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How To Democratize Healthcare: AI Gives Everyone The Very Best Doctor

The greatest problem of health care in United States – the world leader in health inequality – isn’t actually about the <i>quality</i> of care. The greatest …

Artificial Intelligence

Senators investigate safety procedures for autonomous cars

Just a day after the NTSB released its preliminary findings on the Uber crash in Arizona, senators Edward J. Markey and Richard Blumenthal began an investigation into safety protocols for driverless car testing. In a letter sent to major auto manufacturers involved in autonomous driving systems, …

Autonomous Cars

Tech Tent: Can facial recognition fit with a fair society?

Rory Cellan-Jones @BBCRoryCJ on Twitter<p><b>Computers are getting ever better at recognising different faces - but on this week's Tech Tent we ask whether facial recognition technology is just too big a threat to privacy.</b><p>That is certainly the view of the American Civil Liberties Union, the ACLU.<p>Stream …


Intel AI Head: 'Vast Explosion of Applications'

Believe the hype. At Intel's inaugural AI DevCon summit in San Francisco this week, the chip-making giant made clear--in words and technology--that …

Artificial Intelligence

AI marks the beginning of the Age of Thinking Machines

Every day brings considerable AI news, from breakthrough capabilities to dire warnings. A quick read of recent headlines shows both: an AI system that claims to predict dengue fever outbreaks up to three months in advance, and an opinion piece from Henry Kissinger that AI will end the Age of …

Artificial Intelligence

IBM Researchers Explain Machine Learning Models By Exploring What Isn't There

In “The Adventure of the Silver Blaze,” Sherlock Holmes famously solved a case not by discovering a clue – but by noting its absence. In that case, it was a dog that didn’t bark, and that lack of barking helped identify the culprit.<p>The fact that humans are able to make deductions and learn from …

Machine Learning

Ireland takes an interest in Pittsburgh’s tech startup scene

Ireland, home to international offices for Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and other tech giants, has started courting Pittsburgh’s emerging …


Silicon Valley investors explain why they're scared of China

Silicon Valley investors are worried that China's tech sector will eat their lunch.<p>The idea came up at a Bay Area debate earlier this week when …

Silicon Valley

An elastic fiber filled with electrodes set to revolutionize smart clothes

EPFL scientists have found a fast and simple way to make super-elastic, multi-material, high-performance fibers. Their fibers have already been used …


How sensors are giving us another way to peek inside our bodies

Scientists have engineered sensors that can be swallowed and sensors that disappear<p>The bacteria, molecules, and chemicals in our bodies hold important clues about our health, and scientists are creating sensors that can tap into this information in the easiest way possible. These are sensors that …


Startups Are Spreading Beyond the Bay Area, and That’s a Very Good Thing

Increasingly we are seeing startup ecosystems developing outside of Silicon Valley. Much has previously been written about regions such as Utah’s …


Fast animal pose estimation using deep neural networks

New Results<p>Talmo Pereira, Diego Aldarondo, Lindsay Willmore, Mikhail Kislin, Samuel S. Wang, Mala Murthy, Joshua W. Shaevitz<p>doi: …


AI Chip Tests Binary Approach

The Imec research institute announced work on a new accelerator for deep learning, testing single-bit data types and a processor-in-memory …

Machine Learning

Gut Sensor Could Monitor Health--and Beam Results to a Smartphone

The swallowable device looks promising in pigs

Medical Technology

Study: Early AI adopters may gain "insurmountable advantage"

A pecking order is evolving in the newest stage of the digital era: aggressive early adopters of artificial intelligence are reporting elevated …

Artificial Intelligence

Comprehensive Beginner's Guide to Jupyter Notebooks for Data Science Machine Learning

Introduction<p>One of the most common question people ask is which IDE / environment / tool to use, while working on your data science projects. As you …

Python Programming

Obesity now linked to 12 different cancers

Earlier studies found links between excess body mass and seven different cancers, but new evidence has found five more<p>Obesity is linked to as many as 12 different forms of cancer, according to a major new report which advises giving up bacon and swapping sugary drinks for water as part of a …


Qualcomm doubles down on AI with new products, development deals

Qualcomm Inc. has announced new products and tie-ups across the board as part of its ongoing push into support for artificial intelligence as reports …

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning Crash Course

A self-study guide for aspiring machine learning practitioners<p>Machine Learning Crash Course features a series of lessons with video lectures, …

Machine Learning

The Building Blocks of Interpretability

Interpretability techniques are normally studied in isolation. We explore the powerful interfaces that arise when you combine them -- and the rich …

Deep Learning

Feature Visualization

How neural networks build up their understanding of images.

Deep Learning

Addressing the minimum fleet problem in on-demand urban mobility

Letter<p>M. M. Vazifeh,<br>• P. Santi,<br>• G. Resta,<br>• S. H. Strogatz &<br>• C. Ratti<p><i>Nature</i><b>volume 557</b>, pages534–538 (2018)<br>• doi:10.1038/s41586-018-0095-1<br>• Download …

Google Scholar

Fleets of self-driving taxis could be choreographed to cut traffic

Hive-minded self-driving cars could curb traffic congestion and vehicle pollution.


Carnegie Mellon and Innovation Works hold ‘venture fair’ for Pittsburgh AI and robotics startups

Pittsburgh’s robotics and artificial intelligence sectors are gaining more attention than ever before, thanks to continued interest from tech giants like Facebook and Google in opening Pittsburgh offices, as well as local university Carnegie Mellon’s recent announcements that it will be offering …

Venture Capital

MonoPerfCap: Human Performance Capture from Monocular Video - ACM TOG (presented SIGGRAPH 2018)


Hello tensorflow

<b>Machine Learning (ML)</b> is the dope new thing that everyone’s talking about, because it’s really good at learning from data so that it can predict …

Machine Learning

IBM Will Marry Its New Verifier To The Blockchain, Transforming Diamonds, Olive Oil And Insurance

If eyes really are windows to the soul, IBM’s latest product could lead to blockchain enlightenment.<p>Called a crypto anchor verifier, the technology, which is part artificial-intelligence software, part insanely sophisticated, internally developed lens, can see the cells of animals and distinguish …


Amazon and Google Are Cultivating Quiet Ties With Police and Military. That's Becoming a Big Problem

Civil rights groups are outraged about Amazon’s supply of facial recognition technology to law enforcement organizations in the U.S.<p>The American …


AI-powered CCTV cameras in China catch another wanted fugitive

Authorities caught a guy as he was leaving a concert. At least he got to listen to it first.<p>Unlike in some countries, China's facial recognition tech is working, and it's Black Mirror scary for its citizens.<p>Facial recognition cameras at a music concert over the weekend in Zhejiang province, eastern …

Artificial Intelligence

Neura’s Digital Personas learns users’ habits and routines to personalize apps

In a Google thought experiment titled “The Selfish Ledger,” a digital profile, or ledger, records a person’s habits and routines over time, learning their preferences and nudging them to make certain choices. It seems ripped from the pages of science fiction, but artificial intelligence startup …