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America throws away enough food each year to feed most of the WORLD: Study claims Americans dispose of nearly 40 percent of the produce they buy

• <b>Study finds Americans throw away 31% to 40% of the food they buy every year</b>• <b><br>If all Americans' food waste was recovered, they could give a</b> …

Eighty people hold the same amount of wealth as the world's 3.6 billion poorest people, according to an analysis just released from Oxfam, ... / Economy And Finance - Money - Wealth

"There is no patent. Could you patent the sun?"<p>The words are those of Jonas Salk, developer of the polio vaccine, speaking to Edward R. Murrow in …


Generosity to combat poverty

ISLAM IS A RELIGION THAT PROVIDES A PERMANENT foundation for its followers to construct a righteous life. Accordingly, Caliph Abu Bakr stated the …