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Hillary Clinton: 'You cannot read' Mueller's report without concluding obstruction 'occurred'

Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said on Saturday that Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report clearly showed that her 2016 opponent, President Trump, obstructed justice during the Russia investigation.<p>"If you take the time to read the Mueller report, actually read it ... you …

Robert Mueller

The FBI Just Dropped New Documents on Hillary Clinton and They Are Really Bad

Late Friday night, we got a document dump from the FBI dealing with the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server.<p>While we’ve already …

Hillary Clinton

Joe Biden asked for a pen. Then he reversed a position he’d held for four decades.

Joe Biden was in the car on the way to a Democratic gala in Atlanta on Thursday night when he turned to an aide and asked for a pen. The former vice president began scrawling his evolving thoughts on the Hyde Amendment, preparing to make one of the biggest shifts of his 2020 presidential …

Joe Biden

Joe Biden reverses position on federal dollars for abortions

ATLANTA (AP) — After two days of intense criticism, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden reversed course Thursday and declared that he no longer supports a long-standing congressional ban on using federal health care money to pay for abortions.<p>"If I believe health care is a right, as I do, I …

Joe Biden

The 7 Most Memorable Moments From 2020 Democratic Town Halls

The historically large field of Democratic presidential candidates has spurred a boomlet in hourlong cable TV specials, getting attention for their campaigns in televised town halls.<p>The three major cable news networks — CNN, Fox News and MSNBC — have hosted one-on-one town halls with everyone from …

U.S. Politics

John Durham escalates review of Russia investigation origins

U.S. Attorney John Durham of Connecticut has met repeatedly with Attorney General William Barr since he was tasked last month with leading a review …

U.S. Politics

Pelosi tells Democrats she wants Trump "in prison," not impeached: Report

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told senior Democrats she’d like to see President Trump "in prison" during a fiery meeting Tuesday night, …

Nancy Pelosi

Mexico aims to avoid tariffs with potential deal limiting migrants going north, allowing U.S. to deport Central American asylum seekers

U.S. and Mexican officials are discussing the outlines of a deal that would dramatically increase Mexico’s immigration enforcement efforts and give the United States far more latitude to deport Central Americans seeking asylum, according to a U.S. official and a Mexican official who cautioned that …

Mexico City

Congress ‘19 ▶ “In no God We Trust”.pdf

Lawyers expose the two faces of Robert Mueller

Schumer: Senate briefing coming soon on election interference

All 100 senators will soon receive a briefing on election interference from intelligence and law enforcement officials, according to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.<p>The New York Democrat said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has "assured" him that there will be a bipartisan briefing on …

Chuck Schumer

House Dems to hold Barr, Ross in contempt over census question

House Democrats are moving to hold Attorney General William Barr and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in contempt of Congress for defying a subpoena seeking information about efforts to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census.<p>“Unfortunately, your actions are part of a pattern,” Rep. Elijah …

U.S. Politics

Joe diGenova Unloads on Mueller’s Parting Shot to Trump

Robert Mueller

Judicial Watch Presents: ‘Investigating the Investigators’


Gowdy: Comey has no one to blame but himself


New Mexico Democratic governor pulled troops from border 'charade' — now she's demanding federal help over border crisis

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) has heavily criticized President Donald Trump's immigration agenda and the administration's overall response to the border crisis.<p>In February, she condemned what she called Trump's "charade of border fear-mongering" and announced she was withdrawing most …

Conservative View

Election security bills in the Senate are hitting one big roadblock: Mitch McConnell

While the issue of Russian collusion is very clearly politically charged, concerns about election security and foreign interference have historically been more bipartisan. As Mitch McConnell has made clear, however, that’s no longer the case.<p>Although several Republican-controlled Senate committees …

Mitch McConnell

Mueller's team nervous for public testimony, citing unwanted appearance of partisanship

Special counsel Robert Mueller's team and the House Judiciary Committee are unable to agree on the terms of Mueller's testimony, the Washington Post …

Robert Mueller

McCabe reveals he’s the one who decided to remove Strzok from Mueller’s team

It's long been gospel in the Russia probe: When special counsel Robert Mueller learned of the inflammatory anti-Trump text messages FBI agent Peter Strzok sent, he immediately removed him from his team.<p>But in a newly released transcript of a December 2017 interview, former FBI Deputy Director …

Peter Strzok

Brennan may have set his own perjury trap: Napolitano


Adam Schiff has lied repeatedly about Trump: Tom Fitton

Adam Schiff

Clinton's email scandal resurfaces after Mueller finds 'no collusion'


Oh My: Escalating Probe into Origins of Russia-Trump Investigation Has Been Active for 'Weeks'

Earlier in the week, as promised, Attorney General Bill Barr assigned a US attorney to oversee the events and tactics that set into motion the …

Barr Orders Prosecutor To Examine Russia Inquiry Origins

Attorney General William Barr has appointed a federal prosecutor to examine the origins of the Russia probe to determine if intelligence collection …

'You can have the election stolen from you,' Hillary Clinton warns 2020 Democrats

Hillary Clinton says she has been telling candidates seeking the 2020 Democratic nomination that even if they run a perfect campaign, the election could be "stolen" from them, implying that was what befell her in 2016.<p>Clinton said Saturday that she has been pouring over special counsel Robert …

Hillary Clinton

California Inches Closer to Keeping Trump Off the 2020 Primary Ballot

The California Senate moved forward Thursday in its effort to keep President Trump off the primary ballot in 2020 unless he releases his tax …

OPINION: Was Mueller’s Investigation a Cover Up?

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Rep. Ilhan Omar responds to Poway synagogue shooting: 'No more thoughts and prayers'

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Trump officials clash with Congress over hearing demands

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