this morning, Hillary Clinton said she wants to be “the president for small business.” This week, she’s holding small …

Small Business

Clinton Scandals Take Over The Morning News - America Rising

With several news stories breaking late in the afternoon yesterday, and the continued media blackout by the Clinton campaign the morning news was …

Hillary Clinton

MSNBC Blasts Hillary Clinton For Not Answering Questions During A Campaign Event In Iowa - America Rising

The Clinton campaign is continuing its media blackout that has been going on for 27 days, or roughly 39,000 minutes. While the former Secretary was …

Hillary Clinton

5 Must-Read Stories About Hillary Clinton’s $30 Million Disclosure - America Rising

It’s a day of the week that ends in “-day,” so Hillary Clinton’s unethical and out-of-touch behavior is at the center of the news. Check out 5 of the …


Hillary Clinton Dominates The Sunday Shows - America Rising

When will Hillary Clinton answer a question from the media?

That question was the general theme of this week’s Sunday show line up. It has been 26 …

Hillary Clinton

Top Facts Revealed By Hillary Clinton's Financial Disclosure - America Rising

Last night we learned that the “dead broke” Clintons are actually anything but, according to Hillary Clinton’s latest personal financial disclosure. …


"Dead Broke" Clintons Are In The Top 1% - America Rising

Today, we learned that the Clintons, who Hillary Clinton claimed were “dead broke” and were struggling to pay for “mortgages for houses,” are “among …

Bill Clinton

Firms That Lobbied The State Department Also Donated To The Clinton Foundation - America Rising

Just four days after she announced her campaign, Hillary Clinton confirmed that her she would be taking donations from lobbyists. Just like in her …

Clinton Foundation

New AR Memo: Hillary Clinton And The Widening Rift In The Democratic Party - America Rising

In recent weeks, much has been made of the widening and serious rift within the Democrats that has roiled party ranks and spilled into the public …

Hillary Clinton

As Hillary Hides, 5 Democratic Leaders Talk To The Media - America Rising

According to the most generous estimates, Hillary Clinton has answered only thirteen questions from the press during the first month of her 2016 …

Bernie Sanders

HYPOCRISY ALERT: Clinton Campaign Coordinating Directly With “Unaccountable Money” Group - America Rising

Not yet a month ago, Hillary Clinton said we need a Constitutional amendment to ban “unaccountable money” in politics.

Then yesterday happened.

The …


Lincoln Bedroom Guests Still Raising $$$ For The Clintons - America Rising

The Clintons famously rented out the Lincoln bedroom in the ‘90s to wealthy donors who raised and contributed at least $5.4 million to the Democratic …

Clinton Foundation