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FBI again finds itself unable to unlock a gunman's cellphone

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Texas church massacre is providing a familiar frustration for law enforcement: FBI officials say they are unable to unlock the gunman's encrypted cellphone to learn what evidence it might hold.<p>The rampage might revive the debate over the balance of digital privacy rights and …


Australians give up 51,000 illegal guns as govt stands by tough laws

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australians turned in 51,000 illegal firearms, ranging from 19th-century weapons to a rocket launcher, during a three-month amnesty that ended on Friday, and which Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said had helped avert Las Vegas-style mass shootings.<p>The cache, representing about a …

Gun Control

Anthony Weiner, Once a Congressman, Faces Jail As a Sex Offender

Once he was an ambitious New York congressman whose fiery speech from the House floor in support of 9/11 responders made him a nationally known champion of the little guy, and whose much-publicized romance with Hillary Clinton’s glamorous aide Huma Abedin boosted his Beltway bonafides.<p>Now, Anthony …

Fraternity Members' Defamation Case Against 'Rolling Stone' Can Proceed, Court Says

<i>Rolling Stone</i> magazine is facing a defamation suit — again — as a federal appeals court ruled that three former University of Virginia students have a plausible case that they were personally implicated in a now-retracted story about an alleged gang rape.<p>The lawsuit began more than two years ago …


Storage company shirks responsibility after rain water damages customers' items

(KUTV) Curtis Olsen stayed with family as his new home was being built. For the nine-month period, he needed a place for all of his stuff.<p>He found a …

The wine disappears and a winery closes: Now it's up to a judge to decide who's at fault

Woodhall Wine Cellars, a now-closed Maryland winery, has filed a suit for financial compensation for the loss of its wine and business.


Ralph Nader: ‘The 16 Year War in Afghanistan – Headlines Tell the Story’

Ralph Nader at blog.nader.org:Since 2001 the US has been at War in Afghanistan – the longest war in US history. Headlines concisely tell the story of …


Documents released on Lynch’s tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton

Robert Popper on "The Morning Blaze": Is there election fraud being perpetrated in America?

Election Fraud

Julian Assange - why is public blind? why dont they revolt?

Julian Assange

Wells Fargo orders 2 former top executives to pay back $75 million after scathing report on accounts scandal

In a long-anticipated report released Monday, Wells Fargo & Co. pinned the blame for its unauthorized-accounts scandal on weak corporate oversight, an overly trustful former CEO and the executive who led its community banking division.<p>The San Francisco bank also said it would take back more than …


Could Amazon's Jeff Bezos, The World's Second Richest Man, Be Humanity's Last Hope?

Following the stock rally last week, Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, passed Warren Buffett to become the world’s second-richest person, behind only Bill Gates. And on Wednesday, Bezos revealed that he has been selling about $1 billion in Amazon.com stock a year to fund space travel, with the commitment …

Jeff Bezos

Michael Moore Wants To Help You Find Your Next Anti-Trump Protest

The Resistance Calendar lists upcoming rallies across the country.<p><i>For HuffPost’s #LoveTakesAction series, we’re telling stories of how people are standing up to hate and supporting those most threatened.</i> <b>What will you stand up for? Tell us with #LoveTakesAction.</b><p>There’s now a site for people who are …

Donald Trump

We dug into the drug company Martin Shkreli sold out to the feds, and man is it ugly

• <b>Medicare spent over $500 million on a drug called Acthar in 2015.</b>• <b><br>The drug, which was approved by the Food and Drug Administration before it implemented current standards, is the only one in the top 20 for Medicare that isn't considered life-saving.</b>• <b><br>Now investors are suing Mallinckrodt</b> …


Americans Renouncing Citizenship at Record High

The number of Americans renouncing their citizenship rose to a new record of 5,411 last year, up 26 percent from 2015, according to the latest …

Court filing accuses Orange County Sheriff’s Department of cover-up in use of jailhouse informants

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department conspired to shred documents and deliberately mislead the court on the county’s use of jailhouse informants, …


Sen. Tim Scott calls out 'extremes on both ends,' reads racist tweets sent over his support of Jeff Sessions

Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) announced his support for Attorney General nominee Sen. Jeff Sessions over a month ago, and he was immediately hit with a …

Political Satire

Google Ordered To Provide U.S. With Foreign Emails

Google was ordered to provide the United States government with emails stored on its foreign servers. Thomas Rueter, a Philadelphia-based U.S. …

United Breaks Guitars


Here's how voter fraud once tipped an election — and why that doesn't happen very often

From the outset, it was a spirited battle between two Cuban-born politicians with deep roots in the city. But the 1997 Miami mayoral race ended in shame, becoming one of the worst cases of voter fraud in the country.<p>At the time, Mayor Joe Carollo was seeking a second term and faced a challenge from …


Research shows how to 'innoculate' readers from fake news

A new study finds that 'inoculation' messages can keep readers from accepting dubious claims. Will the media adopt this approach?<p>January 24, 2017 …


Hide and seek: Feds find $20 million in a mattress

<b>(CNN) —</b> Where's the best place to hide millions of dollars in cash?<p>In a safe? Buried deep underground?<p>How about the box spring of your mattress?<p>That's where a Brazilian man reportedly hid $20 million that authorities said was related to a massive pyramid scheme.<p>The U.S. Attorney's Office said the …


You need to tell your boss his communication skills stink

<b>My boss doesn’t give me any feedback and hardly ever says if I am doing a good job, even though he thinks he’s a good communicator. Should I tell him</b> …

Communication Skills

Philadelphia teachers plan 'Black Lives Matter week': Does BLM belong in the classroom?

Teachers in Philadelphia are encouraged to incorporate curriculum and activities related to the Black Lives Matter movement into their lesson plans …

Black Lives Matter

Anthony Bourdain Has a Lot to Say About the Opioid Epidemic Destroying Small-Town America

A short Q+A with the <i>Parts Unknown</i> host about the evils of the pharmaceutical industry, art in the age of Trump, and the secret to his longevity.<p>Anthony Bourdain has never been shy about his history of drug addiction. Now more than ever, he is incensed about the opioid pandemic sweeping rural and …

George Orwell

How Iran made the US look weak with a tiny, outdated navy and some old ballistic missiles

The news came out Monday that Iranian fast-attack craft had once again harassed US Navy ships in the Persian Gulf with unsafe and unprofessional behavior, forcing the USS Mahan to fire warning shots.<p>The incident, the first of its type reported this year, follows a significant increase in Iran's …


The UK has no plan for Brexit, says ambassador to EU in parting letter

A resignation letter from Ivan Rogers, Britain's former envoy to the European Union, criticizes how Theresa May's government is going about the …