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A Year with the Fujifilm X-Pro2

Ted Vieira has been shooting with the X-Pro2 for over a year. In his today’s FujiLove Academy video he is sharing with us his thoughts on this …


There are circumstances where staying up all night are acceptable (and also highly encouraged). One is waiting until 3 am for the full moon to set so the dark skies and bright stars that #Utah’s Arches #NationalPark is known for had come out to show off. Photographer Hunter Day (@hunter_day_photo) spent all night out taking pictures, ending up at The Windows trail for the rise of the #MilkyWay cresting right over the North Window. Photo @archesnps courtesy of Hunter Day (@hunter_day_photo). #findyourpark #usinterior

Rome, Italy is seen from above. @airpano, a Russian photography group, traveled with drones to some of the world's most famous cities, creating panoramas at night time like this one. (Airpano/Caters News Agency) #itsamazingoutthere

Photographer Tells Stories of Women Across Rural India

<i>Japiyammal, 34, sells dry fish to make a living for her family. She also received a notice to vacate her home. After 50 years, the government</i> …


Christian Stoll's A New York Split Second Perfectly Displays Life in NYC

<i>All images by Christian Stoll. Used with a Creative Commons License</i><p>There have been lots of attempts to try to capture the chaos that is always …

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The Coolest Photography Links Of The Week

We have had another incredible week here in the world of photography with artists and contributing writers adding some great content to the websphere …



DPI Explained: Everything You Need to Know About Print Resolution

When it comes to printing your images and that elusive DPI (dots per inch) number, the ultimate question is: “how big is big enough?” Whether you’re …


Platinum Prints From Digital Files

I developed my first roll of film and saw my first black-and-white print appear under the red light of a darkroom in 1972. I was 12 years old. My …


10 Rules to Follow When Composing a Photo

You can have the most stunning subject to photograph in the most gorgeous lighting, but if you don't take care to compose the shot well, no amount of …

Landscape Photography

Best Camera Settings for Landscape Photography

It's no wonder that landscape photography is so popular...For starters, it's an accessible given that we're surrounded by landscapes big and small …

Landscape Photography

A Tribute to a Great Lens: The Samyang 12mm f/2.0 NCS CS (Long Term Review 2017)

Every photographer has their favorite lens. In the end, lenses are just tools, but some lenses just connect so well with the photographer that they …

The Fujinon XF 60mm f/2.4 Macro: A Very Good and Very Underrated Lens (Long Term Review)

Since the beginning of the Fujifilm X Mount line of cameras and lenses, one lens seems to dominate when it comes to the most disliked, perhaps even …


The Online Photographer

As I was assembling my Fuji X-Pro2 kit, I began looking for a lightweight bag to store it all in. I wanted the bag to carry my lenses in cases, and …

How to Master the Sunny 16 Rule

<b>Article Preview:</b>• The Sunny 16 Rule Explained<br>• The Sunny 16 Rule in Action<br>• Additional Exposure Rules<br>• Why You Should Use the Sunny 16 Rule<br>The Sunny 16 Rule …

Landscape Photography

How to Prepare Your Photos for Printing

If you’ve ever printed a photo directly from your computer to your printer, you might have been surprised to find out that the color in the images …


9 Essential Lightroom Organization Tips for Photographers

Click the title of the article to read this post on Improve Photography, which includes all media files mentioned.It's funny. The main purpose of …


The Best Portfolio Builders For Photographers According To Photographers

If you’re going to try to make your way and your mark as a photographer, people are going to need to know you exist. Period. Your work is going to …

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