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By American Sailing Association | The American Sailing Association was founded in 1983 with a simply stated mission: to teach people to sail safely and confidently. In addition to our worldwide network of sailing schools, our online resources for new & experienced sailors continues to grow - we have  lots of great tips, instructional sailing videos, travel guides for far away cruising destinations, and fun quizzes to test your sailing knowledge! 

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ASA’s Sailing Challenge App

Introducing the *UPDATED* ASA Sailing Challenge App<p>A cutting-edge, mobile gaming app designed as a fun learning aid to help illustrate the principles …


ASA In China

The recent growth of ASA in China has created the need for us to examine every aspect of how sailing education is conducted in the 21st century. We …


Foiling Monos for Next America’s Cup?

Another America’s Cup is in the history books and although the actual Cup itself might not have been as exciting as the Louis Vuitton World Series …

America's Cup

Bite Sized Lessons : Aids To Navigation

We know that learning to sail can be overwhelming and there is a lot to take in. In an effort to help we’ve created a series of “Bite Sized Lessons” …

On The Water

Malta – Sailing Through Thousands of Years of History

So many people ask “<i>just where is Malta?</i>” and you just might be asking yourself the same thing. Well, get ready to jump in feet first into a country …

Cruising Boat Spotlight: The MacGregor 26M

Generally speaking sailors are an opinionated bunch but, as a baseline, are okay with any boat you choose because at the end of the day, you’re still …


Responding to an Emergency Quiz

Should a backstay fail while sailing you should:<p>Turn upwind and sheet the mainsail in hard.Yes!<br>• Turn the boat downwind and let out all the sails.No. …


Old and Great!

Another really cool thing about sailing is that you can enjoy it when your five the same way you enjoy it when your 85 and there’s many a sailor out …

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ASA Gulf & San Juan Islands Flotilla

This is the ninth year in a row that ASA has sponsored a flotilla in the Pacific Northwest, and these cruises have become very popular. We had 12 …


Learning Lessons From the America’s Cup

Ok then – the <i>Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Qualifiers & Challenger Playoffs</i> are over but the big dance is about to begin! This weekend, once again, the …


7 Ways to Sail Greener and Protect Your Local Waters!

Sailing is an amazing sport, powered by wind and so close to the water – it’s impossible not to feel connected to nature – and that’s why we love it! …


Glossary of America’s Cup Sailing Terms

The America’s Cup is the absolute premier sailboat race in the world. It’s the sailor’s Superbowl. For the new sailors who are checking it out for …


Small Boat Spotlight : The Everlasting Hobie 16

When you stop and think about what types of boats are most responsible for luring people into the wonderful world of sailing the Hobie 16 has got to …


How to Tie 3 Important Sailing Knots

There are as many sailing knots as there are stars in the night sky — or so it seems. But the reality is that most sailors can get along with only …


ASA Knots Made Easy : Bowline


5 Cool Things About the 35th America’s Cup

Your humble author was bellied up to the bar at 10 a.m. Saturday to watch the first America’s Cup races live from Bermuda – more specifically, the …

America's Cup

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A classic wooden schooner with full #sail deployed for an upwind beat. #ASASailing #Sailboat

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A new & innovative way to learn how to sail...

Flotillas: Advanced Concentrated Learning and Fun!

The way a person becomes a solid sailor is about as varied as anything there is. Some learn from their great grand pappy; maybe others buy a boat and …

British Virgin Islands

5 Thoughts About Sailing With Kids

One the absolute greatest things about sailing with kids is how it brings families together. There may be no better place on earth for bonding than …


Quiz on Lights

Navigation lights are designed to:<p>Actually indicate the relative heading of a given vesselThat is true!<br>• Indicate the distance from your given …


5 Things Sailors Can Do to Make for a Healthier Environment

Everyone needs to think about the world we live in as something we should collectively protect and keep clean – a sailor’s task is to keep a …


Is the America’s Cup Good for the Sport of Sailing?

These days, just mention the words “America’s Cup” to any group of sailors and it’s likely that in no more than a few minutes they’ll all be arguing. …

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