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3 Perfect Upper Body Moves

Add these exercises to your routine for sculpted arms. By: Reese Boge | January 19, 2016<p>Everyone has their go-to moves, their favorite exercises and …

The Lean-Body Laws

Leaning out isn’t an easy process. It means eating smart, training efficiently, and remembering that every calorie burned counts. Gone are impromptu …


Ready to Get in the Best Shape of Your Life? Let's Do It Together.

If you’re like me, you may have overindulged during the holiday break -- I’ve never met a Thanksgiving dinner I could resist. Back in July I wrote about how business goals mirror fitness goals. In that column, I wrote, “I’m guilty of this as well -- constantly going from ‘all in’ in terms of …


It takes two: why Greeks are turning to tango

For the country that popularised drama, this dance of passion offers a welcome catharsis during troubled times<p>Under the stars, chest-to-chest, they move in silent embrace. The clock has struck midnight but the dancers continue to arrive.<p>It could be a scene out of Buenos Aires as the tango lyrics …


This Is Why Tango Can Help Boost Longevity

According to a new study, dancing the tango can have neurological benefits for people who are aging or suffering from diseases like Parkinson’s.<p>A …

Stephen Marino PhotographyStephen Marino Photography... Explore the exciting world of ballroom photography.Explore the exciting world of ballroom photography.

Explore the exciting world of ballroom photography.<p>This stunning series features an array of art pieces that presents tango from a whole new …

Skin Care
Skin Care

This Is The Number 1 Reason So Many People Hate To Exercise - Women's Running

<i>*Courtesy of POPSUGAR Fitness</i><p>Every week, it seems, there’s a new study or article addressing how much exercise we need to stay healthy. Some studies …


How to Get Up Early

<b>Picture Your Rivals</b><p><b>Name:</b> John Burk<p><b>Location:</b> Fort Stewart, Georgia<p><b>Occupation:</b> Instructor at the Fort Stewart Noncommissioned Officer Academy and veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan<p>Burk’s a former drill sergeant, but that doesn’t mean a 4 a.m. wakeup call comes easy. So Burk remembers an old …


6 Habits to Chisel a Solid 6-Pack

But if you stray from your plan even a few times a week—which most men do—you'll probably never see your abs.<p><b>Related:</b> Transform your body with The Anarchy Workout. One guy lost 18 pounds of fat in just 6 weeks!<p>The solution: six simple habits, which I teach to my clients to help them strip away …


Gabriele Goffredo and Anna Matus - Jive at WDSF World Latin 2015

Tags in this blog post<p>amateur latin<p>Anna Matus<p>Gabriele Goffredo<p>WDSF<p>World Championships<p>World Latin 2015<p>Latest blog posts<p>Andrey Gusev and Vera Bondareva …

WDSF World Championship Latin Ostrava 2014 - FINAL

The Final Reel | 2015 WDSF PD World Cup LAT | DanceSport Total

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10 Thoughts Professional DanceSport Women Have Before Competition

Just a few of so many thoughts Professional DanceSport Women have before a competition. Does it sound familiar, or what? Be sure to also check out …

Viennese Waltz Moving Lights

5 Last Minute Dance Competition Survival Tips

The time before your next dance competition can be a nervous blur, or incredibly productive if you try these five last-minute survival tips.

Healthy Eating

Your Breakfast Called, and It Wants to Be This Smoothie Bowl

It's a scientific fact: Food just tastes better in bowls (just ask us about our favorite lunchtime staple). But even we bowl enthusiasts were skeptical of smoothie bowls—we love smoothies, and we love bowls, so why mess with a good thing by tossing it in a new container? That is, until we realized …


The Only Vegan and Gluten-Free Dish You'll Need To Survive Winter

Food and eating has and always will be special and unifying to my family. There is no doubt about it, the kitchen is by far the most important room in my parents' home. They are forever hosting and it doesn't matter if you stop by for a few minutes or a few hours, you won't be allowed to leave …

Vegetarian Food

Bindi Irwin Through The Years: From Jungle Girl To Ballroom Champ

1 of 16<p>Ben Beaden/Australia Zoo<p>Bindi Irwin brings the 'DWTS' Season 21 mirrorball trophy home, to the Australia Zoo, Nov. 30, 2015<p>2 of 16<p>Getty …

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