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Rep. Meadows: James Comey's problems are just now starting

James Comey

Who was the FBI/CIA Informant within the Trump Organization? | Tom Fitton

The Trump Organization

Obama officials to testify on Andrew McCabe's behalf: report

Andrew McCabe

Unsealed court documents reveal bombshell Flynn FBI memos

JIM JORDAN: Big MOMENT Questioning Corey Lewandowski Trump Impeachment Hearing

Corey Lewandowski

Why Spygate is Bigger Than Watergate

The Verdict | Judicial Watch


The NY Times Is Better At HEADACHES Than Headlines | Huckabee


Was There an FBI/CIA Spy Targeting President Trump? | Tom Fitton


NEW Docs 'Essentially Confirmed' Deep State DOJ Ploy to Try to Remove Trump using 25th Amendment

Twenty Fifth Amendment

Cartoon Joe Biden Wants the Democrats to Fall in Line | Our Cartoon President | Season 2

Joe Biden

Is Hillary Having Another Breakdown...? I White House Brief


Targeting of the Trump Campaign is the Worst Criminal Conspiracy in AMERICAN HISTORY! | Tom Fitton


Inspector General Horowitz Is Coming


US Senator Marsha Blackburn's Disturbing Legacy - The Washington Standard

<i>“Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.” ~ Shannon L. Alder</i><p>A …

Marsha Blackburn

Bombshell Records Puts Top FBI And DOJ Agents In Serious Legal Jeopardy


Attorney General William Barr receives draft reports on allegation of FISA abuses

Trey Gowdy says right now the report is most likely under classification review and a fact check.<p>Trey Gowdy says right now the report is most likely under classification review and a fact check.

Steve Kroft's last 60 Minutes piece


Congress: Trading stock on inside information?


CBP reports 65 miles of new border wall constructed


Don Jr. calls third Democratic debate a 'socialism free-for-all'


DOJ rejects Andrew McCabe's appeal to avoid prosecution

Andrew McCabe

Speaker Pelosi holds a press conference


Supreme Court rules for Trump on asylum ban at southern border.pdf

Rep. Nunes: Critical to hold 'mastermind' of Russia hoax accountable


Was CNN's Russian spy report solely to embarrass Trump?


Does scathing Comey report preview a Russiagate reckoning?


Fusion GPS Was at the Center of the Coup Conspiracy! | Tom Fitton

Fusion GPS

DiGenova: Dems are trying to destroy the government