The Streets are Black and White

By Ali Dark | Combining my love of the streets and black and white photography

The spirit of steeltown: Elliott Erwitt's lost shots of Pittsburgh – in pictures

Years before he found fame as a Magnum photographer, Elliott Erwitt was commissioned to document the city of Pittsburgh. Many of the images he took as a 22-year-old lay forgotten for decades, but have now been compiled in a book<p>Pittsburgh 1950 by Elliott Erwitt is published by GOST books

Street Photography


Initial Impressions for X100...

Hong Kong In The 1950s Captured By A Teenager

Hong Kong

6 Ways to Take Better Black and White Photos

Black and white photos aren’t just regular photos devoid of color. They have their own rules and taking them isn’t as easy as it sounds. Don’t pay …


Painful But Unforgettable Portraits of Life on Skid Row

“Get the fuck out of the car already, because if you don’t, you’ll never forgive yourself,” photographer Suzanne Stein told herself as she passed by …

Cafe Honyarado: The death of Kyoto's counterculture hub - CNN Style

Written by By Sophie Eastaugh, for CNN<p>In the spring of 1972, three Kyoto dropouts -- a folk singer, a photographer and a poet -- decided to build a space where their creative and political ideas could meet.<p>For the last 17 years, the US and its allies had been fighting communist Vietnam in a brutal …


Collecting Experiences: An Interview with Keisuke Iguchi

<i>by Eunice Abique</i><p>Traveling and photography go hand in hand. Rather than a tourist or a photographer, Keisuke Iguchi, who had been to almost 75 …


Photographs of New York City's bizarre everyday life in black and white

If you've not yet graced New York City's streets and sampled the weird and wonderful delights it has to offer, then photographer Phil Penman will …


Photographs of everyday life in 1950s New York City discovered in an attic 45 years later

The vintage photographs you're about to see have an interesting history. They all came from a cardboard box filled with negatives that was unopened …

New York City

Xpro 1 Street Photography

After a lifetime of shooting film, I never thought I’d go high tech … but then I got an iPhone, which turned out to be my gateway camera to …


David Attie’s Lost Photos of 1950s Brooklyn [PDN Photo of the Day] — PDN Online

Open this storyin Apple News.<p>For the best reading experience, open this story on a device with<p>Apple News. It may also be available on the publisher's …

Street Photography in San Francisco using film By Dirk Dom

Street Photography in San Francisco using film By Dirk Dom Hi! My wife and son live in San Francisco, I live in Antwerp, Belgium. I ‘m in love with …

Street Photography

1943: Harlem through the lens of legendary photographer Gordon Parks

Black History

Get Featured: Tim Gao

Todays feature is a look at the streets of Shanghai through the eyes of Tim Gao. Tim tries to look at the culture behind the streets of Shanghai and …

San Francisco

Color work: 1996–2014Continue reading on Vantage »

San Francisco

Zanzibar with a PEN F by Robert Houle

Robert Houle is a documentary photographer, on assignment he carried his trusty PEN F, here are his impressions with some images of Zanzibar. I was …


In this modern world of cameras, sometimes the best one is your iPhone. By Michael Fratino

In this modern world of cameras, sometimes the best one is your iPhone. By Michael Fratino Hi Steve, thanks again for your site. I’ve enjoyed it …


Snow storms and photography

During each winter season, ranging from light snow to blizzards, snow always hits New York City at least a few times. This year in January, according …

Leica M-series

Camera love from Ricoh GR to Leica Q: confessions of a philanderer By Denis Sauve

Camera love from Ricoh GR to Leica Q: confessions of a philanderer By Denis Sauve This is the confession of a 28mm aficionado who loves cameras, …


Photographer captures the wild and dangerous streets of New York City in the 1970s

New York City in the 1970s was a wild and dangerous place. After peaking in population in 1950, the city began to feel the effects of large-scale …


Review: Shooting the Sony RX1R II From Manila to India

If you want to see camera tests with pictures of walls, bokeh balls, resolving power lens charts or photos of cats and dogs, please leave now, you …


Where the heart is: US photographer Robert Adams heads home – in pictures

Robert Adams is best known for his landscapes of the American west, but for his series Around the House he focuses on the detail of domestic life – with the same desire to show coherence and beauty in the world

San Francisco

Inside the Cauldron of Hebron

Muhannad Qafesha smokes shisha outside the headquarters of Youth Against Settlements, a Palestinian activist organizatio<p>... VIEW MORE<p>Lorenzo Tugnoli<p>1 …

New York City 1970s by Leland Bobbé

Leland Bobbé’s authentic black and white photographs of a dirty and dangerous New York City in the 1970s.<p>I love photographs of New York City, …


London In The 1980’s (Photos From Another World)

I lived in London in the 1980’s. I loved a lot about the culture — it suited me — and it’s where I first picked up a camera. But back then London …


Vietnam, 2013

I didn’t take a lot of photographs during my month and a half stay in Vietnam. I sure wish that I had. It’s a beautiful place – not just the green …


Daily Inspiration #927 – Sony RX1R By Franklin

Hi Steve and Brandon, wanted to share some inspirational shots I took in Valletta yesterday while street walking. I think these shots, taken just …

Sony Cyber-shot