ISLAM and Science

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I grew up as a Muslim with an interest in Islamic thought and philosophy, and I also had a passion for the natural sciences. But I had not really given much thought to the possibility that these tw... / Islam - Islam And Science - Modern Science - Modernity - Muslim Scientists

"Islamic Science" -- I often encounter this expression when I meet fellow Muslims at social events and I state that I am a scientist during the …

Earth magnetic shield is older than previously thought

<b>The Earth's magnetic field, which shields the atmosphere from harmful radiation, is at least four billion years old, according to scientists.</b><p>This is 550 million years older than it was previously believed to be.<p>Scientists at Rochester University in New York analysed crystals found in Western …


Islam and science

Amir Aczel: 'Why Science Does Not Disprove God'

In his new book <i>Why Science Does Not Disprove God</i>, science writer Amir Aczel chronicles the New Atheist movement, taking aim at scientists like …