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7 secrets for healthy weight loss success

It's okay to have slip ups and enjoy your food<p>When losing weight for the sake of our health, it's important to opt for sustainable, healthy steps. …

Google Calendar wants to help you lose all that holiday weight

If you’ve made a new year’s resolution to get in shape, you might find Google Calendar handy, thanks to its latest update.<p>Last April, the company added a Goals feature, which allowed users to set targets like ‘Hit the gym thrice a week’ or ‘Practice guitar for 20 minutes a day’. It’s clever enough …


13 Killer At-Home Workouts To Help You Avoid The Crowds At The Gym

This genius cooking system will help you plan ahead to eat well all week long

In the new year, many of us resolve to cook more often—a habit that’s healthier, cheaper, and often more enjoyable than eating out or ordering Seamless. Yet it can be hard to find the time to devote to meal preparation, much less creative menu-planning.<p>It’s little wonder, then, that meal kits like …


The 12-Week Head-to-Toe Transformation

Strength training is the secret weapon for the kind of body you’ve always wanted and still can’t get, no matter how hard you work out.<p>In fact, …


The best glute exercises to do at home

In the video above, personal trainer and founder of That Girl London Christina Howells runs through a series of quick exercises aimed at working your glutes and strengthening the surrounding muscles.<p>Each exercise has a variation for beginners and a more advanced version, with this episode …


The 7-Minute Workout That Science Says Actually Works

By now you've probably heard about the Scientific 7-Minute Workout that blew up a few years ago. If not, allow us to fill you in.<p>A recent study laid …