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Audio Recording for reflection

Creative Writing

Interest: Respiration-cellular respiration is a set of metabolic reactions and processes that take place in the cells of organisms to convert biochemical energy from nutrients into ATP that we use and then release waste products.

Achievement: Water solutions- In my head the fastest way to get to understanding the topic is by reading the test questions. So then it gets ur mind set into where you need to focus on the important facts. It makes you think more as you read and learn the concept

Improvement: Technology Skills- With the gummy bear lab we had a lot of measurements and predictions and reflections to write. With that, since it was an online assignment we had a lot of things to do on a computer. With this I had to work with the computer and the tools on the computer which I think has not only made me a better typer but has also improved my computer skills and my comfort with the computer

New learning: Photosynthesis- I never knew what purpose photosynthesis had in our ecosystem. I now know that without it we would be alive. In a part of photosynthesis there is a chemical process where the plants use energy to produce the glucose for the plants. The plants then produce O2 that we, humans, breathe in and produce CO2 that we exhale and the plants inhale to use in the process

Achievement: Cell Structure and Function- the canva project was a huge learning experience for me. It was a wonderful project in my mind because we got to compare it to something we thought had many compartments such as the cell does and how the cell functions compare to the functions and importance of other things we do in certain circumstances

Achievement:Other, note taking skills- I was recently introduced the Cornell note style. This has dramatically helped me improve in my studying and understanding of key concepts. Instead of bullet points or paragraphs I now have the cornell notes that are very clear as to what I'm writing and are extremely helpful with everything

Passion: Collaboration- Alexis and I were measuring out our liquids for our grape osmosis lab and we were partners. I love working together with others because one mind is great but when 2 minds are put together who knows what we can accomplish! Not only does it help with social skills but it opens up our brains and we can learn things from one another that the other might not have known.

New learning: cell division- in the beggining I didn't know what mitosis or meiosis did, let alone what they were. But once we did the visua acting out in class my brain totally picked it all up. I finally learned the difference of the two and what each of them do in each of their stages. Plus I loved being a chromatid that became a pair of sister chromosomes

Audio Recording on Sunday night

Audio Recording on Sunday night

Audio Recording on Sunday night

Audio Recording on Sunday night

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