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Nielsen: More fitness devices purchased in-store than online

Only 15 percent of consumers use a nutrition-tracking website or mobile app to stay healthy, according to a Nielsen survey of 471 respondents called …

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Once you have some data in Zenobase, you can <b>investigate correlations</b>. For example, does your sleep data (recorded manually, or through a service like …

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Quantified-Self: The Power of Day One & Launch Center Pro


Bedtime Honey and Motivation

A friend writes:<p>The honey has been the biggest improvement in my life in several years. It’s not just the energy, I think I’m more motivated to do …

Eric Jain on Sleep and Moon Phases

Eric Jain stumbled upon a study published in 2013 that found the a full moon was associated with less sleep. Being an avid self-tracker and a …

Philips Lifeline launches home-based cellular PERS, mPERS still to come

Philips Lifeline, Royal Philips' personal emergency response system (PERS) division, has <b>officially launched its HomeSafe cellular PERS</b>, which it …


Third of users drop their wearable devices after 6 months - according to survey

Third of users drop their wearable devices after 6 months – according to survey<p>on 4 April 2014 at 4:11 pm<p>According to a new survey from consulting …


PatientsLikeMe Blog

We’re really excited to launch a new series here on the blog called Patients as Partners. The series will highlight the results and feedback that …

The Quantified Self: How Data-Obsessed Trackers Push Toward Healthier Lives

Like many of us, David Jay sets goals for himself every New Year's. But to track his progress, he goes a step further than many: He spends time each …

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Nicholas Felton: Collecting 365 Days of My Life's Data

Toyota Sports Car Owners Can Rewatch Real Driving In Gran Turismo

Recreating track laps virtually within the driving video game offers a new way to hone performance driving skills.<p>The popular racing simulator game …